A Day in My Life at Temple University

Hey, guys. What’s up? Welcome back, and
today is Thursday November 9th, and I’m just gonna show you a typical day in my life. [music] it’s 8:46 right now my class isn’t ’til
9:30 and usually I’m rushing out the door to get to my 9:30. We got an extra
hour because of daylight savings on Sunday, so I’m super like wide awake in
the mornings but then, at night, I’m so tired. So I haven’t eaten breakfast yet
only because I’m going to Jamba Juice later with my friend Ali, um, so I think I’m
just gonna go grab an apple out of my fridge and that’s what I’m gonna eat for like a light breakfast. [music] So, me and Ali are at Jamba Juice right now, and I’m so happy that they be put one on campus because who doesn’t want one of these? So I had some extra time in my
day and, as you guys saw, I went to Jamba Juice with Ali and then after that I
kind was just like walking around campus, like chillin, because I still had time,
but then my phone died so my apartment’s like super close to where my class is, so
I decided to, like, come back home. It’s really not as cold as it was before , so I changed into my vest now because I was way too hot in my, like, longer jacket. I’m all over the place today– but, that’s just how it is in college. OK, so these last two classes that I have are back-to-back. One’s a lecture and ones a lab, and then
right after that I’m going to a study abroad meeting ’cause I’m planning on
studying abroad this summer–I’m like hoping, so that’s what I’ll be doing. I
really want to study abroad. Let me know if you guys have ever studied abroad and
where you’ve gone. I want to go to Rome, so I’m pumped about that and I’m going
to like all of the meetings. I’m getting my passport next week, like filling out
the application and everything, so that’s exciting, but I’m rushing. OK, bye. OK, guys, so I finished my last two
classes of the day. This is four. I finished my last two class of the day
and I came to the SAC because I wanted some, like, late lunch early dinner Yeah, I’m with my old roommate. Hey, guys! She was in my–a couple of my main channel videos So, this is Theresa I’m famous! I love her. But, yeah, they renovated the SAC Just looks like that. There’s a bunch of, like, food places, like, over there. This quality, though. [laughs] I’m with my old roommates [laughs] Where–They live in Temple Towers. I have two dorm tours of Temple
Towers, so check ’em out. Yeah, we’re just chillin’, catchin’ up– OK, so now I’m home. It was so good to, like, catch up with my old roommates at their
place, but I’m just getting ready to go to the basketball game later tonight. I
don’t know if I said this before, but there’s a basketball game tonight
against my brother’s college, so my family’s coming and then, like, me and my
friends are gonna go to the game, so it should be really fun. I haven’t gone to a
basketball game in quite a bit, so I’m excited for that.
So it’s 5:10 right now. The game’s not ’til 7:30, so I think I’m just gonna
chill here, maybe do some homework, ’cause I’m leaving for the weekend, so I want to
get all my homework done. All right, guys. I have my stat homework here my green tea. I’m watching ‘Say Yes to the Dress.’ Shaniya’s over there making dinner for
herself and watching a football game, so yeah this is what we’re gonna be doing
for the next hour. We are walking to the basketball game. My hair is weird. So,
yeah, my parents are coming, my brother’s coming, so it should be fun–and my
sister’s coming! [crowd cheering] [Announcer] A 6’4″ junior from Philadelphia … Number three … Shizz Alston Jr! OK, so we moved sections. My family’s here, ’cause my brother– my brother goes to Jefferson. And … Rams Tennis. Rams all day! So, yeah, this is my family. Ryan! Jefferson! All right, guys, say bye! All right, guys, so I’m
back home and the game was so fun. I loved hanging out with my family. Both of my brothers actually, well one of them goes to Jefferson right now, and then one
went there, like, a couple years ago–he graduated already. It was cool that both
of our schools got to play against each other. Yeah, that’s pretty much a typical
Thursday for me, minus the basketball game. If there’s anything fun going on on campus then I’ll go to it. My semester’s going really well. it’s coming to an end, like,
super, super quick, so that’s pretty crazy that it’s just been flying by. So, I just
switched to my media studies and production major, and I’m really, really
loving it. I used to be a full, like, business major, but then I was just like I love
making videos, like, why am I not learning about everything that has to do with it
and everything like that, so I decided to change my major, and I’m loving it. I’m
loving all my classes right now, and I’m just all-around happier. Loving life
right now guys! Yeah, I’m just gonna get ready for bed, probably watch some
‘Stranger Things’ because I have class tomorrow, so I can stay up watching
it, um, comment down below if you guys watch ‘Stranger things’ or, like, what you
think about it. That was a day in my life and I hoped you guys enjoyed watching
this video and I’ll see you guys in my next one. Bye!

12 thoughts on “A Day in My Life at Temple University”

  1. I love that Temple has student vloggers now! It's so awesome to see. Great video, I love seeing the changes around campus! I only graduated in May and everything looks so different!

  2. hey!
    I just applied to temple today!
    1130 sat and 3.2 GPA
    I applied to marketing first music technology secondary.
    think I will make it?
    plz respond temple is my dream school dawg!

  3. Nice video! I graduated from Temple before you were born (1994) and back then, the area surrounding the campus was much different – let's put it that way. Looks like they have really modernized it.

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