A Conversation with Education [PLD 2013]

It’s quite interesting to think about my most memorable impression. Because up till now, my work here is not over yet. It’s just the beginning, and I am still getting to know this place and getting to know the people. The role of the Education Team within the whole Project Little Dream is to make sure that something (teaching and learning) is happening under the roof after they are built. And the things happening (teaching and learning) are improving in terms of quality. (Build it up with sticks and stone, Sticks and stone, sticks and stone, Build it up with sticks and stone, My fair Lady.) The reason why we produced teaching materials
for the students here is because the students here start learning English in Grade 7, equivalent to Secondary 1 in Hong Kong. But their textbooks begin with complete sentences while most students haven’t even learnt ABC. This year we’ve refurbished our library. It was set up last year in our first school in Prey Run village. We have to repeatedly teach the children how to handle a book. While they have no concept of a library, we try to teach them how to check out and check in books, hoping to make the library an alternative source of knowledge apart from their teacher. Whether or not we are helping them eventually depends on how they lead their lives. The par I set for myself is actually quite low:
I will take credit as long as we are not causing them more trouble. I think most people would attribute
their strongest impression to Thym’s teaching. Teacher Thym has a very strong presence.
When you first meet him in person, you can feel is energy. The rapport between him and nearly 200 students
is really strong, very impressive. I am Carmen, I am the Head of Education Division. It’s my 3rd visit to Cambodia within 2 years. I am Faye. I think what I do here brings positive influence to them instead of making them more deprived. And I think that’s good enough for now.

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