A Complete Web Development Learning Path

Hi, and welcome to this video! As you might know, we’ve got a lot of resources on web development mostly on Academind, on Udemy and on this Youtube channel of course. And often I get asked, how should you progress through all of these materials if you want to get started if you want to make the next step in your web development career How are all these things together and how would I recommend going through that what should you learn for what, for which kind of task and, well, what is the best way to go through all these resources I’ll try to answer this in this video and there also is an article below the video where you’ll find all of that and more in written form As always, if you like that please like, share, subscribe and so on With that, let’s dive right in and see how all these materials fit together

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  1. Instead of NodeJs. Try Rails instead. "Just having to learn Javascript for both" is not a good thing. Javascript is a cunt language. Ruby is lovely . The Odin Project will teach you all of the things he listed and more for free and in a much better structure.

  2. Man.. you are really good and I love your courses.. here and in udemy. Thanks for sharing your knowledge 🙂

  3. Thank you for the great overview Max. I really learned a lot from your many courses. At the moment I learn something a bit different, Go on the server side (together with AWS Lambda). Go is a beautiful and super fast language, and backed by Google. And developed by Robert Griesemer, Ken Thompson, and Rob Pike, Wow!

  4. Wow… I really wish I had this when I first started website development. Luckily, I started on the right path, leaning VueJS along with setting up Babel and Webpack. Now that's pretty rocky when starting out. I guess starting a SPA now days is a bit easier because you have create-react-app and vue-cli-3 that take care of the boilerplate, but it's still a lot to take in, especially with tooling changing so rapidly.

  5. Once upon a time, I had textbooks for references. Now I have a folder containing bookmarks to Max's courses 🙂

  6. I haven't slept since 3 days

    I'm working at a startup a big one but people are resigning and stuff but here I have no senior developer on me right now. The point that I'm bringing in that senior developer thing is that the new project that I have been assigned to start from scratch.

    While the previous senior devs had so many utility functions written and so many configs added I don't know how to even design an architecture like that so I feel super frustrated not being able to do it on time.

    And then they scold me or laugh at me since I can't deliver on time and here I'm stuck on simple padding and margin: auto or flex directions stuff with CSS because I can't have my images floating well over my background-image

    So my whole point being how do I not get frustrated and tired and fed up of myself and should I switch to something else like Python or anything other ? And I still want to learn all that TypeScript, GraphQL and API wirting but this is keeping my so much down and my self esteem is getting low

    Yeah and in interviews (especially here in India ) people ask questions like writing Polyfills of reducer method, writing class with prototypal inheritence and in ES5 without using ES6 so how to practice and prepare for such things

    I feel super tired right now

  7. Thank you for your helpful videos . Really appreciate them. It would really be helpful if you do a tutorial on nativescript-vue ?
    Thanks Again , from Maldives

  8. Hi Max. What's your opinion about ASP.NET Core 2 (C# language)? I find it superior to every other server-side language due to strong typing and performance. The downside of it is the lack of good resources to learn, it's harder to learn than others, and while your courses are the best that i saw on udemy, will you consider making a course about it? thx

  9. Btw NEVER buy a course on Udemy for $200, it will always go on sale for 10-15 or you can find a coupon or just ask for one and they'll give it to you.. would highly recommend taking a few courses and finishing them to the end, for just a little money you'll learn a ton more than just bouncing around between random articles and YouTube videos (although you definitely can learn that way as well)

  10. Max, you are awesome! Thank you for all of your courses. I definitely leveled up in my web development skills because of you 🙂

  11. Hi Max! A really good video as usual. Can you make a video on RabbitMQ or any other Message Brokers? Microservice Architecture is gaining a lot of popularity and I wanted to see what my favourite instructor has to say about it. 🙂

  12. max = god….what topics are you learning yourself? It would be really interesting to know what topics a really advanced developer is studying

  13. Thank you once again Max; I can't help but to keep on speaking about your material here and on Udemy to my friends and colleagues. Keep up the good work Max!!

  14. Thanks for this you are a great instructor.
    But I have a question I hope you to make video about it. The question is how the js frameworks really work I mean how these made

  15. my 2 cents for new developers who are watching this: once you get a good grasp of JavaScript CSS HTML, start learning the basics of Git/GitHub, the benefits are HUDGE both in the long term and in the short-term:
    *Your code will be more organized/you will have access to your code from any device
    *you will be exposed to a technology that you will use on any Dev job
    *it will be easier to share your code/collaborate with other devs
    *You will have a backup on the cloud of every project you do
    *You can easily host websites for free on GitHub
    *You will discover tons of free open source recourses/tutorials on github
    *When it comes to landing a job having an active github profile is considered a big plus for most recruiters

  16. Is frontend development more demand than backend. Web development stuff is famous everywhere and backend is rarely visible.

  17. Hi Max. I have bunch of your courses and I really like them, keep up the awesome work!

    In this video you talked about PHP and Laravel. Have you thought about making one course about PHP or Laravel? I don't think that there is many good courses about Laravel in Udemy so there could be a demand for the course 🙂

  18. Max this video is just awesomee❤️
    Anyways Max pleaseeeee make a video how to make clinets as a web developer on upwork..lots and lots of love

  19. That part is very true when u say u have to play with the technology to understand some of its features. Until u dont do it u won't understand the meaning of this statement but after u tried u are like ahhhaa thats why I need that and then u start to understand everything. 🙂

  20. Thanks for what you are doing mate.
    Please do not forget to talk about security, vulnerability and attacks as many newbies or even juniors coding even without knowing about it.
    Nice job, keep on going. I like the method you use to explain or describe things. 😉

  21. I’ve become a full-stack developer thanks to your courses Max, you’re one of my main inspirers who led me to the right path of programming. I wanted to go with Vue.js after learning Node.js, so i obtained your Vue.js course which is perfectly amazing by the way, but unfortunately it is not popular and there is a big lack of jobs that require vuejs so i had to go with react instead, at least where i live, Ukraine. I hope this will change in the future. Thank you for your amazing work Max. Cheers

  22. Max make a video on docker please. You have covered so many things on youtube and udemy that i don't think there's anything left except this one.

  23. Perfect!! Thank you so much for sharing and teaching us. best methodology, best way to teach, best teacher EVER!!👔

  24. I am 19 year old developer,I bought your angular and mean stack course, I can't Believe you teach me that in just 2 weeks!! Love from India🔥

  25. I think you should make YT tutorial for making full stack e-commerce website with Vue, Firebase… At least it can be course on Udemy.

  26. Really nice video. I appreciate it. Can someone recommend some template engines for Node JS for case I don t need to build a SPA?

  27. You are great sir. You always gives your best to any topic and I really love the way how you explain the every concept or any topic.
    And it's a humble request to you sir please add a tutorial or complete course if possible on building the complete Social Network like Instagram using the Angular with express and mongoDb.thanks sir 🙏

  28. You are such an amazing guy, thank you for all your work.
    Do you have an advice for stupid piece of poop person, who just cant learn how to be a good developer? What should I do? I always start with the basics because I feel like I have huge knowledge gaps. But then the basics are so boring and I know them already because that's all I do, starting from basics, that I loose interest.

  29. Hello Max the steps are helpful but for someone who's starting out really understanding all these things ( while working full time ) to the point of being able to build stuff with them will take years. I just wanted to point that out so people keep a realistic expectation for themselves, at least that has been my experience so far. You have to learn every day, learn a little every day and you will get there but it will take time. Keep up the good work Max, and happy learning everyone.

  30. Could you make tutorials or a full course about designe patterns, especially about SOLID and the patterns from GoF. Maybe by bulding a small app.

  31. Hi max, I'm from Iran… Here we have no access to global bank systems and credit cards… Also people income is very low. 4 dollar a day on average… So I'm here to say, unfortunately or fortunately I watched some of your great videos, but without paying for them. I'm really Sorry for this. So sorry again and wish you great success all the time.

  32. Frameworks have pattern implications libraries don't 😀
    Also .. begin with css. After 15 years there is a good chance you still be learning the damn thing. For example, the MUI design system changes it's styling scheme with probably every 5 subversions and its still fucked. A clear indicator that even the best of us have absolutely no idea what we are doing when it comes to css.

  33. Nice! I work as a web-developer already but I still enjoy reminding or leaning new stuff … becoming better 🙂 In fact in this business you always learn…not a boring job lol. For the new people, learn an write write write…this is the key. Start projects and write…do not copy-paste…write so you keep in mind.

  34. He is really an awesome teacher! I tried a few tutorials on Lynda to learn vue.js, but none of them got through to me as his course did. I only have finished 20% of his course and I realized I could do so much more than I used to.

  35. I get inspiration when I watch your video, no matter what the topic I am watching, it inspires me to go far away.

  36. How old is too old to start in web development? I see agencies and companies only hire young guns, not sure it's worth it for me.

  37. what would you recomend to someone who has python,c and assembly experience, i mean should i go with python, since python also has frameworks for web development, like Django. Or should i start with javascript, i am asking beacuse i have never used javascript in my life

  38. The Question Remains, How do you do all that?
    I mean is it normal for someone to have a courses covering all sides of web and mobile development and still look like a human being?!

  39. As he said, when you reach the point where you think "hmm where could i need this?" I was exactly at that point where i didn't know for what i would need vuex, till i created a bigger Projekt and realized "ah thats why we need vuex". Alright went back to udemy to max course and skipped to vuex modul and finally understood what max tried to explain me.

  40. Hi Max. Thanks for sharing this great video. Would you mind sharing with us also the gear you're using for recording or a small tour of your office?

  41. WOW! This video helped me so much, I've already learned the more advanced aspects of HTML, CSS, and JS, and I have a solid understanding of Git, Github, Gulp, etc… but I didn't know what I should learn following that. Thanks to you I've decided to learn a bit of PHP for WordPress development for a client, and then I'll be focusing on the MEAN stack so that I can build robust web apps, and eventually move onto PWA's. Thanks Again!

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