A Collective Vision for Business Education

education and learning economic development improved quality of life all lead to advancing societies around the world the higher education and business communities propel these forces for change and business schools connect them out of these synergies come opportunities to be more daring agile inventive toward active meaningful impact a new vision for business education empowers schools to answer this call to transform five key opportunities put schools in the driver's seat at the forefront of change harnessing the potential of existing strengths and evolving possibilities imagine with us business schools as catalysts for innovation hubs of lifelong learning leaders on leadership co-creators of knowledge and enablers of global prosperity activated by integrating academia and practice connecting disciplines and driving innovation throughout the industry our vision relies on vibrant thinking organizing and acting intentional participation creativity and incorporating forward-thinking models and strategies to produce real-world impact when we succeed higher education with innovate business education will fly business itself will transform and prosper and the world will reap the benefits

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