‘A city without art is dead.’ Watch Shane Grammer paint new mural for Wide Open Walls

I wanted to create a mural that was
celebrating the culture that’s here in the Del Paso Boulevard area. It’s very diverse, and so I wanted
to paint an African American woman that’s really beautiful,
lots of colors and put a rose in her hair. And then I’m gonna do a bunch of geometric
shapes that are Mixtures of blues and greens and oranges, yellows. Just something really bright and
celebrating the future of this community. But a city without art is dead. So I strongly believe that there are so
many artists in every community and they just need a chance to
be able to be creative and have a place to do their artwork. And I think it really
changes the culture or helps benefit the culture,
and beautifies the city. I’ve met some of the other
artists from Wide Open Walls, they’re right down the street,
there’s about six other artists. So I’ve got to meet them, which is great. And then also a lot of innocent
bystanders come by and they stop and yell at me from their cars. Hey, it looks great. Yeah, they’re happy to see this mural and
a lot of color go up in the neighborhood. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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