4 thoughts on “A better way to teach the Fruit of the Spirit to kids!”

  1. Spiritual trees are not metaphors, they are actual trees, spiritual trees. Teaching is impossible if we don't fully grasp the topic we teach. If we detach from the tree and fruit idea we will end up teaching something that isn't real and cannot bear real fruit. Not that I'm suggesting focusing on physical fruit, nor am I against supplementing Scripture, but I'm against displacing Scripture.

    Daily example is the deepest and most effective way kids learn, so we should example trusting Scripture as it is written, and by putting our trust in Scripture we have made an effective choice. A quick example: joy is not like the feeling on a swing, that is fun and maybe happiness, but joy is present even when we are sad. We shouldn't dumb down teaching, rather we should smart up kids.

    We are Jesus' agriculture, this is a key topic, if we dodge it we lose our ability to teach many important parables. Beginning at toddler age there is plenty of opportunity to teach Christ and the basic idea of agriculture side by side.

    For the children! 😄
    Much love♥️.

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