96-year-old Holds The World Record For Oldest Yoga Teacher

TAO: I’m 96-years-old and I just dance and do yoga. 00:28
COMM: Tao Porchon Lynch has been inspiring her students for generations, and has been
recognised as the world’s oldest yoga teacher by the Guinness Book Of World Record. 00:43
TAO: Nothing’s impossible, whatever you want to do in life, just tune in and know that
within you is the answer to everything and just don’t think about – let anybody tell
you y’know that getting old. 00:58
COMM: Energetic TAO was born at the end of the first world war in 1918, and has been
a yoga instructor for the last 56 years. 01:06
TAO: I’ve been like this since I was a child, there was so much to do and if we spend out
time just sitting there like this it’s not going to help at all. 01:18
COMM: Incredibly Tao manages to put people who are decades younger than her through their
paces at her studio in Westchester, New York. 01:26
ANITA: I really wish when I reach her age I will be as young as she is right now, I
feel actually she’s younger than me, she’s very inspiring for me, she really helped me
to change my whole life. 01:40
COMM: Tao also manages to inspire people a little closer to her age. 01:45
BRENDA: As a retired nurse, I saw many people, 96, in bed with a tubs, a feeding tube, unable
to talk or walk and she just is just the epitome of strength and energy. Her energy is overwhelming. 02:03
COMM: At the tender age of 85, Yao decided that yoga wasn’t keeping her busy enough.
So she took up ballroom dancing. 02:15
VARD: She’s absolutely amazing, like no question doubt about that. She’s stunning and a diamond
on the floor every time. I honestly sometimes can’t keep up with her anymore. 02:28
COMM: Despite having hip replacement and recently suffering a broken wrist, Tao believes her
positive attitude is what keeps her young. 02:35
TAO: Once you put in your mind, anything negative, but every morning I get up, I don’t think
what I’m going to do tomorrow, or today, or what I didi yesterday, I think it’s going
to be the best day of my life. 02:50
COMM: And she has some simple advice for people who want to live and long and happy life. 02:54
TAO: If you really truly believe, don’t procrastinate, don’t say I’ll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow never

100 thoughts on “96-year-old Holds The World Record For Oldest Yoga Teacher”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this amazing and inspiring story!:) This has made me realize it's never too late to start something new!:)

  2. An inspiration for our current and future generations.
    Blessings and love to all my brothers and sisters.

  3. Miss Tao Porchon-Lynch proved that age is just a number. She is now 98 year old and She is Yoga Master hence she is world's oldest yoga master as well as a good dancer.Oh, She can also drive car at age of 98. Amazing, isn't it.
    Stay happy, Stay blessed.
    Eat, Pray, Love.
    Love you from India.

  4. Le yoga comme activité physique adaptée, quelque soit votre âge, votre poids et votre condition physique. Certains de mes élèves ont des maladies chroniques. Ils attestent que le yoga permet de mieux gérer émotionnellement la maladie et dans certains cas leurs médecins spécialistes observent une stabilisation, voir une amélioration de la pathologie. Just do it

  5. She is not the oldest yoga teacher
    Go to HIMALAYA there are thousands of yogic sadhus more than 100 years old in rishikesh 109 years old yoga teacher Yogananda

  6. Guys here I have one open secret that people generally set a goal in their life and work very hard for that and they think that if they achieve that they will be happy but remember this whatever the goal you have is not a big matter but realise that try for your goals by being happy, happiness of humans depends on our mind, so just try to be happy just be happy without any reason enjoy the wind njoy the nature njoy the food whatever you have in your life just enjoy them don't set your mind to any limitations

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