9 Types of Intelligence

This is Tommy and his parents say he is very intelligent Wait What does that even mean? Well.. a majority of people would assume he gets very good grades in school. but, even though this is a sign of intelligence it isn’t the only defining factor of what makes someone smart IQ tests, for instance, are a common way to test intelligence but most of these test examine proficiency in spacial, verbal, or mathematical intelligence American psychologist Howard Gardner thought this was strange. as there are many ways people can be intelligent He then developed his Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which describes nine areas where people can be proficient Number 1: Naturalist Intelligence Think of Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games Chuck Noland from cast away and Julia from Julia of the Wolves with a keen eye to detail and easily noticing changes in their surroundings people with high Naturalist Intelligence will be very good at surviving in the wild They have a cunning ability to distinguish between different animals, plants, clouds, rocks, etc. In today’s modern world they are able to distinguish between different kinds of make up, cars, smart phones, and other items. Number 2: Musical Intelligence Having a high Musical Intelligence indicates you are very good at things to do with sounds. These can include characteristics such as rhythm, tone, and pitch. If you’ve got a high musical intelligence, you’re good at recognizing, creating, and reproducing music You might even have a high Mathematical Intelligence too. As these two things often involve similar thought processes. If you happen to play an instrument and have a high Musical Intelligence, you’re probably quite good at playing by ear. Number 3: Logical Mathematical Intelligence People with a high score in Logical Mathematical Intelligence are good at abstract symbolic thought using letters in formulas to indicate relationships between factors. and reasoning skills such as inductive and deductive reasoning They are good at considering hypothesis, carrying out calculations, and quantifying data. Number 4: Existential Intelligence People with high Existential Intelligence are good philosophical thinkers They’re good at philosophizing and thinking about questions that might not have a real definite answer. They have a sensitivity towards the deeper questions of life, and like challenging related concepts. They’re not easily confused by their own feelings. Number 5: Interpersonal Intelligence People with a high Interpersonal Intelligence are often at communicating with others. They are good at noticing shifts in other moods and motives as well as taking multiple perspectives on a subject. They often score high on empathy and do well in socially oriented work such as teaching, social work, and acting. Number 6: Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence People with this type of intelligence love movement. They have high body awareness and good moter skills, because of that they often excel in activities that involve body movement such as sports and dance. They learn best by doing and are keen to figuring things out through experimentation. Number 7: Linguistic Intelligence People high in Linguistic Intelligence are better than average at understanding subtle differences in meaning. They tend to pick up new words and languages quicker. It’s a widely shared skill, often found in people that work in journalism, teaching, or even public speaking. Furthermore, people with a high Linguistic Intelligence tend to have a broader vocabulary than average Children and young adults with a high Linguistic Intelligence tend to be drawn to language oriented activities. Such as, reading, writing, word puzzles, and telling stories. Number eight: Intra-personal Intelligence People with a high Intra-personal Intelligence are good at understanding their own feelings and thoughts; and working them to achieve their goals. They are good at motivating themselves from the inside-out without any visible or physical reward It involves more then just understanding and planning their goals. but also a less definite appreciation of the human condition. People with a high Intra-personal Intelligence are often good philosophers and psychologists. Number Nine: Spatial Intelligence People with a high Spatial Intelligence are good at things that require mental manipulations of physical perspectives. These people tend to be very skilled at map reading, jigsaw puzzles, and seeing or drawing objects and situations from a different perspective without necessarily having seen it from that perspective. They do not easily get lost and are often at working their way around a maze. Spatial reasoning, image manipulation, and graphic, and artistic skills are often well developed in people with a high Spatial Intelligence. People with this skill are often good at sailing, being a pilot, sculpting, painting, or designing architectural features in spaces. Young people with good Spacial Intelligence are often drawn to visually stimulating activities, like drawing. So, those are the 9 Types of Intelligence which types of intelligence do you feel describe you the best. Comment below and don’t forget to like and subscribe.

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  1. you just basically said the same 3 types with new names over and over lol I'm not dumb lol physical, mental and emotional period

  2. Finally I found me.
    I'm from germany and I know that I have the 8. Intra-personal Intelligence. Because I have the Intra-personal Intelligence. But not only the 8. Intelligence…

  3. My process of thinking is basically. Ok what’s 38 x 12… uh how about let’s do 19 x 12 and then x2… still to hard how about 9.5 x 12 and then x4… u h h ok how abo- Teacher: Remember to show you’re work! Me: fuck

  4. I've never believed in the school system and how it "classifies" its students based on academic performance. I think it's a load of bullshit. The majority of subjects taught at school are bland and uninteresting. Everyone has the potential to succeed. But if you aren't given the tools at a young age or motivated then it's likely you won't ever get through school without being pushed and guided constantly.

    I feel like I am very qualified for the Naturalist, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, and Spatial intelligence. I suck at anything math related but I'm really good with everything else related to humans, nature, and anything philosophical pertaining to our existence. Does being raised bilingual count as having linguistic intelligence? I speak both English and Spanish very fluently. I just haven't tried to learn any other languages because I'm not very interested neither do I find a use for it. I do tend to memorize some Japanese words and phrases just to mess with people on video games though lol, but I don't think that counts either.

  5. I feel..
    Not really, my head's still an empty shell… Unless… *goes into bathroom* I have developed existential intelligence 😀

  6. I doubt anyone is going to take interest in what I'm going to say but here it goes. From what I've seen it's all about awareness such as awareness of others your self your movement the objects around you and so on like I always liked Discovery and as a kid math was fascinating so I made my self aware of the numbers I see and put 2 and too together I also always saw how people had such a hard time with each other because they couldn't get their point across or made themselves understood I wanted to know what other people are feeling and thinking and that's included my self and so I just observed others and constantly tried to learn, I have a lot more of examples but my comment is getting long now so I'ma end it off if anyone wants to share their opinion please reply to me

  7. I think I have:

    – Logical Mathematical Intelligence
    – Interpersonal Intelligence
    – Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence
    – Intra-personal Intelligence
    – Spatial Intelligence

  8. What is really good at talking and know what to say and know how to lie with good reasons and get away with it?
    And im also a mix here

  9. and then theres me, the
    "slightly above than average" intelligence,
    I dont even excel at anything which is kinda depressing.

  10. i feel like at least more then 50% of them are talents…
    how can u be intelligent by being able to do a sport better then others?or by being better at music and stuff,okay you are better then others by your absorbing power or skill in those domains but it doesn't make you intelligent,

  11. I have mostly Linguistic Intelligence but I have the Logical Intelligence side more then the Mathematical Intelligence side.

  12. Is it normal to have like 6 of these?

    I have these ones:

    -intra-personal intelligence
    -musical intelligence
    -logical mathematical intelligence
    -existential intelligence
    -linguistic intelligence

    Like bich, how is that even possible. Im pretty sure im not THAT smart. Im above average but like

  13. I dissagree with everything about the spatial intelligence.
    Drawing things from a different perspective is because of perspectives rules.Spatial intelligence doesn't result in being a better sculptor,painter etc.Everything that you said is learnable,it is only learnable.

  14. I feel like I’m atleast average in most if not above average, I’m 2-3 years in front in maths and english, and I have a great musical ear – but I have the worst spacial intelligence I’ve ever seen, as in I cannot figure out how to do something in anything less than 30 minutes and even if someone tells me i still cant visualize it, I rly struggle with 6, 8 and 9.. does anyone feel the same or have an idea why?

  15. well i have to say that, there is many many people who have more than one type of intelligence for sure.. even i, based on that video i have more than just one

  16. I just learned about this in school but what you said was different from our topic,the meaning,and also the spelling and pronounciation

  17. My sister shows signs of sociopathy (my mom teaches me psychology) and she actually matches up with the Intra- personal intelligence. She's also better than me when it comes to every subject except English. Help, she'll overthrow the president

  18. Im mostly existential, i like to think and mostly question myself about life actually. I think more than i talk actually.

  19. ahhh the naturalist intelligence survives from their innate ability to distinguish between different types of rocks and clouds… they will always be remembered …

  20. I have an above average intelligence in every area, just in different degrees. Unfortunately I have lost some of that in varying degrees recently due to health issues. Now I'm lucky if I can remember my train of thought to the end of a conversation. I even have trouble remembering what I'm writing about in the middle of a sentence. It's so frustrating, I wanted to know if you know of anything that might help me to recover some of these skills. I do all kinds of puzzles every day to keep my mind active and exercise my mind. I do sudoku, word search, crossword, cryptograms, logic, jumbles and etc. Thank you, Brandi

  21. i’m a bit of all of these (except intra and inter personal) but mainly the logic one, the spatial one, and the linguistic one.

  22. I was quite surprised to hear the musical intelligence one because I love music and play guitar and do metal vocals, but I’m also about to graduate with a bachelors in electrical engineering lol

  23. existential intelligence. or I'm just incredibly dumb, I once told my sister that maybe if we make phones for cats that they would think like humans.

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