Not only kids like tricky puzzles and riddles Puzzles are perfect for training your brain to help you come up with the most creative solutions Today, we selected these great riddles to tease your brain are you able to solve them, sure you are and can your friends figure out the answers don’t forget to ask them and share the video Because here we’ve got 9 tricky riddles that will blow your mind Number One Three doctors said that Robert was their brother Robert said he had no brothers, who is lying? The answer is quite easy Robert has three sisters and they are doctors Number Two There were ten fish in an enclosed tank two of them sang for swam away and three died How many fish are there now? You are right 10, no fish left this tank Number Three Two men are playing chess they’ve already played five games Each has already won three games How is this possible? The answer is clear they have different opponents Number Four, add one thousand to forty Now add one thousand, now add 30 Add 1000 again Now add twenty and one thousand again now add ten What is your answer? Is it 5000, wrong The right answer is 4,100 Number Five What goes through cities and fields but never moves? You are right again. It’s a road Number Six the age of a father and a son together is 66 years The age of the father is the age of his son, but with the digits reversed How old are they? This has three possible answers 51 and 15, 42 and 24, 60 and 6 Number Seven one mathematical trick recommends determining its volume by using itself and putting its thickness as a and its radius as z Curious to know the answer, it’s a pizza V equals Pi times z times z times a Number Eight Now try to name five consecutive days without using the names of the weekdays or numbers the day before yesterday Yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, easy as pie Number Nine, all five sisters are busy, Ann reading a book Rose is cooking Katy is playing chess Mary is doing the laundry What is the fifth sister doing? She is playing chess with Katie Have you enjoyed these puzzles as for me I really love the pizza one, if you agree hit that thumbs up button And if you’re visiting our channel for the first time click subscribe to stay on the bright side of life


  1. The first one is 7 left because no fish could swim away in a tank and fish can’t drown in thumbnAil

  2. There is no logic to the math one, it is simply a silly conceit (just in case – an ingenious or fanciful comparison or metaphor). An old rhyme might help – Fidddly de fiddly dah, the ring round the moon is 2 pi r (2*22/7*r – where r is the radius of the circle), but if you want a hole prepared the formula is pi r squared (pi*r*r). If you want the volume then multiply area by the thickness in this case "a". The volume of a cylinder is pi*r*r*a where r is the radius and "a" the height or depth – normally expressed in the formula as "h". So having called the radius "Z" instead of "r" and the height "A" instead of "h" we get PIZZA – crass. They are all so obvious.

  3. 0:55 or all of the doctor’s name’s are Robert and it was a different Eobert that said he had no brothers

  4. in #2 didn't it say 4 fish swam away but
    NARRATOR: no fish left this tank
    Me:Well that's physically impossible if 4 fish swam AWAY (as in left fish tank) how are there still 10

  5. I’ve been trying to train my brain in these tricky question, I answer most of them right but not all, number nine is not that hard. The adding part, I did pretty well on that. I did really thought that they might have put the wrong question in the video, when it said “Is it 5,000?” I thought I did it wrong for a second then the real answer wasn’t that! Lucky!

  6. The number you've picked: X Birthyear: B
    (X*2+5)*50+1767-B = X*50*2+5*50+1767-B = 100*X+250+1767-B = 100*X+2017-B

    (X*2+5)*50+1766-B = X*50*2+5*50+1766-B = 100*X+250+1766-B = 100*X+2016-B

  7. 7*2=14, 14+5=19, 19*50=950, I've celebrated my birthday this year, 950+1767=2717, 2717-2010=707, But I'm 9 years old

  8. #5 didn't say you couldn't use the names of weekEND days. Just weekdays. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, after or before Saturday and Sunday will work when today is Tuesday or Thursday. The next to last and last day of the month and some holidays could also be used, no numbers. That is no bigger a stretch than some of their answers.

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