9 Traits of Critical Thinking: Collaborate

welcome to think of studios my name is LaDonna cook and today we take a closer look at one of the nine traits of critical thinking collaborate collaborate I work with others to achieve better outcomes when a group works together and they collaborate they work they plan and they think together they also take into account each individual's needs and the group's needs overall to support each other through the teamwork but that's not all there's much more we have to look at the outcome the outcome that we're looking for through the teamwork is that it is better than if one person had done it by themselves so each person in the group comes to it with a different set of experiences and a different set of ideas and as they begin to discuss they also begin to build towards that final outcome that is better because it incorporates components of everybody's perspectives into that final outcome a key component that we can't forget and it's so important is that each member of the group has to come in willing to listen and also to keep an open mind so let's think about what does the collaborate trait look like in the classroom imagine a teacher giving students a problem to solve and each student is so excited to come to the group because they have their own way to solve the problem and sometimes they have really different ways to solve the problem but as they begin to discuss and give each other's ideas at some point they have to seek consensus come to that final solution and through this discussion in these ideas being generated they take key components from each person's to build that better outcome that again has everybody's perspective instead of just one how can a teacher really build to collaborate trait in students well they can do it by encourage students to actively listen and to see Consensus they also can teach students how to give feedback and to accept feedback let's think about the workforce today most problems are solved through what we call a cross-functional team that cross-functional team is built from all different departments say they're given this consumer need that they can build a product or even maybe a service so they gather this team and it has people from lots of different departments a finance marketing engineering design research and development and sales they all come to that group with a different set of our criteria to actually solve the problem as they begin to discuss and give their ideas it sparks an idea in another person in the group they begin to also challenge each other about why would we do this and not this they begin to iterate through this product or service until they come to a final solution that again is probably many times taking care of problems because they've talked and they discussed and they've given feedback to each other I hope today that we have given you some ways to incorporate the collaborate trait into your classroom keep watching think up studios to learn more about each of the nine traits of critical thinking you

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