9 Things Your Daddy Didn’t Teach You

Your daddy didn’t teach you this stuff. Now your boy’s gonna have to… Now like i have i always told you guys, Maturity or seeming to be more of a man has nothing to do with age or a status. But instead, how you care of yourself in life. Today i am gonna go over the 9 things that your dad probably didn’t teach you. , probably didn’t cover and probably didn’t think you were gonna need this stuff. If that sounds interesting, let’s hop into it. Number 1 : Control your sex drive. Having a great sex drive, it’s a great thing, it means that your testosterone is running on all excellently. My dude, you’re probably a lion. However, men’s down for most of the time because they think with this brain instead of THIS brain. You can not let your sex drive control you because when you’re really crippled by it. You can fall into things like PORN addiction or MASTURBATION addiction. Which i have talked countless of times how it can be debilitating because any addiction is not good for a man to have. Number 2 : A man must have strong credit score because without it You’re just not going to be able to do any major purchases in your life. From your first apartment to your first car lease to your first home or trying to apply for a credit card. Your credit scores are what most institutions will look at to see if you are even a trust worthy person. so they created a free program called Experian boost. One of them is experian.And they want more people like you to be in empowered and to be able to increase instantly their credit scores so they could have stronger purchasing power and a stronger save when they’re applying for credit. So they created a free program called experian boost So how Experian boost works is by giving you credit for things that you already paid. Basically, your utility bills. So if you pay your water, your light, your gas and stuff that you already have to pay and use them to build your credit through Experian Boost I don’t think you understand how massive this is right now. because this is the first time ever that a credit bureau is allowing utility bills to be submitted to elevate your credit score Now, Experian Boost is exclusive to experian and it’s completely free. Most people who boost will see an increase on their credit score of over 10 points. back in the day, to get it increased that drastic on your credit score, i would take months and with Experian Boost, it’s instant. So if you wanna boost your Fico score instantly and for free, boost is only available at Experian.com/tmf Like i said, it’s completely free. that’s experian.com/tmf or you cloud also click the link down below So you, guys can check it out but this is a resource that every man need. Number 3 : How to balance your work and life. Work & Life balance is the most important thing a man needs to learn how to accomplish. because on one hand, you wanna be able to work hard and understand what the grind is like so you can get what you want out of life. But on the other, you want to have a life. You don’t want to be an island, you don’t want to be a loner. and when you do have a relationship and start building a family, you don’t want to be the type of dad that’s never around. Work & Life balance is crucial be able to dominate. Number four : Save 24% of your income. Society and cultures teaches us to spend, spend and spend some more. All just to show up on social media and impress people that could literally give two rat’s ass about you. This ends up leaving you empty, dissastified and prone to risk in the future. So don’t follow the crowd and instead, be smart and safe. Number Five : Dress up always. You should always look good and i build up a whole empire of just dressing better on that notional lone. because i come from a Spanish householding, this is pretty much ingrained in all of us. hence why i started caring so much about my style and thank god i realized how important it was and how many doors it opened up. Now, that’s what i do to you guys every day and teach you and tell you why it’s important to always dress up. So it doesn’t matter where you’re going, even if you’re running errands, you always want to look good. Plus, you’ll never know when you’re going to meet the love of your life. Number six : The importance of winning and losing. Nowadays, they hand out trophies, even to the losers because everyone’s a winner. This is just a weak and deluded reality of how the world really works. There are clear WINNERS and there are losers and from either sides you could have tremendous benefits. if you were taught how to win and how to lose. When you win, this is amazing, this is great and means you’re doing something well and you’re out performing others. Don’t get comfortable, because someone somewhere is working just as hard to win that victory. If you lose, that means somebody else outperformed you and did things better. Great, get up, brush up the loss and see what he did right that you can implement to become better. Seven: Talk about love Yes, it’s a real thing and it’s not () up as many women as you think. True love is an all powerful and all consuming feeling that when you find the right person and it has the power to just enhance every single aspect of your life even the most Mondaying things like sitting down on the couch become enhanced because you’re spending it with the person that you actually love. Number 8: Having the balls to get things done. So many guys fear rejection and get crippled by it because they’re not taught that rejection is nothing more than just a “No” If you ask, you’ll never know. so something as simple as seeing a girl and liking her number and you going up to her and just talking to her is trade that so many men still lack. That simple action starts building up greater and greater and then to be bold enough to ask for a promotion, or get up in a presentation and say your thoughts or come up with the revolutionary idea but you’ll never do it because you feel rejection. Finally, number nine, How to fight back. Your dad should’ve told you how to only stand strong and firm and how to fight for what you believe in. Pretty much to never back down and know this doesn’t mean fist but your word. Never let people walk all over you and make sure you always express your opinion. and that’s it for this week’s video. Guys those are 9 trades that your dad didn’t teach you. but you need to know absolutely kill it in life. If you guys like this video and find it informative, don’t forget to drop us a like down below. Also, don’t forget to check out our sponser Experian boost, like i said, it’s completely free and you can check that out below as well. That’s it for me today, see ya next time.

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  1. Idk that it's rejection that completely bothers me, but no has other implications to me. If a girl say's no even if it's her instant gut reaction based on nothing and changed her mind later, I wouldn't accept, even if I liked her, wouldn't allow her to make it up to me. And it's got nothing to do with feeling taken for granted or not wanting to deal with a wishy washy person, but rather have a fast yes even if nothing comes of it, than a fast no even if something later comes of it. Not really a forgiving person at this point in my life. don't know if I ever will be, so I'd rather just not put myself in that position where I have to take that stance. As far i'm concerned shit being made up to you is hardly ever worth it, rather just people get shit right in the first fucking place.

  2. Be yourself, don't follow fake people.and trends.

    Stop your addiction(s)
    Live conscious.
    Insecurity is made by following people, live your own life.
    Use your real talents.
    Know them or find them.

  3. Experian boost 10 points on credit take forever xD. I put on over 180 points on my credit score in just a year.

  4. Thanks Jose, always a pleasure learning & listening to you. I’ll be an adult soon so these characteristics u have taught me so far has benefited toward my life & I plan to improve everyday. Have a good day man, Your fellow Subscriber – Justin (insta: Jayyybreeeezy)

  5. There are teens watching this going to your sponsors and signing up for x day free trial. But. When the trial goes out it will go over to a normal subscription and charging insane amount of money. So if you could please say something about that in your videos would be great. Not this one but the others. Have a good day

  6. I was taught literally almost all of this mostly the fight back one he has a boxing type place and a gym in the basement.

  7. Thank you for this video, it really helpful it believe me when I say it helps to be better young man for me myself

  8. "COULD literally give two rats ass about you" Means the DO care. At least a little. I think you wanted to say "Couldn't."

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    Please make video…SERIOUSLY

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    Dont worry i will share this in india by me ..by opening youtube channel☮️

  12. Okay, I just have to comment. You talked about saving %20 of income and the very next thing was talking about style. Clothes are hard to come by that fit good at a good price.

    Also, careful not to trip on the backdrop.

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