9 Reasons why Many Educated People Are Poor

9 Shocking Reasons Why Many Educated People
Are Poor Why are so many people poor, even after having
many degrees? In this video we’re going to be sharing
with you 9 reasons why so many people who are educated are still very poor. Reason No. 5 is the most important so try
and watch this video till the end. Reason No. 1
Many educated people are poor because financial education isn’t given in schools. Wait a moment and think about it, each time
we mention education, the first thing most people think about is school and whenever
we think about school we assume that school should teach children everything necessary
about life. Uhhhmm, the opposite is the truth. Take for instance, you can be a medical doctor
and really know a whole lot of things about medicine, or be a lawyer and know everything
about law profession, unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that you know anything about
money. In fact, you can be an accountant who presses
calculator to calculate millions of dollars, again, that doesn’t mean you know anything
about money. Hahaha.. The reason why most professionals don’t
know much about money is because school wasn’t design to give education about money and it
doesn’t matter how long or how many years or how many degrees you get in a formal educational
system, am sorry, you may know nothing about money. And because you know nothing about money,
you may be dead broke, even with 5 degrees. What’s the way out? Get financial education by reading good books
or listening to good audio training about money. Reason No. 2
Second reason why most educated people are poor is because most people become uneducated
immediately after college. What exactly do you think education is? For so many people in the world, education
is that degree they go and get at the Harvard. For so many others, education is their certificate
and degrees. Don’t tell anyone! Education isn’t what you get in the classroom. Education is what you get every day of your
life. A truly educated man is that man who learns
every day. Education is like food and as necessary as
water. If we wake up every day to take oxygen, to
eat and to drink, then we should get education every day. Now, this is not the case for so many people
because immediately after their first degree, they don’t learn anything meaningful anymore
as they believe they are already educated. Because this people don’t take time to learn
new things, they are not likely to come across knowledge necessary for them to create wealth. What’s the way out? Start seeing education as you see water. Water isn’t what you drink one time in your
life time, water is what you drink every day of your life. Reason No. 3
Many educated people are poor because the more time you spend in school, the more you
are likely to love job. Let’s face it, because school was design
to train you how to be an employee, the more time you spend in that four walls, the more
you’re likely to love job. Because job doesn’t give you leverage to
create wealth, the more you love job, the less you’re more likely to be poor. In a simple math, loving job simply means
you are going to work for the rest of your life with a single brain and with two hands
and nobody in the world create wealth that way. Truly wealthy people are people who could
work with ten, twenty, fifty brains and more and unfortunately no job allows you to do
that. So because you cannot work with hundred hands,
or work with fifty brains, you don’t have the leverage that other people like entrepreneurs
have in creating wealth. What’s the way out? While everyone cannot be entrepreneur, everyone
can get financial education, learn and master the art of investing, so even if you’re
an employee, you can learn about money and investing, invest properly and be financially
independent. Reason No. 4
The forth reason why many educated people are poor is because so many people who believe
they are educated are actually arrogant. So many people, because they have degrees,
tend to believe these other guys who dropped out of the college or this other guy who didn’t
finish high school doesn’t know anything. In this case, they are not humble enough to
listen or learn. What most arrogant people don’t know is
that young people, no matter the level of their formal education, are the ones who know
where the world is going. And for few of the young people who really
know what they are doing, they know so much about so many things that older generation
don’t know. Look at the internet for instance, so many
people who are 50 years old don’t really understand anything about how the internet
works or how they can use it to create wealth. While on the other hand, an average 17 years
old guy knows so many things about the internet and many of them are building wealth, right
from their homes, using the power of the internet. Do not be unnecessarily arrogant because you
think you have degrees. Many young people who never go to college
are building unbelievable wealth, using modern technologies and the internet. Be humble and learn from the next generation. Reason No. 5
The fifth reason why many educated people are poor is because so many highly paid people
buy a lot of liabilities. You see it everywhere. A guy who earns seventy thousand dollars a
year thinks he’s rich. Most expensive smartphone, latest cars, the
biggest TV set, the most expensive cloth and shoes, wristwatches and vacations. Listen people. The amount of money you earn doesn’t matter
as much as the amount you invest into your future. Reason No. 6
The sixth reason why so many educated people could be poor is because many highly educated
people do lose their jobs. In today economy, it doesn’t matter how
much education you have, it doesn’t matter how much degrees you have, anything can happen,
then you lose your job. Now, this is not to say people don’t lose
their businesses. Every now and then people lose their businesses
too. But when you compare the possibility of losing
your business to the possibility of losing a job, then you are going to see the difference. An employee’s job depends on the decision
of another man while an entrepreneur is in control of his job. While unexpected disaster and situation could
cause an entrepreneur to lose his business, most at times, because these guys created
their businesses from the scratch, they know how to start all over again, while the other
guy who has a job has only the option of going out there and look for another job, which
in this case he may not get a job as good as the one he invested his last decades on. Reason No. 7
The seventh reason why many educated people may be poor is because of the college debt. As at the time of making this video the average
student loan borrower has $37,172 debt after college
That’s just an average. Some student leave college with as high as
$200,000 or more in student loan. In fact, as at 2018, about 100 people in the
United States have as high as a million dollars in student loan. In the year 2010, it took 7 years for an average
college graduate to break even with his student loan, now it takes one decade. Now you see why highly educated guys could
have enough debt to pay for all their lives. Reason No. 8
The ninth reason why so many educated people could be poor is because the more time you
spent in the classroom the more you are likely to live your life alone. This is what I mean by that, so many people
who are able to build substantial wealth in the world are people who have mastered how
to collaborate, how to build a team, how to work with other people, how to get people
of different skills and strengths together and achieve a single goal. Unfortunately, school was designed to teach
you direct opposite of that. In school for instance, your are trained to
do your assignment alone, to do your test alone, to do everything all alone, while in
the real world you need collaboration, you need to pull people together, you need to
get people to come together to work on a certain goal for you to build wealth
Reason No. 9 The eighth reason why so many educated people
could be poor is because taxes are made for them. In August, 2011, Warren Buffett wrote an opinion
piece in the New York Times in which he wrote about his 2010 Federal tax rate of 17.4% compare
to 36.0% average rate paid by the twenty other workers in his office. How come the poor pay less tax than the rich? Tax law everywhere in the world was made for
the employees, so the more money the highly educated people make, the more government
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    1. Financial Education Isn't Given In Schools.
    2. Uneducated Immediately After College.
    3. More Time You Spend In School, The More You Are Likely To Love Job.
    4. Who believe they are Educated are actually ARROGANT.
    5. Highly paid people BUY A LOT OF LIABILITIES.
    8. The More Time you spent in the classroom the more you are likely to live your life alone.
    9. Taxes are made for them.

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    😁When human being stop searching knowledge and information ; arrogance will set in; then stupid will be the result.
    🤔 Listening is more important than talking; that's why we have 2 ears and only 1 mouth.
    😋If we Listening we will have new information; if we keep talking actually we only repeating the one that we know.

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  33. Still without proper school education you are doomed to have a shorter life expectancy. Research show that a person with University degree have an average life expectancy which is 5-10 years longer than a person without University degree. And this has nothing to do with money. Life is not only about money and business. Give 100 millions dollars to an illitterate and see if he gets a healthier and richer life. He may eat burgers, drink a lot, buy a nice car and stop walking, just to die a premature death because of cardiovascular disease. Or he may end up as Michael Jackson, Prince, Amy Winehouse, and other famous people you died young. Usual school education is after all the best investment for a human. Stop preaching this nonsense to young people.

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    And it's possible that your own daily bread comes from making videos on controversial topics and begging viewers to subscribe. That's another form of laziness if you ask me.
    Heavens know that nothing makes one poorer like working to earn more than he actually needs. That's the height of insanity! That's a vicious circle that only death will get you out of.

  36. Americans (USA) in particular can’t get it into their heads that college/university originally was meant for an intellectual/academic study (history, literature, languages, languages, philosophy/religion, etc.) To make money/earn a living falls more under training which is to learn the knowledge to get and keep a job, or, a career. This video’s title assumes education is for making money/becoming rich. No, training is for that. We Americans are infamous for confusing this.

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