42 thoughts on “9 Incredible Science Facts You Probably Didn't Learn At School”

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  2. A lot of the stuff about space and the center of Earth and stuff in this video is just theories. And cannot be proven.

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  4. 5 minute crafts : 500m flight of paper laterns
    the 100 : paper laterns don't burn at the atmosphere on Sanctum

  5. This is fake the earth won’t end in 2022! Also the said that an Asteroid will hit earth 2019! I hate 5 minutes crafts because it gives me nightmares when they say the earth will end in blablabla and it doesn’t even happen!

    I am only 8 please stop this lie


    Thank you

  6. People can't say What is the Earth's future. So I can't believe it sorry. Because I believe my Allah. Only Allah can safe us and the earth

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