9 Best Halloween Prank Wars! Scary Teacher Pranks On Students! School Pranks!

a globe turns into an eye a marker turns into a broom and your teacher turns into a witch are you scared right you are because these are Halloween classes in our school the girls are ready for Halloween they've decorated the classroom and are looking forward to the class wallet or Treat today is the day when Miss Smith can put on the demon suit she wears at home and get away with it and meanwhile we will sneak in a little surprise in a chalk box for her cut the bellies of rubber snakes and take out the filler stick chocks inside put gift filler into an empty chalk box put the snakes on top Christi sneaks the harmless-looking chocks onto the teacher's desk Miss Smith is happy about this little gift she is just trying to solve the puzzle on the blackboard Miss Smith passes out when she sees the snakes in the gift the girls run to the rescue they didn't intend for their favorite teacher to have a heart attack here you go miss Smith sit down and have a rest and the snakes are only cases for chalks so that you don't smudge your hands miss Smith doesn't understand what's going on what's this all about she totally forgot about Halloween since she brought up two vipers as her own then it's time to show them what a real Halloween looks like ha no pumpkin no Halloween Miss Smith has made a surprise for the girls this spooky pumpkin is not that simple it has only dark thoughts inside mix 8 bottles of white glue and 1 can of shaving foam add black acrylic paint and 1tsp of baby powder pour in less than half an ounce of borax solution and three and a half ounces of baking soda solution mix a black slime put toy eyeballs in it cut a big pumpkin and scoop out the flesh paint the jack-o'-lantern with black acrylic paint put the slime inside in a dark dark school in a dark dark class two little girls have found dark dark slime hold on this story is not that creepy the black slime is very cute even though there are toy eyeballs swimming in the slime bath because this is Halloween anything can happen today even strict miss Smith's might turn into a witch why not Halloween happens only once a year meet our upgraded teacher miss switch miss witch has had a taste of Halloween now she is capable of changing the entire world but she will start with something smaller for example this globe the teacher turns it into a bloody eye with a simple spell outline the continents on an old globe with hot glue spray paint the globe white paint a big eye where the Pacific Ocean is paint the iris red add black veins and a black pupil add details and flares coat the edges of the continent with red paint to look like blood vessels this all seen evil eye watches the entire class it turns 360 degrees and sees all the naughty students for example these girls who are on their phones instead of studying the all-seeing eye is rolling right at you little rascals the girls are terrified they are not used to seeing somebody's body parts on their desk they are even afraid to touch this side because poking and I with your finger is not hygienic even if the eye isn't yours the girls want a prank miss switch with little ghosts while she is making a plan to conquer the world cut a template of a cute ghost out of paper trace it on white paper outline the eyes make a little group of ghosts cut open mouth out of magnetic tape the girls attach the ghost to the blackboard Wow the school board's turn spooky miss which will come and get terrified of these white ghosts of science ha you messed with the wrong person girls miss witch is not scared of ghosts anymore let alone these cute paper ones this prank is a fail literature class miss witch is reading dark nor styled poems but the girls are not excited about such rhymes as lovely bloody then she will read for her little friend alas poor Yorick he will definitely like these poems to learn or not to learn that is the question cover an old ball shaped open-top toy with light grey clay shape a skull make nostrils with a modeling tool and shape eye sockets add more dimension to the jaw at the bottom shape teeth cut the skull when the light clay hardens cut it along the line where it opens mell crayons of different red shades over a candle and pour them into a brain shaped silicone mold put it into a fridge for 20 minutes to let it harden put the wax brain inside the skull cover the skull with white acrylic paint using a sponge don't paint the hollows though paint red cracks decorate the skull with a rose crown good old Yorick understands everything and agrees with everything oh he is the best student in class if only all the kids were so obedient and silent but these rude students are busy playing games again that's all right my friend and I will discipline them the girl shut up right away and poor Yorick sprain is perfect for highlighting all their mistakes and writing down remarks discipline is the skeleton of education miss witch is sneezing a lot her jaws is falling apart hang on this is a nice idea to prank her favorite students add green acrylic paint to clear stationary glue pour the colored glue back into the tube print out a label that says witch snot and attach it to the tube with double-sided tape miss witch sneeze so hard that she filled the entire tube with snot come on kids I want to help you with your paper crafts what a cute heart to you that's disgusting she is more than just a teacher she's a torturer and miss switch has a present for Cindy here take a witch broom cut bristles off a stiff brush hot glue them to a cap of a marker wrap it with twine to look like a real broom make the handle longer hot glue a wooden stick to the marker cover the handle with hot glue dampen your hands with water to make the glue smooth paint the handle of the broom Cindy is gladly sweeping the entire desk but this is more than just a broom there is a marker hiding inside miss switch is happy her students are perfectly obedient miss switch has a little helper the Cyclops I can watch the girls while the teacher is busy with her witch affairs cover a ball-shaped pencil sharpener with white acrylic paint draw a circle on it paint a green eye with acrylic paint and add white flares draw blood vessels and veins with a red marker coat the eyeball with clear nail polish cover it with light clay shape lids make a hole to insert a pencil coat the lids with acrylic paint stick black bristles to be the lashes the cyclops gets closer to the girls desk without them noticing they feel like somebody is watching them but they can't figure out who it is oh what is this somebody set their eyes on our girls but Cynthia understands that the situation is not that bad because this is just a pencil sharpener the girls sharpen their pencil in the wink of an eye miss switch took advantage of her advanced witch course she can do anything she wants with her new book of spells a vanishing glove and notebooks are just the tip of the iceburg a creative trick with a finger is still a head wrap a red ballpoint pen refill with light clay shape a slightly bent finger make wrinkles on it with a thread use a toothpick to outline the nail when it hardens paint the light clay finger in natural shades do acrylic French cover the nail with clear nail polish make the other side look like the finger is torn off paint a white bone and red flesh add details miss which runs to the girls with her wit show you can only surprise 1st graders with this trick then miss switch turns on the special effects do you like the teachers torn off finger the witch magician goes away satisfied with the effect and the girls figure out quickly that this is more than just a finger it's a pen the riddle is solved did you like our Halloween ideas for school then write in the comments how you will terrify your classmates and don't forget to give this video a thumbs up subscribe to our channel and click the bell so that you don't miss new Halloween classes on trim trove

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