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we're here hello welcome back to my channel my name is Ali and today is very different I am in my classroom today if you don't know I'm a teacher teach eighth grade and I moved classrooms from last year to this year but I'm at the same school gonna have to set this whole thing up again so welcome to the struggle this could be my first time vlogging this experience and I've been watching a lot of other teachers set up their classrooms and I was just like why not talk about it so then I asked my Twitter followers if this if this was something they would want to see I think like 30 people voted or something and only one person said no so here right yeah it's gonna be a very long process so I'm probably gonna split this up by days so today is day one okay so let me give you a quick tour of what my classroom looks like right now I did come earlier this week today is Thursday but I came here on Monday to just do some things I didn't do a lot I just wanted to see like what I was working with and I wasn't really sure if I wanted to change things up from how I did them last year I didn't really decorate much last year because it was my first year this is middle school so I don't have to do as much as elementary school like it's not as tedious but I also was overwhelmed with like lesson planning and stuff last year so I didn't really have as much time at to decorate now that I already have an idea of what kind of lesson plans I'm gonna do this year and I can use a lot from last year I want to do a little more in my classroom so I'm just gonna walk you around real quick and show you what I have so far it's mainly a mess so you'll see alright so this is the door when you walk in I did this on Monday it's really not much I push the table over here and I put a tablecloth on it this probably won't stay looking like how it looks right now I'm just not sure but this is where I have we only have four academic classes and so this is where they turn in their work and I don't take papers in my hand so it just holds them accountable so if they said oh I swear I turn that in I'm disabled did you turn it into the bin because I don't take papers in my hand and they can't say that I lost anything because it's their responsibility to turn it in to the bed and I check it before I go every day before I leave work I take all the papers out of there so if they turn something in late it's in there the next day and I know it was late and they could take off late points all the walls are pretty much blank I love this pencil thing my my coworker gave that to me and sometimes I spin it to make decisions and it's Larry it's because they're like it's not fair but it's totally fair anyway I still have to set up my board this is my desk in my area over here I don't know if I'm going to keep this table quite yet I don't know if I need that much space but anyway this is from the teacher that was in here last year we actually ended up switching room so she's gonna come back and get that over here is gonna be like my reading area I'm gonna make I did put up this bullet some more and you can see from the outline last time we're the Wildcats and our mantra is character achievement teamwork in spirit so I'm gonna put that back up because why not but you can you can see it from last year it kind of stained the the sheet that I used to hang it up and then I'm gonna have a news board right there as well but this board is gonna be this is like my library area and this is like the only thing I really did on Monday is I just do all this stuff down this is my reading corner and the kids last year really really loved it all I had last year though was this chair over here and this beanbag chair and that was it I didn't have the rug or any of the pillows so this year I just made it a little more extravagant because they freaking loved it last year and they fought over who puts it in the reading corner and they always rush to class to get to that corner so I'm making it bigger and this classroom is bare so I have more space so I'll be able to do that but I still need to put borders up around these things this is actually gonna look like a bookshelf and on the first day of school I cut out like rectangular like not this big but like a rectangle piece of paper and I have them draw a book spine of their favorite book and then I put them up there and it looks like a bookshelf it was really cute last year maybe I'll insert a picture if I can find one this is Hurst from last year she's gonna take that it just sticks to the wall so she wanted to leave it up until she can move it and put it back on a wall this is the back wall and this is gonna be my main goal today I have some ship left wallpaper that I want to put on the back my last classroom had windows and this one does not and so I'm trying to make it as light as possible I also went to Walmart this morning and I bought some desk lamps and the stand up lamp because I really don't like using these upper head lights last year my lights were always off and we just used the natural light from outside unless it was test day but anyway as you can see I have a lot of stuff to go through and organized I have two cabinets here this one just has games in it for our game day it's like monopoly clue checkers chess all that stuff and it's only like on the bottom so I have a lot of space up there and this one is completely empty so I have a lot to work with but also a lot to do as you can see the desk aren't organized in any particular way I always do groups and last for testing and we have to do straight I just do we do a lot of group work and I don't mind them talking to each other while they work so as you can see I have a lot to do and a lot to get done so I'm gonna go ahead and get started I'm gonna be here until around 3:00 or 3:30 I think and right now it's like 10:30 and so I have a lot of time but I also have a lot to do so I need to go grab some more stuff for my car and then I'll get started all right I have to go move my car now that I have everything out and then we're gonna tackle that back wall with my shiplap wallpaper oh my gosh you guys I was getting so frustrated so those four panels went up great because I could just roll the whole roll down like you saw but then when I got over here I'm having to work with half sheets now which is gonna be like the death of me I'm strongly considering going out and just getting another panel but I don't want to mix money and they don't have so much excess I don't want that but this was so freaking frustrating and now I'm gonna have to line up another half sheet with these panels and I'm not looking forward to it I don't even know if you could see me down there where I have my camera set up but man I'm like sweating this is hard work it's even harder when you only have you and like there's no one around like there's you don't have another pair of hands to help you out so right now I'm like I'm really hoping that this shiplap is gonna be worth it it looks really good to me though I just don't even know what I'm gonna put on these back wall Chad I'm still figuring it out but anyway I just wanted to express my struggle because this struggle is real freaky freaky freak okay guys I don't think I have enough paper oh my god I think this is only gonna go up like where the other one is killing me killing me what should I do I don't really want to go buy more of this paper I don't know okay I'm thinking to just finish off that half panel that like quarter panel that's left and then maybe only do half of the last panel because my cabinet is going up over there and I'll figure something else up like a post or something cuz I really don't want to go buy more paper it's just so frustrating why did I have this idea why did I want to do this ah better be worth it and these kids were to come in and appreciate how great this class has got look it's looking like this is as good as it's gonna get from here I'm not going out and buy more paper I've decided I'll have to figure out a way to make that not look as janky later but for now here's the final well not final so if you can't tell I put thumbtacks up in the top to hold all those pieces in place I thought it would be quicker to just get it all up there with thumbtacks than to try to staple it as I go so now I'm gonna go back through and staple all of this down I also have if I can find it I have this really simple brown border it says 399 on it I got it at Hobby Lobby but I think it was on sale so I got it's like a dollar and there's a ton of it in here as you can see this huge wide piece splits into two so it's thinner than that so I'm gonna put that around the edges as my border for all of this and that little spot over there my cabinet is gonna go over there so I feel like that'll cover it up and it'll be fine oh sorry almost dropping but if not I'll figure that out when I get to it that joint that might just be spots where I put a lot of posters or something I don't know we'll see so like those little gaps that you see there I was like forget it I was so tired of this whole panel over here so I think I'm just gonna make it look better with border mm-hmm so hopefully you won't be able to tell and I'm gonna try to pull the pieces where you can tell that it's separate like I'm makeshift one whole panel we try to pull that real tight when I stay full so that you can't really tell but if you can tell whatever I'm over it that's where I'm at today so yeah that's what I'm about to do right now it is about 12 o'clock now so probably after I do this I'll go eat cuz I don't eaten today so I'm really hungry so I'm gonna go grab food after I do these back panels and then I'll come back and see what I can do so that's the plan [Applause] okay so after finishing one of these panels with the wood border or the brown border sorry um I'm realizing I did not buy enough of this border so I'm gonna call lunch and I'm just gonna go get some food and then I'm gonna stop by probably Walmart again because I lived there now since school starts and I'm gonna go get some more of this Brown border because look it looks good I'm happy with the way it looks that's not the problem but I went through one whole roll of these just doing that panel and I have one two three four and a half left to do so I need to replenish my materials and so with that being said I'm just gonna get out of here for now and I always feel like this isn't gonna take as long as it actually takes and then it always takes a super long time especially by yourself so if you're a first year teacher or you're setting up your classroom expect things to take longer than you think and bring somebody if you can to help you because it will be super helpful to you so I'm gonna go get lunch I will I'll see you in a little bit okay I'm frustrated so I went to Walmart they didn't have the board they didn't have the Brown border then have any border then now I'm at Dollar Tree I'm sitting in the parking lot because I'm frustrated they didn't have board it either so I'm thinking I'm gonna have to change my game plan for today I'm not gonna get the borders up today because I need to go to back to Hobby Lobby and Matt it's just too far from my school I don't want to go up that way right now so I'll go on my way home and I'll grab it for tomorrow and then I think today I might get my desk where I want them and maybe take care of my cabinets and like clean them out and then put everything that needs to go in the cabinets in the cabinets because I'm just frustrated and I don't want to deal with the border anymore so we're just kind of act like it doesn't exist and deal with it later like a lot of things I do in life yeah I still haven't eaten so I need to go get lunch but I just want to update you on that because I'm frustrated as crap okay cool okay I'm back so it is about two o'clock now and I time-lapse myself putting up that whole back wall of shiplap so to you it seems I couldn't take that long but it took me like hours because I started around 10:30 and then I left at like 1:00 I was a little dramatic earlier I still have one roll left of this border that will fill up a whole panel on the back wall so my thing is I'm so like OCD that I don't want to even continue if it's not gonna be completed by the time I leave that's totally me so I'm kind of like whatever I'll just deal with that later so right now I feel like I need to put light bulbs in these lamps and get my lamps where I want them to be I'll see what I can do about arranging my desk but I completely forgot that there's crap all over all my desks so I may not do that either I don't know don't just have to see what happens I guess if I'm struggling I got this this morning at Walmart and it's so satisfiying I can play with this all day so I thought I'd be good like a good little stress reliever for those who are over in the corner so I got it it's just fun so this is what my reading corner is looking like right now like I said I did in most of the stuff yesterday so I ended up turning this bookshelf around so that I could have some storage space over here and I don't think I'll need three just for books for them so I don't know what I'll do here yet I'll figure something out yeah so this is where the bookshelves would be and then this is just like the lounge reading corner area I got most of this stuff at t.j.maxx for pretty cheap loving that pillow and so yeah it's a pretty decent size it's way bigger than last year so I'm excited about that so to be completely honest I'm stumped about what I should do next I just feel like there's so much to do so I don't know what I should actually do maybe I should just show you all the fun goodies I got yeah let's do that okay are we sure the fun stuff I got are yet I was at that like dollar spot and Target and I got these cute little apple plant things or fake of course but they're so cute and they were like a dollar each and so I got them and then also in the one dollar spot there were these cute little bins and I feel like I'm gonna put markers or colored pencils or something and I got two blue and yellow so I'm gonna put something in here I'm not sure what yet maybe maybe I could put sticky notes I don't know but I'm gonna put something in these I also got this was some Hobby Lobby they were having a sale where all the decor was half off and I got this and it says inhale confidence exhale doubt and I thought that would be a positive thing to put around the room somewhere I don't know where yet I don't know if it'll go on the wall or if it'll go like standing up somewhere because it is it's like stand a bowl is that weird another thing I got because it was like four dollars it's just this wood plank and it says happy on it so I feel like I'll stick this either on my desk or by the front door or over in the reading corner well I forgot I got this but a super cute okay this one says work hard and be nice to people because in my class this is pretty much my mantra be nice do your work I don't say work hard but I say do your work can be nice so this is perfect I don't know where it's gonna go like I said but I have it so another thing I got because I don't have Windows and I don't have any greenery to look at I had to get my own so they at Hobby Lobby were also like their floral pieces were half off as well and so I got this cute little plant to put somewhere maybe on my desk somewhere I'll be able to see it and it can make me happy throughout the day I got another one because it's cute I just need bright things in like greenery and some blues to make me happy another thing I got to hang up is this wooden plank says be strong and brave and I just thought it was super cute so I'm gonna put it somewhere I don't know and then also from Hobby Lobby I got this sign says it's a good day to have a good day and I feel like I should put this somewhere where they can see it right when they walk in or like next to the whiteboard or above the door maybe or something I don't know but I want it to be very visible so this can be a good reminder to them every time they walk in my class last but not least my coworker she left the school she won't be back this year she moved but she gave me this before she left since bookworm Boulevard so I think I'm gonna put it in my reading corner like against the wall underneath the bulletin board because I just think it's really cute and I think it should be somewhere over by the books Oh something else I got that I'm really excited about and I can put this together at some point how do I open it this letter bores open I got this letter board and it also has an easel that it can stand up on and I'm gonna put this over on the bookshelf and I'm gonna put read or like a quote from one of my favorite books or something and I'll probably change it up every now and then but I thought this would be a really fun addition to my class so I'm excited about that I actually got that on Amazon diesel for pretty cheap I think was like eight bucks or something like that and it's the perfect size it's not huge I don't need to write like a bunch of stuff on it just a couple words so it's perfect but other than that I just have a ton of school supplies that I'm not gonna show you because it's typical school supplies like staples and paperclips Clorox wipes and all that so it's 241 right now so I feel like what I'm gonna do and I'm actually gonna do it is I'm gonna clean off the desk I'm just gonna put everything on the floor and then I'm going to arrange my room the way that I want it and then if I have time after that I think I'm gonna set up my whiteboard and like do the lines that I want and everything with that so let's do it my gosh I just found this from last year we did the tell to heart and had to make a movie poster for the story by Edgar Allan Poe and because too old of me and his eyes a thing that creeps the narrator out they made they made the old man Betty wah and I kept this because it's so funny and I know to make me laugh again okay so I finished doing what I think I want to do with my room so ignoring all this crap but a big thing for me is I want to be able to get through each aisle so I can rotate while they're working and also a tip never have accession in mail school never have the desks facing out like the the mouth should always be in well it doesn't always have to be but oh my gosh it'll save you from having to clean these desk out almost every single day because if it's not facing them they won't put stuff in there like food and gum and all that jazz so I always have them facing in so they don't even have that mouth of the desk to mess with because nothing should be in there yeah so I did this last year and I really liked it in the back I have groups of five and I like to have them pretty decently sized spaces in between because we have lockers but we don't use the lockers we don't even have like the codes to them but it would be more expensive to get them taken out than to just leave them where they are and so they have everything in the book bag all the time so they're booking up their book bags needs space and I need space to walk through comfortably I don't to be like squeezing through that's just annoying and I trip a lot so we just have to make sure I have space so I have pods of five in the back and another big thing is I just want to make sure everyone can see the board and so with this setup of having groups everyone all they have to do is turn their head to one side they don't have to turn all the way around on their seat or anything like that everyone should be able to see the board so this combat I did and then I had an extra desk that I had 36 instead of 35 and so I just have this chair was left in here which is nice because I can sit up here and if I do notebook checks or they want to come talk to me I can like grade some stuff while they're working individually and sit there if I want to but I thought that was a fun space even better if I turn that light on it looks so cozy anyhow so yeah that's how I like my desk arranged and you're probably like why did she pull these seats out so I put seats out here and I just pull them like all the way out like if they're not sitting completely into their desk which their eighth grade so they normally don't I just wanted to make sure they wouldn't be touching and that I'd still be able to walk through comfortably even if they're like not seated how they should be in their seats so yeah this is how I'm gonna keep it eventually I'll probably put some duct tape on the ground and just like mark where each quad starts off like the outside because that's just really helpful from when we go from testing arrangement to back into groups so yeah that's that now I'm gonna tackle this board and then I'm gonna go home so let's do it okay so it's about 3:30 now so I'm just gonna go home I think I've made pretty good progress today I did a lot but it doesn't feel like I did a lot because that a lot of stuff is actually completed my mirror just fell off from the board cool but let me just show you what we got done today and I say we because if you're still watching you're invested in this now congratulations so again the front door didn't mess with this I'll figure that out tomorrow we got this little setup here the board is semi complete so what I'm gonna do here we have these things that we have to put up on the board so I'm gonna have today in I think what do I say today comma then the date in LA and then I put we're supposed to have five ease up here like engage as a warm-up and then I don't know what the e's are because they just changed it this year but I'll put that up there and I have to write in what we're doing everyday on the board and then I leave this space open to use for writing on or projecting and then we have Ike and statements over here in this box and that's what I put like whatever the objective is for the day so if we're trying to cite evidence I would put an I can't statement like I can cite textual evidence and lemon Brown a short story or something like that in that box over there so when administration comes in for observations they can see exactly what the objective is for the day over here and how we're gonna get to that objective over here and then in these boxes I don't give homework but if they don't finish something in class I just go ahead and write down like to be completed in one of these boxes I don't know which one yet probably this one and I'll write down whatever they need to have completed in due dates because normally I give them multiple days to complete an assignment like if I find something on Monday and I know they will need a few days to finish it I'll say all right have it turned in to the bin by Friday and I'll write that over there in that first box and then this is fYI box and so like if I don't know if something is going on like if I need them to return library books to me I'll say that's why I please return all library books after you finish reading them or under the fYI box I'll put don't forget that the Book Fair is coming on Monday bring money or if they need a field trip slip to bring back I'll like write whatever they need to know over there in the fYI section so yeah that's the board and then we have our stand up lamp I just found out that they may not be allowed to have stand up lamps but I'm gonna keep it until someone says something because yellow and then I set up my groups with my desk so that was actually a good accomplishment because now I have a feel of how much space I'll have in the room and I'm very happy with the amount of space I think I'm gonna have once I get everything together I need to figure out where I'm gonna put these text books I have no idea but yeah so I haven't done anything with my desk area over here I just push the bookshelves where I want them to be but I'll probably mess that up again because I need to put the borders around the bulletin board tomorrow a reading corner is probably my favorite thing about this room it just looks it looks really undying and so I'm excited about that I can't wait for you guys to see the finished product of the bulletin board it just looks really cute together I took down that be yourself thing I also took down the map that was over here so I can start decorating tomorrow the way I want to decorate and then my big project today which I'm still proud because I did achieve my goal I did say I wanted my goal for today was to get all the shiplap paper back there and I did but I ran out of border so I'll finish that tomorrow I'll get that on my way home and yeah we did it get all that loud I feel like I didn't really do much but the room is coming together it's still a flaming thing of garbage kind of right now cuz it's all over the place but you know I'm doing what I can with the two hands that I have so hopefully tomorrow I want my mission to be finishing that back wall getting the border up have shiplap border for this bulletin board over here the blue one that should be coming in the mail it should be at my house already actually so I'll bring that tomorrow and get that border I can't point okay that border up and finished and hopefully you'll be able to see my kind of vision with what I want to do with that bulletin board and then I also want to get some like decor up like if I want to hang stuff up on the walls I'm gonna do that tomorrow and put all my like clutter and tomorrow is kind of like do everything day anything and everything that I can fit in I'm gonna do I think I'm gonna get here early tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment I'm gonna come right after my doctor's appointment in the morning is do as much as humanly possible in here and I don't think I have anything going on tomorrow night so I'll probably stay late until I can just get everything done that I want to get done because Monday everyone comes back to school and we start pre-planning and it's gonna be a lot of meetings and not a lot of time in classrooms so and booktubeathon starts Monday oh my gosh so I just want to have as much done as I can now so I don't have to worry about it next week so yeah those are the plans anyway I'm out of here thank you so much for watching this video in the comments below if you're a teacher let me know what you teach how your setups going this year if you're going with a theme what you think of my class so far be nice and yeah subscribe like all that jazz and I will see you in my next video they want complete

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