89. This DREAM Yacht is FAMOUS [Fast Cruiser Full Tour] Learning the Lines

hey everyone we're back in Fort Lauderdale again today we are going to be over at just catamarans they have another boat that they invited us back to tour that they thought you might like to see and to be honest it's one that we really want to see as well even though it's kind of a famous boat not this boat in particular but the model is pretty famous now we are really interested in boats like this because we are really seriously considering going this way in the future not buying one but building one from scratch if you tuned in to our June live stream we actually brought this up a few times during the live stream so yes we are considering building a catamaran after freebees finish sometime in the future sometime in the future when it makes sense for us we're both working full-time we're saving money and we're thinking about what our next steps are gonna be and we're really rethinking what we're doing with freebee we don't want to sell her we want to keep her but we probably don't want to sell the world on freebie we're thinking about our forever boat and like you said if you watched our live stream or if you're a patron you already know this but this is the first time we're kind of saying it on a regular regular video so let's go ahead and take a look at this boat hey I'm Terry with just catamarans and we're here today looking at the premier 45 so yeah feel free to follow me on board your homes this is not really the home seat but filler see ya so the boat on each side has this seat right here and a tiller that comes from there so you can actually steer the boat with the tiller from from both side it's really cool another YouTube channel lots of room for activities but so these boats because they're very safety and performance oriented they have a lot of front-end which gives them a lot more buoyancy in the boughs which is better for speed and for ocean cruising it's better for safety but it also gives you these huge trampolines that you can do whatever you want on them so big and you have your code code zero or gennaker or whatever you want to put up there and ever another name really you have your anchor right there with the chain going back so all your chain weights gonna be far back so just boats buoyant in the front yeah yeah oh yeah proven ocean ocean-going boat is it that one is Oh like that I want to take a look okay I just wanted to look in one of these lockers yeah I gotta go down there as you can see lots of storage and there is a lot of stuff stored down here this is an owner's boat so they've kind of given us a permission to come in and film it which I thank them for along with just catamarans but it's really good because you guys can see how easily liveable this boat is and this is an example of it you can see all the storage that the owners have down here and they still have room even more room for storage so it's really cool so this is the water tank and then the fuel tank oh cool that's really good access yeah and actually like center of gravity wise and this is this is just a scuba tank right yeah kinda take looks like yeah lots of good storage I didn't I wasn't expecting so these the Ford Locker starts like right there and it goes all the way forward on both sides I wasn't expecting that I actually thought that was gonna be the birth so having all this front end here is not just buoyancy it's it's a lot of storage too so I'm gonna go on the coach roof up here I think the best way to do it I guess there's a step right here all the lines leading back to the helm right there which is really cool we got the lazy bag dining the lazy jacks pretty cool terry was just telling me this boat was just hit by lightning and that's actually why it's here at just catamarans and there's no damage whatsoever other than just the electronics that went right yeah so it's even safe when it comes to lightning strikes so terry was also telling us earlier that these dagger boards are actually all the way up and that's how far out they come so they're not too intrusive when they're all the way down they actually fall way down into into the trunk so there and it's reinforced so it's a it's a good structural design but I guess with most dagger board catamarans those dagger boards come way up way farther up when they're up so that's kind of a good design right there and the thing about these dagger boards that you're not familiar with dagger boards on catamarans they make this boat go to weather very very well oh yeah the chain played super the rigging is all oversized I believe yeah we're getting ideas for our boat here to these fairleads yeah yeah on the stanchion there all right and then we have the other the other tiller position which the tiller is not attached right now with the 45 there it's actually 48 foot long originally it was 45 you can actually see the original the original mold design would it terminate around here okay yeah right here yeah exactly and just forward so a whole 45 these days are actually 48 interesting so you have the davits and the solar panels on the back here pretty cool I believe it's an extra that pretty much everyone uses utilize this so it's a pretty good little system yeah and then you have more storage back here just storage everywhere okay then you have the engine down there engine and storage under the bus okay it's a lot of room down there yeah what do you think of the helm station okay get your electronics right there all the line Oh your electronics that are being replaced jib sheet topping lift main halyard main sheet briefing license all right there took me a while to figure it out definitely very spacious and it's got a full enclosure and you had to do a full hardtop or they chose to do enclosure yeah they chose to do the canvas with the hardtop but they have a full canvas and full enclosure which is pretty cool completely protected from the weather these are nice yeah yeah yeah I mean your kitchens basically outside kitchen Randy galley I'm sorry yeah so the galleys right here looks pretty cool pretty spacious and then nav station forward-facing this is where you're gonna spend passages yeah well you're out watch because this is perfect the only thing I would add there is he's nicked it out but that's where you're supposed to put each other okay where that paper in yeah so you can put a chart Potter you can see like how someone would actually live in here so there's a family of four lives aboard and it's I mean very clean and tidy they have a lot of space but we're gonna go down into the owners cabin first follow Randy so going forward got your washer a little washer/dryer to the side there does this but this bow has a generator this one doesn't okay so you have to be plugged in to use that I'm assuming it's beautiful it's a lot of room oh yeah all the storage on the side and then the forward lockers right for that but nice big nice big shower I'm going about this is where the dagger board goes down yep it's covered with like a like a leather like vinyl or something yeah that's a queen-size birth right there I don't want to go into their stuff I don't know if there's stuff behind here but this closes off so you can kind of yeah close this whole hole if you want it to yeah it's a nice big bed window David closed but no CX hid here under the stairs oh yeah it's just a simple handle pool yeah I should have said port it looks like this could very easily become a bird it's cool this is a pure cruising boat there's no air conditioning family this is a little mermaids side oh yeah so it's this boat is it's perfect for a little family of four like it's it's you can see exactly how you your kids would would live in here which is pretty cool yeah and your kids have their own hey head shower you can shower with the view of the ocean right there this one's more like second segment too it's good for guests and kids obviously I think the older kid probably has the bigger bed it's usually how it works yeah all right yeah whatever meal looking out or that way or that way you're like yeah I mean it's just the the thought of crossing an ocean fully protected like this going 20 knots because this boat can go 20 knots would be just in the same it's really cool and the sugar scoops are really big like Terry was saying boat used to end right there so it's got even a bigger sugar scoop right there platform yeah it's really good to dive off a free dive off of scuba dive off of get out in on and off the dinghy oh nice splash all the way in yeah this is just watch for so on the 51 and the 5x the engines are completely accessed through the hatch in the back but on the 45 jr. so you don't have to wait too far back yeah oh yeah that's really good access so you have access from the back in the front yeah it's really really nice so that was a beautiful boat I don't know what you thought about it I loved it yeah that's pretty sweet it's hard not to like that shows it and obviously good for them too because they have a baby and obviously it looked I loved the way the girls did their half of the boat it's a great family boat for sure yeah alright there's really not much to say about it other than the fact that it's awesome I mean it's it's as far as sailing performance goes you're really done you're really not gonna get much better than that in the cruiser it is a livable and yeah really performance it's it's a very safety oriented performance oriented cruising boat it's worlds different than most the other catamarans out there I cannot stress enough how awesome it would be to go 20 knots under sail if not more I just it it blows my mind yeah you know it's just it's it's amazing yeah and I mean catamarans just really work better for electric and there's just it's just it's awesome I like that we were able to tour whether people actually live yeah and you could see it totally functions for real life yeah which is awesome one of the biggest criticisms monohull guys have with Cameron's is that they don't sail well close to the wind and it's that's not true with your trimmers that dagger board will make itself very very well close to the wind and you know the whole design the whole shape the likeness of the boat will make it sail at over 20 knots in certain conditions so it's just crazy to think about this that speeds coming from mana halls to me so I just want to experience that I'd probably be terrified yeah I mean and no not to bet not to say anything bad about model halls I mean mana halls are can be great votes too but it's just it's it's like apples to oranges almost you know they're very different types of boats one more thing I wanted to touch on very briefly guys because we had some confusion in the comments on a couple of our last videos some people don't understand really why we're doing these boat tours we're doing them because they get the views and you guys like them something else we talked about in our livestream is that the house that our boat is behind right now is under construction and it's made it very difficult to access freebie and do a lot of work on her right now so this is another way where we can keep putting out videos for you guys about things that you're interested in anyway if you liked this video make sure to leave a like and a comment down below if you haven't already go ahead and hit that subscribe button to follow along with our journey in the Bell to know each and every time we upload a video see you guys bye come here with me by the fire and let it go for so

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  1. Thanks for the videos, I grew up sailing monos but at twenty I discovered Catamarans and it profoundly changed the way I like to sail. I only sail catamarans with boards because of speed and safety. You can anchor in shallow areas where skeg cats can't enter. Board cats go upwind almost as well as monos but you arrive days or weeks ahead of mono hulls. More room, less draft and in my humble opinion much safer if you respect the ocean. Keep the videos coming please.

  2. How much to air con the boat?. And will ask again. Why no approx price of boat?. Houses are priced, cars, cars, food, clothes etc. Are boats a big secret price? i.e. negotiable?.

  3. Great tour. Keep them coming. Your tour guide was on an episode of Gone With the Wynns when they were learning to sail. i.

  4. About your idea to build your own Cat, I strongly recommend you come over to Boatdesign.net and discuss your plan with experienced designers and builders. The ability to sail at high speed with very little heel and anchor in shallow water is seductive. Just always remember, RUN FROM STORMS! Surface area and windage are so much greater on cats that strength can't be proportional without destroying performance. Cats are also more costly to maintain and moor.

  5. Hello Sailors. In honor of the couple that got robbed in Panama and the many that have lost their life through Pirating we started this group on Face book to help facilitate group convoy sailing when in international areas. Sad world we live in theses days but its reality for living the dream. Stay Safe. @t

  6. I was really surprised at how easily the mast to boom connection device was broken ! (on la vagabonde boat)

  7. GREAT vid kids. Love that boat and am subed to SLV. I do hope they watch this so they can see how they can have many children on board.
    Been watching for a long time and suddenly realize how much Randi resembles my fist wife at that age. Body proportions but a little more smily Randi is, LOL Thanks for making a really nice video. You seem to be very content. Bob.

  8. Do yourself a favor and just buy a catamaran. You don't have to spend a fortune to get a good ocean-going cat. Check out what Catchin Rays did with about $150K or Tula's Endless Summer is doing right now. You'll end up with headaches and gray hair building a boat. My two cents, for what it's worth.

  9. Cruising cats just have a different feel than a mono. The heal of the boat when going to wind can be quite addicting. There are also performance oriented cruising monohulls capable of cat like speed. Check out Steve Dashews Beowolf series.

  10. Great cruising boat , tho catamarans can be a handful for inexperienced sailors in heavy weather combining high freeboard, low weight , small wet surface areas.. a 40ft catamaran flipped just north of sydney australia a week ago costing 3 lives seas were messy 2.5m winds 25-30knts gusting to 35-40 , for a monohull cruising boat these conditions would be a snack even for an inexperienced sailor .. unfortunately catamarans appeal to everyone for benefits they offer , my suggestion would be a good few years ocean passage experience including adverse conditions in a monohull before setting off in a catamaran

  11. I give you fair warning regarding Just Catamarans. They are a nightmare company to deal with. They spend huge amounts of time and money covering up all their skeletons. Contact me personally if you want to hear about our experience with them. I advise you to go somewhere else.

    Awesome boat though. Hope to see you out on the seas soon. Fair winds.

  12. Now you're thinking kiddo's!
    The key to doing your own boat is the hull;very time consuming and very expensive to do.Find an older 'death bed' boat and meticulously check out the hull [moisture content,core layup.free floating catalyst %] and buy cheap.Strip out everything and you have your hull.I bought a 44 footer for 4 grand to get my hull as apposed to 35 grand for lofting,mold building and layup [a two year process]. From there you should concentrate on creative resource procurement,re-purposing,and refurbishing.If you do it right ,building your own boat will be fun,rewarding,and an education by Fire LOL.

  13. This 45 OUTREMER is also light weight with a displacement around 10t. which, with speed, participate to safety.
    For comparison, the lightest version of a Lagoon 45 (450S) is at 15t. of displacement.

  14. So.. your plan is to become one of the boat owners like the owners of the boys you guys are looking at lol spend 100k building it and by the time you’re done you can’t even sail anymore and sell it for 40k.. buy a boat and go out sailing the next day > building a boat in 5-10 years and then sell it because you’re burnt out on it

  15. Hey check out( life on the hulls) on YT if you want to build a cat should give you some clues on what's ahead have fun

  16. You probably know this one anyway, but if you are thinking about building your own catamaran have a look at Life on the Hulls. An Australian bloke bought the complete molds for a 40 foot cat and is doing very detailed videos on his build. More work than I would ever want to do – but a compelling watch.

  17. Very good videos for people looking into the future for when you get the kids throw university & free to go roaming around the world at my age
    Many thanks Big Dave

  18. They're nice catamarans. I'm leaning toward building a trimaran or a Wharham catamaran I think a paihia is the model 60+ mainly for deck space for cargo.

  19. Before you spend any more time even just thinking about building your own catamaran, you should watch every episode of the Life on the Hulls channel. Hopefully that will dissuade you from such an undertaking.

  20. Loved it. I feel like I just took another tour of R & E's boat.
    That would be my dream… my two daughters would just love those berths.

  21. Really thank you for your videos, as for Cats, a fast one you lose some space and gain speed, for a more spacious Cat you gain both not so much speed and space more than a mono hull, though all for higher cost, more space, but with redundancies that add safety.

  22. Very cool to see this Outremer. It hard to believe that a boat like this, made for fast passages, can be made to be comfortable.
    Building a Cat sounds like a great adventure but as Nick (Ruby Rose) said when with the Wynns – You shouldn't plan for a "forever boat" – you should look at a bout that will meet your needs for the next 5 years.
    Thank you for another fantastic video 🙂

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