86. MILLION DOLLAR DREAM Catamaran [Full Tour] | Learning the Lines

hey guys we are back in fort lauderdale again this weekend to look at a boat that's a little bit different than what we're used to this one's pretty big and pretty fancy so I decided to put on my collared shirt so I can look a little bit better I just wanted to say there is no way in heck we can afford this boat but we know a lot of you are interested in catamaran so we wanted to show something a little different all right then without further ado let's go check out this million dollar catamaran hi I'm Larry Schaefer I'm a broker for just cattle brands and this is the catamaran and Dante it's a privileged series 550 foot catamaran and it's listed with just catamarans on the listing broker and we're going to look through all the features of the boat and have a look around so we're gonna go forward first what do you think Randy on the bow of this boat we have a large bow spirit very heavy duty for flying a code zero or asymmetrical spinnaker this is a real ocean-going vessel notice the three lifelines and very heavy-duty rigging all the rigging is oversized it's not designed for sitting at the dock unfortunately it's doing a little too much right now right here goes out there on that roller yeah and this is the facial right this is this stay Sun notice it has small trampolines up in the bow and these catamarans have a center cone like hull it's up above the water that gives it added lift when it hits a big sea so the book goes up and over this well rather than crash straight into it so you don't lose your momentum notice the panties for your lifelines oh yeah it's gonna captain's quarters up here I didn't hear in the center and there's a berth in there come on into here and there's another berth that's just for crew going in huh so this is the berth right here it's cozy I actually would like that a lot I like sleeping in small areas all right so that's captains berth and then up here captain's head and shower all right gotta go down there too all right this is cool so we've got a head and shower we don't have to bother the people that are our customers I guess all those lines go into the helm it's a good thing and I say this is a big area for solar panels what do you guys think solar panels I think I can put a lot maybe at least a kilowatt what what is the deal with catamarans and covering their rigging like this I'm always always wondered that well because your your your shrouds are effed ok the mast your mainsail will get over on the location keeps the main stuff changing ok I got you that makes a lot of sense what is this I think it's ApS that is some thick rigging right there holy cow yeah I'm used to my my quarter-inch rating on the on the endeavor 32 on the upper sticker what is that three-quarter inch that's crazy yeah probably in the same plate external chain plate yeah that's nice really makes makes inspecting your rigging really easy oh yeah yeah the enclosure is just I mean on a cold rainy day this would be amazing right now it's just hot in here I am super I mean this is this is luxury Randy this is how the 1% lives so this is Realty right no new cheeks gluten not spirit I'm gonna go up here and take a look at the helm real quick oh yeah all right this is really really cool how it's just you can be completely enclosed just super safe all electronics little engines who's your your winch's all your lines all your control lines everything about the spinnaker sheet it seems like the spinnaker sheets go to those winches over there but everything else is all right here so you can do all of your sailing right here from the cockpit and from the safety of this full enclosure I would love to do some sailing on this boat just sitting right here fully enclosed safe not healing going fast man that's the dream that's the dream but let's head down into the air-conditioning we'll take a look at the interior this is cool this these doors just oh wow are they feel really thick yeah they're really heavy-duty check out the breaker panel that's the breaker or that this holy crap that is awesome and you also have switches yeah that's really cool that's really interesting yeah but I would love to look at that a lot longer in a little bit phone photo pilot VHS desktop computer right here full desktop computer this is the dream office on over here yeah like if you live and work on a boat this is printer this is the dream office that is so cool oh yeah you prove down there yeah perfect so nice my career right here large icemaker you like your nook never been used let me guess there's a washer and dryer on board as well never been used okay so I can move a board tomorrow and cut out perfect where they sing yeah it's really nice they have a custom table over here which will drop down and make into another bed and it's very that would be a large interesting system they've got they're a tough customer those wooden panels come out the bottom and it drops down gas shocks yeah this is really cool want to take a look I'm gonna go I'm gonna go in the galley real quick just know I really like this I mean the shape of this galley for I mean on catamarans you don't see you should galleys new shaped yeah this is really nice is that yeah I mean this this seems like it's oh yeah I mean it almost seemed like it's like commercial grade like it's so everything is all stainless steel yeah well you don't need a big fiddle on a camera no I just think it's interesting how it you don't need a gimbal stove either oh yeah oh yeah you just need a I don't even think about that that's stock holders over it though yeah that's nice yeah we call them sea rails rails this is the ice maker yeah that's cool is it open oh man I want an ice maker some of your fridges I don't want to break it good I don't need to open it together lilius these are you mean oh wow what yeah I'm amazed we need a million dollars Randy oh I see that's how it go that's how it works that's interesting yeah easier that is the same all right into the porthole port into the portal I think this is a four cabin layout right yes okay so you have yeah there's a simple shower you can make it a king-size or you can make it too that's 20 yeah 90 degrees digital switch with a digital breaker out there that's like what does every head have a shower or does it is it and every every head has a shower yeah Wow cool over here Oh No got more refrigeration oh poor freezers ever you wanna make them great wow this is interesting this is really cool some I'm just trying to figure out what I'm seeing here yeah you have a head or she gets are you have a birth and then you have the head that's kind of attached and that's so that's what the head I guess is actually in there that's shower that's a shower okay so where's the another head back here I'm lost in the vote okay so the heads in there and you have this sink like a vanity right your birth and then a showers oh that is cool it's really cool another it just in case you need more mirror I said I've never seen a layout like that I've never seen it it's very interesting lots all right so this is this like a custom area or this whole boot is semi custom the whole boat is okay there's a lot of things that that are different on this boat then there you won't find another one like it yet it's all kind of standard from the factory yeah it has that new boat smell go forward first I think we did the other way last time yeah oh wow just curious so this is just storage here it's a lot of storage oh wait oh there you go dad that's the washer/dryer so that our sorry this is a washer oh no it is a washer/dryer it's so sweet yeah this is if we were to put in something like this on a bow it would be a washer/dryer maybe a little smaller because I know they make them smaller but we use was it yeah we actually had elevated okay cuz we had one in our old condo and we actually really like these a lot they take a little bit longer to dry your clothes but it's really convenient because you can put your clothes in there and just forget about it and then you can come back a couple hours later and it's just dry so you have to do anything and it takes up less space me doing yeah yeah thank you so there's your head your image mirror image okay so this boat would be awesome for like co-owners essentially yeah you know what it was yeah two couples that like co-owned the boat they have their own own ensuite each side it's more than enough I mean for anybody it's really nice so a mirror image really cool I've been clean enough to eat so you want to talk about good access everything in clean and clean organized oh my gosh steer the steering's right there the autopilot dive compressor water maker that's the pump for the water maker I'm assuming or maybe that's oh it see what a pump there's literally labels on everything so I appreciate all right so here's the diesel engine oh no there's the water heater right there yeah that's gonna be the inverter a transformer of maybe isolation transformer yeah for cuz yeah you say yeah yep um so there we have well how many what how many horsepower is each diesel seventy-five horsepower of all though yeah okay just see you guys can see like I probably look small in this picture I mean there's tons of space down here she's really really cool let's go through the cockpit the dinghy has a cradle that extends out back and then you turn so you can slide it right off the cradle beautiful so it's not banging around at sea that's awesome it's beautiful that's a nice dinghy – it's a little smaller in here because there's a big clunky generator no it's things awesome holy cow so let's see gotta look it gotta find what's the rating thirteen and a half at six yeah thirteen and a half at 60 Hertz 11 at 50 Hertz cool that's yeah that's a lot of power so and then there's the diesel again yeah cool so this isn't called a sugar scoop anymore it's called a mobile dinghy dock you can actually just yeah just pull your dinghy right up and then Larry was talking about the cradle earlier so you can see that down here everything about this boat is just really thought out for for living a board and ocean cruising blue water cruising yeah if you have any questions about it you can drop me an email it's Larry at just catamarans dotnet we're gonna put his info in the description below as well yeah any questions about this or any other cat I'm happy to help so what did you think about that boat ready I loved it I thought it was really I don't know just the way it was different I liked the ensuite kind of style bathrooms where I was like right there you hop out of bed you check your hair you do whatever you need to do brush your teeth all in that one little area and then he couldn't come out of your hole and yeah it was pretty cool yeah I think that boat was really good for like a co-ownership maybe two couples phoning the boat because really each hole was a mirror image or the other and one hole was enough for an entire I mean a family really yes so you know you have two holes two families sharing the boat I think would work pretty well where there's a lot of different ways you could use that layout whether it's a large group of friends who want to show you the boat or whether you have a larger family maybe older kids and younger kids older kid would probably want to claim that other ensuite type bedroom and then the younger kids could have a little beds so there's just a lot of ways that that can work out for you there's a lot of options and I know with these catamarans like the new ones you can do lots of different things this one's ready to go though you know and it's ready to go now so honestly I mean if you have the money yeah I think it's a good buy so we don't have the money go ahead if you do it's a good boat there are literally no comforts that are missing on this boat if you have the creature comfort at your house it's gonna be on this boat as well I mean yeah crazy big generator very large fuel tanks I mean you've got air conditioning you've got a water maker you've got a washer and dryer you've got a dishwasher you've got so much refrigeration and freezing capability you can cook anything I mean it's literally a you know essentially it's a float it's a floating home there's absolutely just there's nothing no expense spared really the only thing that I would add is probably some solar panels there's definitely a lot of room for that but I mean with that big generator is it I don't know if it's even really needed I mean it'd be awesome to have you know the clean energy but it's it's ready to go down as always guys if you enjoyed this video make sure you leave a like and a comment down below if you haven't already go ahead and hit that subscribe button to follow along with our journey and if you want to know each and every time we upload a video go ahead and hit that notification bell just real quick with regards to that notification bell that Randy always mentions at the end of the video we just got the ability to see the percentage of our subscribers that have rained a notification bell and that percentage of our subscribers is only about 18% so we really want to work on actually improving that so to all of our subscribers we just want to ask you to go ahead and hit that notification bell you only have to do it once in your notified forever so thank you in advance that'll help us raise that number and see you guys but come with me by the fire and let it go for so

37 thoughts on “86. MILLION DOLLAR DREAM Catamaran [Full Tour] | Learning the Lines”

  1. As always, great tour. Where I'm docked in Fort Pierce we have one single outer dock which can accommodate larger vessels and catamarans. Beyond that, however, there is just no place to put them. As more people continue to shift over to multihull, it really seems like dockage is going to be as issue.

  2. Seriously, this boat "YACHT" is a little over three years old. I would be very surprised to see anything amiss in the engine room.

  3. If you can afford this, fixing things when they break is just a matter of finding the right person to do what needs to be done!

  4. Enjoying the boat tours. What I'd love though, is if you guys could find a marine surveyor you can record doing inspections. It's really educational watching a surveyor work. Just an idea, keep up the great work!

  5. 10:05, now that is cool, it is interesting how much space is hidden away out of sight on a boat and not used just because it is not easily accessible. This solves that problem, in a very efficient way.

  6. The worst thing any guy can do ….take your fiancee to look at a million dollar boat …….when you live on a boat you can buy for 50 bucks ..( Or free )…….

  7. If you can, check out the Majestic 530. It comes with everything you could ever dream you want on your yacht included in the price! Right down to full solar, dive compressor, generator, 6 tvโ€™s ,dishes & silverware. wood interior is absolutely amazing!

  8. Actually that boat sucked for a number of reasons it's got to. Kevin's / bow which didn't really make any sense you need either an owner's Suite and two guest Suites plus a third sweet that you could call a captain Suite that is accessible from the interior of the boat it's got to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen to have it crew or Skipper have to climb out of the bow and the weather into another porthole to use the crapper it may have all the sweet things of refrigeration and air-conditioning and a U-shaped Galley put basically the rest of the boat sucked.

    And you talking to somebody that spin sailing catamarans for over 30 years

  9. The other youtube sailing channels are having kids…. so when's yours coming? Isn't that the real reason for the bigger boat shopping ?

  10. I could very happily live on that boat with my family… to bad my wife gets very sea sick… and that I don't have $1M.
    Would love to see some boats at the other end of the scale if you guys are up for showing them. What kind of decent fixer-uppers can you get along the lines of Freebee (but maybe not quite that cheap ^^ )?

  11. Very fun video…crazy cat I will never buy but it was very cool that Just Catamarans let you make this video ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. rust on the rigging day 1 ? unimpressed. its a pile of charter crap. too small and too many rooms and too many crappy bathrooms. the teak already looks worn out and ready to fall off. the captains hole looks like junk. 150 hp on a boat that size is useless. its not a motorsailor. digital circuit breakers ? yeah that will help you if the display shorts out. too many useless things to break and impossible to fix. typical condo cat which stays on the harbor all year round. pile of floating plastic junk.

  13. Love these tours of boats I would never see otherwise. Maybe you pick up an idea or two for freebe in the process.

  14. Totally unreal! My home isn't that nice. Of course if I spent a million plus only home it might be close to that yacht (can't be a boat if it costs more than a million (lol)). Thanks for showing us such an unbelievable yacht.

  15. Nice boat but all I have heard from people that owned a cat is horror stories. The people that owned that boat must have used the bathroom a lot I have never seen so many heads on a boat.LOL

  16. I have calculated that solar plus batteries (condensed from at least a dozen sources) will provide power over 10 years at about $.25 per kilowatt hour whereas a big diesel generator will cost about $1.50 per kilowatt hour which includes the cost of fuel, maintenance and the generator itself. 6 times the cost for a live aboard isnโ€™t chump change especially if you extensively use air con, dehumidifier, washer/dryer, and big electric appliances etc.

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