8 Tips to START Learning German πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ RIGHT NOW!

I have received a lot of Instagram messages on tips on how to learn German so I have asked him to make this video with me yeah we just walked up and shows like hey you know I got so many messages let's make a video and it's 9 o'clock right now and we wanted to share with you eight tips on how you can start learning German and actually get better on it now before I start this video I just wanted to tell you that you know there's a myth which everybody says that hey once you go to Germany you will just learn German automatically but just like absolutely false I've seen people here from different kind of like backgrounds who are living here since 10 years and they cannot speak any German at all the problem is until you actually invest time in something you wouldn't really progress in it so like even if you're like living around in a completely German environment but you're not investing time and actually like sitting down and learning the language it is not going to come and that is why it is very important that you know you actually start following these 8 tips so that you can just improve your German learning better tip number one is finding and we know a good website for that it's called students of the world and the link is in the description and there you can meet students all over the world and they mostly have them to improve their language skills so you can look for Germans and these Germans most probably they want to learn English so you can have some sort of arrangement that he helps you with your German and you have of his English and then what we used to do when he was learning German we used to choose a topic and then he used to write me long text about it and then I just used to check like his grandma and in general how he used to write yeah and I used to do a lot of corrections in the beginning but it really had and I think he improved his writing that way I think writing is really important and first of all even if like your German like mine what cannot give you a topic or something go through the different kind of news articles that you're seeing in the morning and pick one topic that would make sense and I cried about it it's really simple and many times if you have these German learning books that we will talk about in the next points then it will also be very helpful for you because you would be able to actually understand that all right this is a topic and I can write about this and I can ask my German and Paul to like just check it out the second thing that I want to discuss is like you should definitely have some books for learning German because people think that going around different online resources will help it but yeah this is like the one I used for be – it's called seal but there's also like something for c1 I use tangram from Avon tube even books yeah the most important thing is like you just don't take books not seriously just because they're books and maybe like books is of old-fashioned way of learning I don't think that it's very important you should still have them because you always know as soon as you complete this book maybe you completed a book of a 1.1 you understand that you if you have learned everything here if you know all the words if you have reached the level that the book wants you to reach for example in speaking and listening and writing then you're at a 1.1 so like it's very easy to evaluate at what kind of level you are currently if you worry about like the price of the book I think books are the best investment you can make and you just learn so much so I don't think you should think about the price you should just buy it because this is something really helpful and if you think about it just don't go to dominoes twice a price and you already have that yeah people like really underestimate how much money they're spending on food and how much they could be like actually spending on like proper things which will help them for you have that same problem I'm so stupid I think 20 euros for something but then we go order something also not the important thing that you can use for your language learning is the online this is guilt Institute's like completely free digital library and you can borrow any of those books or music or movies completely for free it doesn't cost anything and it just gives the entire language a better context you can understand in what kind of situation what kind of sentence has to be spoken or has to be said and things like that so like that is also very important this is new nobody knew about this till now and yeah you should definitely check it out and I think you have to bring some structure in your learning because yeah for example I used to always have I will cover three pages of the book every single day whatever I was doing so anyone will be one I did like that be – I did like that see one I never really touched but it's like if you do very strong P – then you're already at a level of c1 there are no like very sharp line that the hey this is exactly a – this is exactly b1 like you're always falling in middle of these kind of levels so if you have a strong b2 you're already like ready for test stuff and then you can write in like you can also clear it out that way but having daily goals of how many number of pages or how many new words you want to learn that is extremely important the first point is revising in the morning and at night and so that's what I used to do for example you go to all of the pages you go through five pages that you have set for yourself for the day and then afterwards you list out all of the words on the side and you have a proper notebook well India has so many lovely notebooks yellows Indian stationery yeah I absolutely love in concessionary that's true and I would always pick a new notebook to like start writing things down so for me that was the motivation that was the ritual that as I have these five pages done I will I have marked all of the new words I will write them down in the notebook and I will write them with noun so for example it does daddy and I will also write them in the context like you know you speak this in this in this tone so like these kind of information felt that notebook and it was very important that I go through them in the morning as soon as I wake up because your concentration is at the best at that time and also at night because sometimes people are actually more able to perceive new information at night so like you know that's also a better way point number five is watching German serious movies in English in English she still no man subtitles that used to really really help me and I think I could have never learned so much how I did with those movies so serious actually my my approach to that could be a bit different for example I first of all went and checked all of the German miniseries which were available on the YouTube and also maybe on Deutsche Welle website maybe on some alumni dad portals I get so many different places where you can find these things the ones that I liked was there was the series called extra off toys then the second one was Harry gif onion India site you can find a lot of them it's there is like plenty of them and regarding the part of using like German videos or movies to like learn language I actually used to listen the audio in English but have the subtitles in German so that I can actually see what it is being translated to because if you're listening level is not that great you wouldn't be able to understand so many things already so maybe at those times this could be better Annina is trying to kill the cat away yeah but I found watching in English and reading the German subtitles that used to help me a lot so you have to see what is better for yourself yeah I think that's that's very important to understand I mean maybe to improve your listening then you can like do both for example like German audio and German subtitles if you're writing if your reading is good but listening isn't now I think you have to just play one thing again it's like if a serious is really interesting like and then you just want to understand so you are really trying to focus on what is going on there and then you just read the German and you are trying to understand the English so I think I wish you told me about your passion of concept girls before we started so the six-step is visiting a language school now this is something where it might not be possible for you if you're in a place which is for example a small city where there are not so many like schools or language schools for German or anything like that then of course it gets a bit difficult but if you're in some of the major cities in India like you can just see what kind of language school is the best so for example are they flexible are they teaching German faster because all of those things play a very important role in how much like money you're spending how much time you're investing I think money is still like a second priority because you would like really understand the reason like by everybody who is rich or I don't know like who is having a lot of money that they always try to save their time because they understand the time is the most important asset that anybody can have and this is like really true and everybody should understand that that even if for example there is some Institute which is a bit too pricey but they're teaching a German faster I mean you can opt for it but again then you have to see like if you can manage the finances right so like language institute could be a very important thing it can help you out to give you a structure to like just push you at least in the starting towards learning a language the one that I actually know about is language Pantheon it is in New Delhi it's a really nice Institute and I've met the staff there I've met the students there it's just nuts in what crazy speed they are like able to teach students German and you know also like make them clear the German proficiency exam so like that's something that is nice yeah nothing that's also really important to mention that we don't work with this language institute we just find this language institute really good and really good to the students so the main thing is like if it's beneficial for students we want to talk about it if it isn't we wouldn't so like that's how simple it is but it's really good and I think new world is online courses and there's this online course of Michael and he's a native German so I'm also native German but I could never teach the cause it's just not something I like but he's really passionate about his teaching and I think yes that too I mean he's also professional he has been like teaching German to foreigners for the last 20 years he has a master's in the languages so like he studied I think Turkish for masters and like some other languages to complete his studies and stuff so like in general like he's a professional and he can do it and not everybody has to know how to do it and he's offering this online course and we have only heard good things from students about it so we recommend that online course but that is something you have to see if you would rather go to language institute or if you would take online course like he said for some people it's not possible to go to a language institute then maybe they can check on the option for online course and that could be really beneficial yeah that anyways for example in the online course we just save a lot of time in like not commuting to somewhere you don't spend like I don't know an hour to go to someplace in an hour coming back that's sometimes so like yeah yeah sometimes sometimes it's kind of difficult like for me like time is the most important thing and every single day I fight with the clock it's like hey I just have 24 hours in the day but I still want to have more stuff done so if you're in that kind of situation and you know online courses could be something for you I just want to make one lifestyle example so we were booking our little vacation after his master's we wanted to celebrate that he finally finished his master's so there were two flights available either I had to go to Berlin and then I had to fly for 10 hours or either I would fly from Hamburg in the morning just for three hours and it was just 50 60 euros extra so I went for of course the flight which will save more time yeah so like it's important to see like how you can save your time in different places and if an online course is something for you you can go for it if you actually want to be among other people then you know be taught by a physical person like of course person it's physical but still like if you want to taught want to be taught in real life by somebody and you know have that kind of like classroom interaction then language classes could be something for you other number eight as a lot of writing and speaking and I am really passionate about writing this is also the reason I have been like I don't know writing these small PDFs these days or even like I wrote the book that I have like moving abroad I just realized that you know it just helps me a lot and learning anything or like keeping in touch with the language like once you start writing your brain starts working into like all different kind of things because you see a blank paper and you want to put words on it but your brain has to work to put those words which could be like really nice now so like writing is a personal favorite of mine even in school when I used to have exams or something I used to write things quite a few times in it once like two three times I would write and then I was like all right this is perfect I can like go and write the exam now so this is also true in language learning like whenever you start writing essays and you get them checked with your like German native pen pal or something this is going to help you in really massive ways and also like speaking has the same kind of effect if you can somehow schedule calls once a week or once a month or anything whatever suits you with that person it is going to be very beneficial because then you would also be able to understand whatever thinks your right into what you can speak but I think writing is still a very important part of the journey to speaking the language properly so this is what I think writing is something you should definitely emphasize on don't take it seriously and it is going to help you a lot and then I just wanted to mention grandma cause a lot of people are stressed out about grandma and grandma in German is something or at least this daddy does which you just have to learn that is for me there's no logical explanation when I was even in the elementary school they used to just give us so many exercises where it just gets stuck in your brain so yeah I mean that's the thing like some really good teachers will actually tell you the tricks on like what are words with dust what are that words with Daddy but you will still like no matter how many tips and tricks they give you you will still find exceptions there but in general I wouldn't really stress out too much about grammar like I clear test off and I clear I'm at c1 level right now I don't know even C – who knows but it's just that grammar never really disturbs you too much and your ability to speak a language like the other person will still be fine every once in a while they will correct you but the most important thing is that you're able to communicate with them properly they are not going to be like oh he's this nun was supposed to be neuter and he said it as feminine like this was not German that's not true like they understand it it's fine like it sometimes even for Germans – it's hard sometimes they make mistakes there – but it's fine like you will learn that with time and grammar isn't something that you should be too much worried about don't let it paralyze you so that you're not able to proceed with any kind of language learning at all and they talk German so it's fine but for me of course it's different because I grew up here I went to school so it's just natural but for everybody who is a foreigner and learns German so don't worry too much about the German grammar it is going to come with time and with this we want to stop our video and thank you for watching also there's a very important joining form so like we have this big community and if you are a part of it you will be able to receive all of the important updates that I have going on for example some update about Germany something about language learning about which I'm going to write an email to that community soon so like once you join the email list you will be able to get all of these updates the link for that is going to be in the description so like definitely don't forget to check it out check out my channel and my blog yeah all right yeah thanks a lot for watching see in the next video bye

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  1. Best combo:
    1) language school,
    2) Apps( dict.cc+ German Listening+ reverso context)
    3) YouTube (Jenny, Easy German, Deutsch mit Marija, extra auf Deutsch)
    Be regular and revise and you're good to go.

  2. The app 'German Listening' in Playstore is also really great. There are lot of articles there which they've categorized according to the year and they update it very regularly and often. You can listen to the articles and read at the same time. That way not only both your vocab, and listening skills will improve, but also you're reading regularly. It's a jackpot . Best thing, it's absolutely free.

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