8 Habits of Highly Successful Students

We have talked a lot on this channel about how to do well academically. How to study effectively, how to ace your tests and how to crush those
homework assignments even when you have barely
any time to do them. But of course, successful students don’t
just do well academically, they do well all around. So, that begs the question, what separates truly successful students, who have it all together in all areas of their lives, from everyone else? Well that’s what I wanna
talk about in this video and today we’re gonna cover eight habits of successful students and yes, this is definitely a riff off of Stephen Covey’s excellent book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which I have read and loved. But these eight habits are unique. These come from my own observations of people that I know who are successful and things I’ve tried to
cultivate in my own life and I think every single one of them is gonna help you in
the upcoming semester. So lets dive right in. (upbeat music) To start things off, successful students are forward thinkers. J.R. Tolken wrote in, The Hobbit that, “It does not do to leave a live dragon
out of your calculations, if you live near him.” And as a student, you have a lot of live
dragons to contend with. Not just on the academic side of things but on all fronts. You’ve got your career plans. You’ve got relationships. You have your living situation, errands you need to run, there is a lot to keep track of. And when I was in college, I had a lot of friends who
always seemed to be scrambling to get these things
done at the last second. They were basically letting
life sneak up on them but if you can build a
forward thinking mind set, this isn’t going to happen to you. And you’ll also position
yourself for opportunities that would pass others by. So if you’re not already
a natural forward thinker, if you’re not automatically
thinking of things that are coming up in the near future, how do you become one? Well I definitely think it is possible, because I didn’t use to be one but now I am. When I was a kid, I remember my mom would just like look up from whatever she was doing, oftentimes and ask me, hey Thomas, have you
brushed your teeth today? And I remember thinking, like, how do you think of stuff like that? I wasn’t talking about brushing my teeth, you weren’t brushing your teeth, it just popped into your mind. And eventually I realized it was because she cared about the health of her sons and she was simply being mindful about it. And I worked to become that
kind of a person myself. So if you’re like I was back then, you don’t already have this
mental machinery put into place, the first step is to build some structures into your everyday routines, that remind you to think in
a forward thinking manner. One good way to start doing this, is to create a reminder on your task management
system or your calendar to sit down once a week and think, what do I have
coming up in the near future? Do I need to sign up for classes? Well then I should make a
reminder for the exact time that the class scheduler opens so I can get in there and get my classes before
everyone else takes the good ones. Or do I need to get an apartment soon? If you live in a college town like I did, then it’s likely that
every apartment complex is gonna have their leases start
around the exact same time. And because of that, everyone’s gonna be signing leases all in one big drove. So, do yours early, otherwise, come next semester, you’re gonna be living in
a van down by the river. And while you’re going
through this mental exercise, also think about your relationships, maybe you have somebody who
has a birthday coming up soon or you have a friend that you
haven’t talked to in a while. I find that when you actually
think about these things and when you apple a
forward thinking mindset to your relationships, you tend to maintain them better. And this is important, because as people get older, they start to get busier and they start to have
less time for their friends and it’s only people who are
deliberate about maintaining their relationships
that actually keep them. (upbeat music) The second habit is
that successful students deliberately move towards adulthood. They don’t let adulthood sneak up on them. And by that, I’m not talking about becoming
a person who hates fun and tells kids to get out their lawn but every human is going to
have skills they need to build and challenges they need to face at some point in their lives. And a lot of people try
to push those things off as much as they possibly can. But if you can become the kind of person who is willing to take
on those things early, I’m talking about things like
having your own bank account, doing your own taxes, your filling out your
own financial aid forms or like, learning how to iron shirt or do your own laundry. Then once you have to do those things, you’ve already got that base
of skills to apply to them. (upbeat music) Habit number three, successful students strive to become, what I like to call, solution finders. They’re the kind of people, that when faced with a tough problem, that doesn’t have an
immediately apparent solution, they are willing to push through and figure out how to solve it. And sadly, a lot of
students aren’t like this. A friend of mine named
Matt is a web developer at a pretty big company and this company values this
solution finding mindset so much that they have a rule for people who get stuck on problems. They call it the 15-Minute Rule. Essentially, if an employee
gets stuck on a problem, they have to spend 15 more minutes, working on that problem before they’re allowed to ask for help. And during that time, they have to document everything they do and write down what didn’t work so that way when they do ask for help, they’re able to give context to the person who’s helping them. Additionally, once they
hit that 15 minute mark, they must ask for help. And this rule creates a nice balance. It makes them be independent and solve problems on their own but also ensures that
they’re not being so stubborn that they never ask for help and that ensures that they’re not wasting
the companies time. And adopting this rule actually proved very
useful to you as a student because if you’re willing to
solve problems independently, you’re going to solve a lot of them that you would’ve
originally asked for help on and if you do have to ask for help, you’re going to show your teacher that you take the problems seriously and that you’re not
just crying out for help the moment things get tough. (upbeat music) Habit number four is to start actively
building relationships with your teachers, with your professors and with other faculty members
at your school or university. When you do this, you start to build a network of people who aren’t just in your
immediate age group or at your same level of progression. And it also has a couple of
other very good benefits. Number one, these people are gonna be able to tell you about opportunities that you
would’ve otherwise missed and if you ever happen to need
a letter of recommendation for a job application or a scholarship, those are gonna be the
people who you can go to because now they know
you and they trust you and they’re gonna be willing to do it. And you probably shouldn’t
ask for recommendation from your roommate Jimmy. So, how do you start
building this network? Well a great first step comes at the beginning of a new semester. Go up to the teacher at
the end of each class, introduce yourself briefly, shake their hand and just tell them you’re
excited to be there. That makes a really
great first impression. Additionally in your free time, if you happen to come
across like an article, that you think one of your professors would be interested in, email them that article. Just say hey, I read this
and I thought of you. I remember back in 2011, I was taking my first
marketing class in college and this was right around the time that Val was getting ready
to release Portal Two and they did something really weird with the marketing for Portal Two. They had this weird,
convoluted game set-up where people could buy games on the steam and play lots and lots
of hours in those games and that would all contribute
to making Portal Two release a couple of days early. So essentially, they found a way to let all these other games that weren’t selling all that well, ride the coat tails of
this big anticipated game and I thought that was a
brilliant marketing strategy. So I found an article about it, I sent it to my marketing professor and said, hey I think
you’d be interested in this and the next week he actually
talked about it in class. So doing that definitely helped
to build that relationship. (upbeat music) The fifth habit is that
successful students are always trying to
learn outside of class. They’re trying to learn from
a variety of different sources and they are branching
out into different areas that aren’t on their narrow major path. And I think this is
really important to do. Because once you start getting interested in a variety of different subjects and you start dabbling in different areas, you start to build this diverse web of connections in your brain, that allows you to be more
creative in your main work. Plus when you take just
a little bit of time to branch out from your major path. You might stumble onto something that actually proves to be a huge boon to your future career prospects. One great example is
my best friend Martin. He’s always been really
interested in language learning but he majored in MIS in college but that didn’t stop
him from creating a blog all about how to learn new languages and that actually got him some recognition in the language learning community. He was actually on a list of language learning
experts pretty recently. Not to mention, the experience
he got building that website actually lead directly
to him getting hired at a web development agency in our city right after graduating, who usually didn’t like
to hire recent graduates. Because he had a lot of experience that most people didn’t have. (upbeat music) Habit number six is to
constantly be keeping your ear to the ground for opportunities. Here’s the thing, when your in school or especially when your
in college and university, there are a ton of
opportunities around you. But you have to be
willing to look for them and to know where to look. One great thing to do is to be keeping your eye
out for bulletin boards around your campus or in your school because a lot of opportunities are gonna be posted as fliers
on those bulletin boards. Additionally, follow your
schools’ social media accounts. And I’m not just talkin about
the main social media account. Follow your professors and your teachers. Follow departments that you’re a part of. Because a lot of these departments and professors, they’re
gonna post opportunities that they think their students
would be good fits for. And this habit is
actually directly related to how I got my first internship, because I was following my
schools career center on Twitter and they posted a tweet about
a big company in our area that was putting on this
freshman leadership seminar. So I saw the tweet, I
signed up, I got accepted and at that event I met a mentor who was instrumental in getting
me hired at that internship. (upbeat music) The seventh habit is that successful students put a lot of effort
into keeping themselves both physically and mentally fit. When you’re a student whose ambitious, there’s often this general mindset that you should be spending
all of your time studying or pursuing opportunities and when a lot of students do this, they often let their nutrition habits, their exercise habits, and their sleep go by the wayside. And what’s worse, they’ll often
work themselves to the point where they mentally burn out or they become depressed
or have a lot of anxiety. And the sad things is, when they’re letting their
physical and mental health go by the way side, they
aren’t able to perform in the things that they really
want to do in the first place and truly successful students know this, which is why they make time for exercise. They make time for
making good healthy meals or getting them at the dining center and they also get enough
sleep every single night. And one little side note
that I’ll make here; successful students are
willing to ask for help if they need it. If they’re dealing with mental burn out or anxiety or depression. They will go ask a professional if they can’t deal with
those issues themselves. (upbeat music) And that brings us to the
final habit on the list. Successful students try things before they think they’re ready. I wanna underline this idea with something that Neil
Pasricha talks about in his book, The Happiness Equation. In the book, he talks about how people generally approach new
skills or challenges and how they do it in a linear way. They feel like they have
to be able to do it first and then they’ll want to do it and finally they’ll do it. But when you think this way, you never actually get to do the thing, because you never gained the skills to do it in the first place. So, Neil encourages you
to take that linear model and make it circular. Do, which leads to can do, because you’re gaining
skills through doing. That leads to want to do and the circle repeats
and enforces itself. Plus you’re often much more qualified than you think you are. A lot of students and a
lot of people in general deal with Imposter Syndrome, they think, who am I to do this, I don’t have a certification. I don’t have a qualification. But in many cases, you don’t need it. I’ll give ya an example. When I was a freshman in college, I really wanted to join a club on campus called, Business Council. These were basically like the leaders of the business school at the university but they had a rule, they only let people in who
were sophomores and above. Very rarely would they make
an exception for a freshman. So what did I think? I didn’t think, I’m just gonna wait. I’m just gonna you know,
wait till I’m a sophomore. I thought, I’m going to apply because what’s the worst
that’s gonna happen? They’re gonna reject me and I’ll try again next semester. So I applied, I put my best foot forward and I got accepted. And what’s more, during my first semester as a member, I also got elected to
the leadership board. So if something seems exciting to you, but it also seems a little scary, try it anyway because that is what
successful students do. That brings us to the end of my list but if you have additional ideas or habits you think I left off of it, I would love to hear from you guys in the comments down below. So definitely let me
know what you’re thinkin. If you like this video, if you found it helpful, definitely give it a like
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    7. Stay physically and mentally fit
    8. Try before being ready

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