#8 – 5 COMPOSITION Techniques to take BETTER PHOTOS | Learning Photography on YouTube

24 thoughts on “#8 – 5 COMPOSITION Techniques to take BETTER PHOTOS | Learning Photography on YouTube”

  1. I enjoyed your video. I love your work! I will someday be able to take such beautiful pictures. Great info, excellent for an aspiring photographer like me.

  2. Tips are great and your photos are very soothing to the eyes. May I participate in the competition? I hope from India

  3. Damn you Attilio! I have too many T-shirts as it is. And now you make me buy more. They are all three, excellent.

  4. as always from your video I enjoyed a lot, learned a lot, amazed a lot. Many thanks. Histogram T shirt looks awesome.

  5. Another great video Attilio! I apply all of these compositional techniques in my approach to photography and find it very effective. Please continue to share with us your amazing work and techniques.

  6. Hi Attilio another great video, as I'm fairly new to photography the first rule I was told was the third rule but still experimenting with all the new ideas you are suggesting and sometimes find I have broken the rule without realising it!! I like the t shirts and would love to buy one. Anymore tips on drone photography? Many thanks Graham

  7. Another cracking tutorial Attilio. Love the t-shirts, I will definitely be purchasing the histogram one when its available. I'm a big fan of symmetry particularly reflections. I wish I had the confidence to participate in your assignments but I have to admit to being quite embarrassed about sharing my photos with anyone at the moment. Keep up the good work. 👍

  8. Complimenti per il lavoro che fai, non capisco molto bene l’inglese e qualche passaggio lo perdo. Se riuscissi a inserire i sottotitoli in Italiano molti appassionati come me potrebbero trarre molta ispirazione dai tuoi lavori. Ancora complimenti.

  9. Thank you that's a really handy tips video where I'll use these techniques when visiting blenheim palace on Tuesday! Thank you attilio!

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