7th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Service-Learning – Event Highlights

su SS has been honored to host the asia-pacific regional conference on service learning for the first time in Singapore over the last three days we've been bringing together over close to 300 people from over 20 countries researchers scholars practitioners to share their latest findings on the best practices for combining service and learning and it's truly an SES s an honor to be able to serve this community of educated practitioners who are passionate about working with communities to enable young people to carry on this lifelong journey of social responsibility the conference has been inspirational to me I've been joy just sitting back and listening and hearing ideas from all the speakers today and effectives and insight and I just of how I could do service learning better I would say very multi baby well you know to offer this opportunity to display this work in the marketplace to see all the different projects and to have the individuals who are working on those projects explain what they're doing is really wonderful and just to have them all in the same space you really get a sense of the variety of different kinds of service learning experiences that are possible I learned from the front G War Memorial that you know Singapore had always been a very historical place it was sober there because I remembered many people who have read Singapore and also the Asians in the war during the World War two the Bollywood Reggie is a very interesting it is so refreshing and it is full of information about nature and I hope that any Singapore will have more of them and I learned so much about it today so it was great having the international participants come and observe some of the policy dilemmas with in Singapore constrained by space lens cars how do we have policies that creatively work around some of the problems that we have here and also learning from one another different countries have different ways of solving challenges understanding how there is a value in finding solutions within the communities as well and there in also finding the strengths and solutions that communities can solve and work hand in hand with government is saw as well the tour here in Tunis below was very insightful I added more value to the experiences in the talk that was given yesterday in the first day I think that's the first time a conference goer the experience of listening to them and then having a tour around the city really helps in the experience of the service learning journey I joined this relying journey because of my curious I expected that I came through in something in this community but I learned more than I expected and I saw the reality of a Singapore Society at the same time I found the similarity to my society that we are sharing the kind of same our social programs on social issues that we have to completely the concepts of service-learning when conscientiously and deliberately applied to formal education or even informal education can only enhance the process by which our people become more self-critical more understanding more flexible and of course better able to contribute to the good of society you

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