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  1. My biggest complaint with the appliance industry, and why it's possibly disappearing, is that repairing a product is as much, if not more than replacing it with a new one They practically make us a throw away society.

  2. in the 1930s women owned only 9 outfits. Jeez, i wonder what major historical event was happening during that time?

  3. What about Argentina?Isn't that country the one with the highest meat consumption on the planet?I've been there….damn good steaks and chops.

  4. I remember being outraged when I couldn't get berries in winter when I moved to Spain :p
    I will always refrigerate my eggs no matter where I live, I just can't change that.

  5. Great vid! I’ve been doing an experiment to cook every meal for a month, it’s been pretty successful and saves a lot of money!

  6. Also with outfits is really depends. I go out into the field and I need several field outfits, school outfits, business casual outfits, dressy outfits and special event outfits. Overall you’re right in not having an excessive amount of clothes thought! I just decluttered doing the marikondo method

  7. Actually, the studies regarding the link between the consumption of red meat and mortality have been shown to be flawed. Those who ate the most red meat also smoked like chimneys and lead all around the most unhealthy lifestyles. In short, the researchers didn't control for the other, more likely causes of higher mortality, focusing only on meat consumption. Other better done studies showed either low or no causal link between the consumption of meat and risk of mortality. I would also add that, if you eat meat, buy organic and buy in bulk, which is cheaper. Just freeze extra meat and voila.

  8. I didn't have AC until I was about 6. I remember sweating onto my plate of food as a kid. AC is one of the greatest things there is.

  9. I would eat (grass fed) red meat any day of the week- rather than white sugar and processed carbs …empty calories and the rise in diabetes and bad health is not due to red meat! It’s caused by insulin spiked in the body due to crappy empty food…which is not meat.

  10. 1. Giving money to politicians.
    2. Giving money to politicians.
    3. Giving money to politicians.
    4. Giving money to politicians.
    5. Giving money to politicians.
    6. Giving money to politicians.
    7. Giving money to politicians.

  11. Great video, except for the credit check report advert in the end. A high score on your credit count only means that you are good at borrowing credit and paying it off. It doesn't mean that you are good with money, however. Don't worry about credit reports. You can purchase anything with cash or debit card. Ditch the credit cards and live within your means. If folks are worried about purchasing a home without credit, there is a thing called 'underwriting' that you can request to get that mortgage. It's a pain in the butt for the lender, but it can be done. Can't afford that shiny car that you want? Save your money. Live within your means.

  12. I agree with everything you said EXCEPT air conditioning. As a Florida native, A/C is needed especially in the summer. Any other season, I try to cut back on it as much as I can

  13. Oh dude. You lost me at number 1. Correlation does not equal causation. Eat meat if you want. "protein alternatives" are usually man made and horrible for you. 🙄

  14. Chelsea:  Have you ever considered the real reason we are what we are, is because we have way to much money.  Maybe the best way for us to return to old-fashioned ways of money management, is to start living the way 40% of the world's population lives.  Which is about $3.00 per day.

  15. Humm I do lots of the things on this list, but hell its 98 degrees outside and humid has crap and tomarrow is going to be a 100 degrees. Yah I need my AC.

    Also "In 1930 the average woman owned 9 outfits" umm that was during the great depression, women couldn't afford new clothes, that's why after the great depression the amount of clothes a woman had increased and kept increasing; more income more pressure to look good.

  16. 1. Eating meat
    2. Fast fashion
    3. Things we don’t or can’t use: timeshare, gym membership, college
    4. Huge houses = bigger utilities too
    5. Keeping things ice cold
    6. Not cooking
    7. Always needing new things

  17. Let's get one thing right about "Europe". People tend to earn less and also pay more tax to have things like universal health care, etc – so people spend less, it's not a cultural thing, just simple economics.

  18. It’s not America is United States. Not Americans you are unitedstatians. Your way to talk is so annoying, you talk like awful teenager.

  19. I don't understand about milk. If I leave milk outside the refrigerator, it goes bad quite quickly. I don't know how Europeans handle milk, but there must be more to the story.

  20. Consuming cold drinks and food, with this I mean unnaturally chilled, is actually bad for your health and stomach. Your stomach experiences stress to heat this food or drink up just to be able to process it and therefore your body doesn't actually use the food you eat effectively… Just a random tidbit I thought to share.

  21. I have an insane and unceasing love for ice cubes. Lately, I have been dealing with nauseating vertigo. The only way I make it some days is by eating ice and drinking freeeezing cold seltzer. I don’t do many of the transgressions in this video, but if anybody wants my ice they’re gonna have to wrench it from my freezing cold hands.🥶🥶🥶

  22. Eatting meat is not bad for you. That is old school science and thinking. Look at the new data for the keto diet. And not fluff fluff website. Look at the hard core science behind the keto and atkins. NOW if your eating processed meat , yes. Thats not good for you. Even the keto, atkins and the carnivore diet say "stay away from process meat, its unhealthy". EAT MEAT 🍖

  23. Air conditioning allows us to live in extreme environments that we wouldn't normally be able to. There's no way people could live and work productively in the 115 degree Arizona summer.

  24. Omg the packaged food thing!

    I'm vegan and I'm having to learn to let go of the junk food prepackaged snacks, I never realized how much, packaged food I ate until 90% of it was off-limits to me. Also, I am a shopper for Instacart, I go buy people's groceries for them, it is INSANE how much, packaged food is in the average grocery cart I shop.

    A typical grocery order will contain a few fruits and veggies, some raw meat, eggs, butter, and cheese and then everything else will be highly processed and cheap things that people really can make for themselves. Pasta sauce, hamburger helper, pasta boxes, instant meals, Stouffers family dinners, and snack foods galore, not to mention the far, far too common case of bottled water.

    People don't know how to prepare meals anymore, part of it is time, the economic issues that push people to work 50-60 hours a week keep me shopping and also make it impossible for the same people to find the time to cook. It isn't however just the overworked & underpaid, I've delivered $300 grocery orders to McMansions where the nanny placed and received the order…people don't know how to cook. We've removed classes like home-ec from schools and this has been a major disservice to those who could benefit from learning all the things their parents haven't got the time to teach them. How to cook, how to make your own clothes/goods, how to make your own cleaning products, how to budget for a household, how to make economically sound decisions regarding your home.

  25. I can't help but notice that room she's sitting in looks pretty large.I'm sure it's air conditioned…and heated…she should show usthe rest of the house she's in before going on how evil I am without knowinganything about my lifestyle.  I'll bet my home is much smaller than hers.I don't own a mobile phone.  My auto is twenty seven years old…he get'sthe best of care.  I eat meals at home.  I rarely eat out in restaurants.I have no credit card debt.  I bought a pair of shoes back in February, 2019.I wear shirts and trousers I bought ten-twenty years ago.  Yes, I suppose, for a South American or European I have a fairly large fridge.As for ice, yes, I'm spoiled…..my nightly rum and lime and sparkling water hasto be mixed with an ample amount of ice…just has to.I eat steak, maybe, once a month.  I don't buy ice cream or crisps or cupcakes.I don't drink soft drinks.  I drink bottled water mostly from glass bottles so thatthey can be recycled.  I eat a lot of raw carrots and mixed salads.I'm TRYING to be more perfect.When the air conditioning gets too frigid I do turn it up so the temperature stabilizes and I don't have to see-saw through the day of too cold or too warm.As for water, I bathe twice per week.  Hair and body.  No, I don't stink and my hairdoesn't look grunge.  No need to keep washing the necessary oils from hair and body,like each day.I run the washer once per week….sorry, I do use a dryer but I don't have two largetrees nearby to string a clothes line.  I'm on my way to perfection!

  26. Americans really are spoilt by the availability of non seasonal produce. I was amazed when I first came here. Great job on this video overall! We can do with some perspective like this.

  27. Your language I do not like! It's getting worse! If I hear this on another one of your videos I will not watch another one!

  28. Okay, I'm an old lady, I get it. I love the advice, she speaks beautifully and intelligently…until she throws in an f-bomb, then she loses me on whatever she says. Probably just me, but why you need to do that is beyond me.

  29. I love the vlog. It's was true. We need to get our shit together. I also love how you used "Fuck" a couple of times

  30. I somewhat disagree with the meat idea. While it's good not to waist food, I think it's the processed foods that are the main corporate to poor health. Also what was the rest of their diet? If someone who has red meat And processed foods, vs someone else who decided to have some red meat and No processed foods, then obviously the person who chooses to obtain from the highly process foods will suffer less.

    Eskimos have the least health problems and yet they eat the most meat and fat from the wild game they catch.

    As for the other items, I agree. Especially College!
    Thanks for the video.

  31. Great perspective giving information. Until she gradually lost me as she so subtly sprinkled in curses until boom! F BOMB! Sorry, just not classy or savvy use of the English language.

  32. Yeah I wouldn't eat American meat either, it's not red meat that's unhealthy, it's American meat that's not good for you. American meat manufacturing practices are banned in a number of other countries.

  33. I don't agree on the eating fresh is cheaper than eating prepackaged foods. Fresh food is not cheap. At all. That's because transporting it and keeping it fresh is so hard and costs a lot. For many Americans, buying prepackaged is the only way to afford food for the week. Also, for many Americans, prepackaged food is faster to make. Some families don't have a person who can stay home and cook for hours at a time. For many, prepackaged foods are less time consuming and much easier on guardians.

  34. While you are handing out valuable advice it would seem that a smart lady like yourself would realize that the swearing and f bombs distracts from your message. It does NOT sound professional, in my opinion.

  35. Milk is refrigerated in Europe too unless its processed 😆But eggs are not refrigerated in stores but I think most people, at least in northern Europe keep them in the fridge at home

  36. I was enjoying this informative video until you began liberally inserting obscenities into your speech. Perhaps you should take a break and cool down (without A/C of course) every once in a while so that your language can stay cool, too. I had to turn the video off early. Your next video could be about the American cursing habit that is polluting our conversation. Thanks for listening.

  37. I Like Her. She Said The Word Fuck. I Live Alone And Have 3 Refrigerators Full Of Nice Crap. I Never Go Anywhere And Have 11 Cars.

  38. All these is true. I used to do most of all these if not all and I was earning very good money and broke. Now I earn a lot less and I don't do these things often and I have been able to save a lot and use my money wisely never broke and feel so much better.

  39. I've only ever been able to have a storage unit when I'm moving – for the month between or during the summer when I wasn't in a dorm. I don't like not being able to see and reach my stuff 24/7 – and storage units have time frames and require me to leave my house to go to.

  40. Your welcome for your coke with one ice cube. I hope you are greatful for it.
    You got a lot more coke for the same money!
    You forget one thing about big houses, you need an awful lot of time to clean it.

  41. Uh, maybe those 20 or so pillows on the couch behind you could be included in what we as Americans don't need but will pile up on beds, couches, yeah. (guilty)

  42. Bigger houses??! Come to NYC you can literally hear your neighbor sneeze among other things. But yeah Ive stoped buyin anythin that I dont 100% need.

  43. With the time shares: we may not necessarily be more economical , it could just be illegal. That's the case in Germany as far as I know.

  44. 35k for a brand new vehicle, payable in 7 yrs. after the 7th yr you decide to get another one and sell your old for how much, let's say 6 to 8k? you just lost 20k plus for those 7 yrs.

  45. This is incredibly insightful and thanks for backing up with believable statistics. Although this video is relevant to the US, I live in Australia and I feel that you could apply the trends – if not the absolute statistics – to a lot of other western countries in 2019 and beyond…

  46. You are talking, perceived quality of life. My and my familie's quality of life is "not bad" but we are not willing to cut the quality of the afore mentioned quality. So we will endure some discomfort for the greater average and try to limit the grossly negligent indulgances.

  47. You bring up some excellent points. When I began working as a teacher and living on my own, most of my frugality was based on necessity. During my career I lived beneath my means, saving a lot of money, and not getting sucked into the kind of spending that other people did. I managed to buy a home during that time and I also retired at the age of 56; I'm now in my 16th year of retirement!

    Great ideas. Younger people need to delay gratification if they want to grow up debt-free and retire at a decent age.

  48. Seriously? Attacking refrigeration? Attacking ICE??? You must not live in Texas. It's going to be hot here until the week before Halloween. The people in other countries tend to go "marketing" for fresh food more often than we do. It's a different way of life over there. We love our ice because then we don't have to have the air conditioner turned down as low as we do without it. Lower a/c bills are bigger savings than getting a 3 cubic foot refrigerator. I agree these huge things with wi if enabled cameras are not necessary, but in TEXAS IT'S HOT HERE. Food storage and keeping milk cold is important. Some of us are brought up this way, and adopting this "leave food out" would make us sick. Not a luxury.

  49. When I was living in Israel I ate meat maybe once a week, and it was easy to do. Meat is very expensive there, so I just didn’t buy it. The main meat I ate was my weekly shawarma pita. Also my tuition and fees at university was $10,000 for a masters degree and my rent was 1500nis a month before bills and taxes.

  50. I went to a Time Share presentation and they tried to convince me that Time Shares are how Europeans do vacation or “holiday”!

  51. I find it so strange that you want to pay for a glass full of frozen water cubes, rather than get the beverage. When in the states I have said “no ice please” . I’m Australian. I enjoy your programme.

  52. Sew clothes instead of buying new ones if they rip! $1 sewing kit has saved a few pairs of pants and shirts, and it's easy 🙂

  53. She lost me with her foul mouth, it also makes her sound very pious and holier-than-thou. And now ….. the dislike button…

  54. Vegetarian, Capsule wardrobe, Never used a timeshare, Trade school grad, One bedroom condominium owner, Eats fresh(er) food regularly that I cook for myself at least 4 times a week, Still rocking my iPhone 6s – fully paid off, American woman here 🙋🏽‍♀️

  55. I think it isn't a good thing to promote not going to college and getting even less educated… in a country with a shitty high school education

  56. The people buying a brand new washer AND dryer because one of the two is broken, and they feel like they have to match.

  57. As a recent college graduate, I can confidently say that I should have waited to go to college. I truly believe colleges are scamming kids, when I graduated high school I was told that if I didn’t go to college I would be a failure and I even looked at my classmates who didn’t go to college as lazy losers. So I went to a big ten university with no idea what I wanted to do. It wasn’t until my senior year of college that I realized what I really wanted to do and my current degree wouldn’t help me. If I could give advice to any one in high school it would “if you don’t know what you want to do, don’t go to a big university it’s a waste of money.”

  58. This is the second “I been to Yurp and they don’t use air conditioners, durr durr” video I’ve seen on YT. A few years ago, after a blistering summer, Italy sold out of air conditioners.

  59. I totally agree but must laugh while she is sitting on a couch with about 10 cushions – for me as a middle aged middle european are there way too many 🙂

  60. Very nice, well-produced video, but please consider that you greatly undermine its level of professionalism and credibility by swearing.

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