7 Awesome Kid’s Vehicles You Need To Ride πŸ˜ƒ

welcome tzitzit ci hello car enthusiasts
many of us dream about some of the most expensive cars like the BMW Mercedes in
rolls-royce similarly kids also want to drive these
cars but they are unfortunate because there is an age restriction on that I
mean they can’t drive any vehicle stop reaching the governments to find age so
sad but don’t worry because today this video will change the scenario today we
are going to explore some of the most expensive and the most interesting
vehicles that are the ultimate ways for fun so sit back relax and enjoy the
video in full screen number 7 Aero smart card nowadays kids easily get bored by
playing with Mario’s car in the video games that’s the reason a company named
active introduced a fully electric smart go-kart to fulfill the dream of every
child this car is made in Silicon Valley that means it is smart enough to avoid
accidents and it has anti-collision sensors in the front so this go-kart
stops before the collision parents can control this go-kart with their
smartphones over the Wi-Fi connection parents can set the top speed of the
go-kart as well as they can define boundaries in which children can’t ride
this go-kart with real-time supervision features at the fingertips essentially
safety accessories like helmets gloves and drift kit are provided by Aero this go-kart starts from $1,000 and it
can be upgraded with the additional expenditure of 200 bucks but
unfortunately it is so awesome that even parents must enjoy it and the kids have
to wait for their turn number six Power Wheels boomerang looking for a great gift for kids who
love cars racing or speed check out the most exciting three-wheeled electric car
Power Wheels boomerang introduced by the toy manufacturing company fisher-price
it has many faster to encourage racing games amongst kids for some real fun it
can be accelerated up to five miles an hour and young drivers can drift into
epic off-road adventures with this awesome Power Wheels vehicle tilts while
turning for exciting driving actions with kid controls power drift mode push
the shifter up or down to change the speeds or direction to have a lot of fun
riding around on the boomerang this cool looking safest vehicle can be driven
over multiple terrains but become a nation of rugged power wheels with an
exciting thrill ride it can go over sidewalks grass and even rough terrains
the Power Wheels boomerang is for ages five to ten with the maximum weight of
100 pounds number five Auto fábrica type point one introducing the Auto
fabrica type point one designed by two london-based bike enthusiasts brothers
Gujjar and gaza muha REME at first sight it looks like the wolverines bike but it
is way smaller than that look at this mini motorcycle that has elegantly
designed tires that makes it look really awesome the brothers were motivated to
convert goss’s young son’s dream into a reality
this bike gives real opportunities to experience the wilderness and fun at a
young age it’s designed by type 7 motorcycles but this mini motorcycle
uses 50cc Franco Marini engines and exhausted through custom bit pipes that
is attached to a 70s mini donor frame a vintage tank custom fab exhaust modern
minibike telescopic forks and custom rear shocks number form camed 57s Toyota
introduced a family car for kids at International Tokyo Toy Show 2013 it’s
basically no more different than a regular car and it has too cramped seats
in the back for parents the accelerator brake and dashboard meters and seats are
identical to those and conventional vehicles the main difference is that
it’s shorter in size to a kid’s proportions interestingly it can reach
its maximum speed of 30 miles per hour because it is propelled by an electric
motor the latest iteration features a hood covered with an array of LEDs
children can customize the car by drawing pictures that are scanned and
translated into pixels a second commit 57s sport is displayed without panels so
that children can see how its steering differential and accelerator works
interestingly this 2013’s concept car was made up of 57 small lightweight
detachable panels that can be finished with the wide choice of different colors
and designs number three 1966 Mustang Junior it is a fantastic red colored car which
is an exact replica of 1966 Ford Mustangs it is a mini Mustang for kids
or for fun-loving adults mini Mustangs junior promotional go-kart is a huge hit
amongst the kids spotted at fabulous sports forever at Knott’s Berry Farm
this micro Mustang drew crowds of kids and adults alike with the cooperation of
Ford Motor Company the power car company created Junior versions of production
cars to attract young customers into dealer showrooms to check out and buy a
new car the mini Mustang originally had 2.5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engines
but Roger has since replaced it with the 7 horsepower Honda generator engine with
electric start so the car will run up to 31 miles per hour
number 2 1970 Plymouth Superbird this awesome car is the most powerful
smallest car that is very rare it is an exact replica of the 1970s fly mouth and
may completely by hand through a painstaking custom job the outer body is
made up of fiberglass with each and every single detail even though it
weighs only 300 pounds two feet tall and nine feet long it has a powerful v8
engine on a go-kart chassis by watching this you can know that it is a freaking
awesome car number one who got a Veyron for kids if you know Bugatti then you surely know
that it requires a lot of money this bugatti veyron for kids is introduced by
atc studio these toys are so insane that you actually have to see them to believe
them as you can see these kids are enjoying the pleasure of good fortune
because of that they have shrunk it down hypercar Bugatti Veyrons this car
features realistically done sizzle style doors Pioneer stereo systems to play
music and songs leather interior coverings and an advanced spoiler the
lifelike wheels are made up of high quality non-toxic plastic that is anti
skid in nature the interior and exterior are made up of premium materials that
kids will get the realistic feeling of riding the world’s fastest and most
expensive car surprisingly this car can reach its maximum speed of up to 90
kilometers an hour it’s an all-wheel drive that is powered
by a 500cc engine which delivers 40 horsepower
however this little pleasure for your kid definitely doesn’t come cheap it
costs $50,000 thanks for watching I know many kids are going to emotionally
blackmail their parents to buy one of these sophisticated toys but
unfortunately these toys are super expensive and every parent is not so
rich so please respect your parents if you are new here then feel free to
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will catch you in my next video bass

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  2. OMFG THAT BUGGATTI LOOKS DOPE I Would get that but it costs the amount of a cheap used car that can go faster than it choice is style and getting roasted at school or speed and still getting roasted for driving a rust bucket

  3. Back in the day when I was young I'm not a kid anymore but some days I sit and wish I were a kid again. Never thought those lyric would be so true. I would have been in kid Heaven with a car like this. Lol

  4. That girl your picking up in the bugatti wants to know what sort of allowance you get from your parents. No wait . Thats just your sister in the driveway of the estate..lol

  5. The kids that are gonna be born in this generation are gonna be so spoilt. I was spoilt a lil. BUT WOW. OKAY

  6. I wish there was a Lamborghini Aventador
    That I can drive. I waited months to actually drive a car instead of watching my mom drive. Like if you felt the same way

  7. This guys are show offs .what are they trying to show us? That they hv cool cars ? I know people think l am jealousy!!πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  8. Lol wtf Ply-MOUTH?? No it's pli muth, also I feel like literally no-one has bought these, I feel like the kid would get bored of any of these in like 5 minutes parents would be better off just getting their kids a small dirtbike like a 110 cc

  9. how to become the most popular kid at school…..
    get a kid size Bugatti in the video…. (90 km per hour is way too fast for kids though)
    make it look really cool
    drive to school
    and boom

  10. Great now I can miss being a kid again becauee my fat ass ain’t going to fit on none of this shit anymore πŸ˜‚

  11. Im 14 yrs old and im wanting for a car,
    Now that i know, in most of these cars you can fit and adult inside.
    I feel like convincing my parents to buy me one

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