60 General Science Trivia Quiz – Science GK – General Knowledge Questions and Answers in English

to join our general knowledge ski channel subscribe our Channel and press the bell button to watch all general knowledge videos name the longest-living structure on earth answer the greater Barrier Reef Australia what name is given to animals and plants collectively answer benthos name the oldest living thing known living on earth answer Bristlecone pine what is the highest recorded surface wind speed on earth answer 372 kilometer per hour where is the highest speed of wind recorded answer over Mt Washington which chemical causes the burning taste sensation when eating chilies answer kept casein what is the coldest layer of atmosphere and subtropics fear what is the average heat of lightining answers three times hotter than sun what is the name of fluid similar to plaintain answer banana name the crystalline formation in the caves answer stalactites what is the function of manometer answer measuring pressure of closed system which planet is closest to the Sun answer mercury what is the composition of Sun answer about 70% hydrogen 28% helium and 2% other mass where is the Suez Canal located answer is if east Sun also routing answer yes about 27 days it routes once what is the size of Milky Way answer the mass is about 750 billion and 1 trillion solar masses who was the last President of Soviet Union answer mikhail gorbachev what political system gradually dismantle in south africa starting in 1989 answer apartheid where is PISA tower located answer Italy what is the age of art answer about 4.5 billion years what is the age of this universe answer about 15 billion years old which of the planet is routing fastest answer Jupiter how fast Jupiter do roads answer about 1 times in under 10 hours where is the Pyrenees located answer in between France and Spain where is the Golden Gate Bridge located answer San Francisco what star other than the Sun is closest to the earth answer it is Proxima Centauri the nearest member of the Alpha Centauri triple star system what Milky Way actually is answer the spiral galaxy why a duck's quack doesn't echo answer no one knows what word was domesticated first answer the first bird domesticated by man was the goose what is P that are known for answer because it's still how many bones are there in the human body answer 206 how many bones are there in infant human body answer 300 what percentage of dust made of human bodies answer 70% what Terpening is answer insane medicine technique for making holes in human school for relieving pressure which is most dangerous among bees snack house flies or sharks who attributed to human death answer house flies what do house flies care is causing human that answer bacteria what do villages contain at most answer 75% of cough are what is the second name of human boys box answered larynx what is the temperature required for the conversion of graphite into diamond answer 3000 degrees Celsius what is pressure required for converting graphite into diamond answer 100 thousand atmospheres what is the function of human tongue answer testing different things which of the noble gases is having air as it first later answer argon what is white gold what gold is an alloy of gold and white metal such as palladium or silver why nickel is not used for white gold answer because it causes skin allergies what is the fool's gold answer the crystal of iron pyrite which is the first stressed steel animal answer cheetah what is the symbol of gold answer au which animal can burn on the surface of water hands are potassium what is Latin name of teen hands are stained 'm which is the first ever element created in laboratory answer technetium name the lightest element answer hydrogen what is the name of salt for mats element answer halogens name the largest part of human brain answer cerebrum is Everest adult human body having over 500 bones answer no adult human body have 206 bones what is the name of substance which is giving skins and here it's pigments answer melanin what are the muscles known which are found in front of things answer quadriceps what are the chambers of heart known located at the bottoms answer ventricles of which substance the nails are made of answer carotene which is the human body's biggest organ answer skin what is the innermost part of the bones known as answer bone marrow thank you for watching this video please give a like in this video and share this video to all of your friends students kids and also don't forget to subscribe my general knowledge YouTube channel

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