6' Ladder, Refrigerant Scale, Organization in My Service truck tip. Talk tip.

we're old are you doing I've been fighting with this ladder for so long I've been meaning to do something here that I finally forgotten did see the extra 2×4 that I put in there I only had four wave force there before and this ladder six footer I just stick it in here beside this Vette this side this box but without that 2×4 there it would always hit me right now I've just got a little bit of space see and I didn't have that space before and it was always like bitch and I have you know cuz if that toolbox keeps getting pushed over cuz you get stuff in the truck you know so I finally put a 2×4 down there but lean and do that for like so long finally got my ass together and getting it done so now that now that presents that fire comes out like just a piece of cake now just a little things like that like your fight with just so not worth it you know you got to make the truck easy to work out of our lives are tough enough as it is HVAC and our is a tough business man and you got to have your truck perfectly organized to survive and so you don't just go insane you know it's a total fact I've been doing this 38 years and tell you guys organize your truck like NorCal man he's got it set up and that's he kind of I guess I kind of been motivated since I've seen what he's done and I'm just I'm getting my truck organized finally I've been fighting with it for 38 years you know I've always never I'm making it so that like – it like takes only like two things to do before you get to work what you need to pull out you know like the ladder that would just be you know unlock it and pull it out and then put it back in and lock it up so two things like open a door grab your Park you know to make sure everything is accessible it just it makes such a difference guys but you got to do it so if your truck's not organized you're just killing yourself you're just killing yourself slowly you know so get organized guys it's before the summer time we got some nice weather starting out and time to get it the trucks all ready for summer you know so all right click like on the video a few woods guys and subscribe getting all the crap out of the back of the truck that's been collected over the years and just kind of I'm gonna I'm gonna make myself drawer box I don't want to I don't want to put all that metal and everything in here I'll show you guys when I do it but I'm gonna put a false bottom in here and make myself a toolbox in the bottom here for other stuff but starting to get the truck organized so I'll show you a little thing I've been meaning to do forever which has been this shelf right here I finally got this to where I you know so I got two motions to get anything out so I open the door we're at my shop my scale you know I've been my scales and fallen on the floor every time you open the door or something or I've been have to take like ten things off on top of it or just been fighting with it so yeah I made this little shelf see I just cut this cut this piece of wood cut and Home Depot yeah just through that shelf in it just stays I'm gonna probably paint it or prime it and paint it or if you guys got any good ideas I'm all for it man any guy who's got a nice constructive ideas let me know I'm all for it but yeah this just this makes just all the difference in the world may need your scale man I mean you use that thing all the time and you got to have access of things just so yeah you know so yeah just making everything accessible all right click like in the video guys subscribe

3 thoughts on “6' Ladder, Refrigerant Scale, Organization in My Service truck tip. Talk tip.”

  1. Little things like that make a HUGE difference!
    If you don't work out of a truck or van you'll never understand the joy you experience when you find a better way to fit something or organize something that has bugged you for months or YEARS…especially things like ladder, possibly the most awkward thing we have to work with.

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