22 thoughts on “6 Essential Piano Chord Progressions – Piano Lessons (Pianote)”

  1. the first chord progression is pop songs in a nutshell. Songs being good or bad is purely opinion-based, but this progression is arguably bland due to the fact that it is so ridiculously overused.

  2. Hello Jordan! Once I’ve memorized these chord progressions, how do I know which chord progression to use when I start playing a requested song by ear on the piano? How does memorizing chord progressions help me learn how to play piano by ear?

  3. okay I have a question, when writing a song and starting with a chord progression such as I-V-vi-IV (for example).
    When I want to change the progression and put a new chord because of a bridge or a pre-chorus, how do I make sure that the new progression will fit the first one melodically? Is there a rule about this?

  4. 00:20 6-4-1-5 (Major)
    03:07 1-5-6-4 (Major)
    04:23 2-5-1 (Major)
    07:22 b7-4-1 (Mixolydian)
    09:04 1-b7-b6-5 (Minor, 6-5-4-3 in relative Major)
    10:40 1-b3-4 (Mixolydian #2.. wild guess)

  5. 6 essential chords progression, but useless unless you know modes, scales, inversions and what not. And if already learned all that, one would think a video on a few overused progressions is unnecessary.

    I dont know if its me and how my brain works, but I find so many piano tutorials that teaches "in reverse".
    e.g assuming one knows "augmented 7th-on chromatic scale-adding 9th minor blues-with aeolian melody-played in f#", and making a video on "How to accompany by playing octaves"

  6. I can write melody but always had nightmares with the chord structure. Thanks to you guys, learning so much I didn't learn in college. You've whet my appetite to compose again.

  7. How do you do all those cool rythms and different patterns of fingerpicking you show in 4.05, 6.55 etc?😍

  8. For the 251, when he goes "so now it sounds like this," that's the best shit I've ever heard. How do I do exactly the thing he does right then?

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