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hey they’re pranksters welcome back to
another how to sneak food into class video and by now you guys already know
what I’m about to do well I went to my local dollar store and I picked up a few
school supplies some weird some not so weird and I’ll show you some really cool
ways that I would sneak some food into class using these items but before we
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you’re at it best of luck guys now let’s get these hacks rolling alright guys the
first thing that caught my eye at the dollar store was this no I’m not talking
about the snacks that are on time see I got some takis and some flaming hot
fries I’m not talking about the candy that’s on top also I’m talking about
this art set that you see right here it’s got a lot of art supplies in there
and yeah I even though I got it at the dollar store these two charged me 399
but I think this is still a good deal if you were to buy this because you get 80
pieces of art supplies in there so I’m gonna open this off for you guys
so you guys can see and appreciate all that you get with this dollar store
purchase as you can see right here I have some markers these are thick and
then we got some mini markers over here we have our ruler that it’s clear we
have some crayons here some oil pastels here an eraser some glue right here a
sharpener for your pencils and over here we have a paint palette with a bunch of
colors and of course you got the tray here where you guys can mix the paint so
this is definitely a good deal if you were to get this again $3.99 you can’t
really top that but also guys this opens and closes easily and when you have this
closed you can’t really tell what’s in there you get an idea what’s in there
based on the picture that’s in front of you you would assume that inside you
would have all these and that still holds true right now but guys you know
me I want to sneak some foot into class so I’m gonna get rid of some of these
and replace them with some candy takis and some flaming hot fries alright let’s
do it alright getting rid of some markers and I will replace them with
some Kit Kats as far as the colors I’m gonna cover them up with some Jolly
Ranchers and it will be held on with some tape I will be getting rid of this
whole roll of crayons and the replacements will be some prize so one
by one guys I’m gonna put them in there see guys I filled up the crayon
compartments with some flamin hot fries now over here we have some markers which
I will be replacing with some takis alright open up the back
and see guys they pop right in well I did the best I could guys notice here
the talkies I could fit more in there but I chose not to because these can’t
stay on because they’re all crammed in together
I had a skip of you but that’s fine that’s enough talkies for me I thought
my Kit Kats right here over here have my fries and of course my Jolly Ranchers on
top let’s see if it’ll work guys let’s close it up look at that guys carry this
in your backpack have it handy but of course during the day you will get
hungry and that’s where you just take this out open it and enjoy all the
snacks that you have in there again takis Kit Kats flaming hot fries and
some Jolly Ranchers you will not starve in class now if
you’re clever enough you will get rid of the other ones such as these pastels and
these other markers and this see-through ruler no matter what guys I think I’ve
used my space quite well and I will be able to eat these in class from your
point of view can you guys tell what this is well I’ll tell you what it is
it’s a pack of plastic envelopes now I found these in the school supply section
and I thought that they were very appealing so let me take them out and
show you why with this you get a pack of floor envelopes but I’m only gonna use
one for this example but of course these other ones can come in handy if you
choose to use these to sneak food into class as well so this one if we were to
open it it’s held close by this little button that you have to undo and sing
inside it’s plastic and it’s clean and it’s non safe though you can’t see
what’s in there and that is the best part so I was thinking what can I
actually fit in there and the first thing that came into mind was some
pop-tarts so let me open up these pop-tarts and as we all know these come
in boxes and inside you get a pack of two so you get two per pack I could
easily just put them in there but then I would struggle to actually get them out
so we’re gonna get rid of the wrapper because we don’t need the wrapper and
here are our pop-tarts now before I actually put them in there
put one in there before I put a pop-tart in here we’re gonna have to do something
crazy here so if you guys notice the edges are being held together whether
what I’m thinking is some type of adhesive so I’m gonna undo this flap
right here cuz we only need one open and it’s really simple you can do this with
your fingers as I’m doing so right here and see guys now we have access from the
side so we’re gonna fold the flap in so it’s out of the way or you guys can cut
it off if you choose to but now I can take my pop-tart and easily slide it in
there course we’re gonna shut it by pressing on the button so it clicks on
and that’s it from a distance nobody should be able to tell what’s in there
you can kind of make out that there’s a shape in there of a square but you don’t
know what’s in there now if you have this sitting on your desk your teacher
will not suspect anything especially because it’s closed see it’s closed but
if you wanted to get a piece of your pump chart just light it out to the side
like this break off a piece or two enjoy share with your friends and remember
guys that we have more envelopes over here which means that we can actually
put more Pop Tarts in there you could actually put two in here so essentially
all these we can put in these that’s a lot of Pop Turgeon that’s a lot of
snacks that will keep you from being hungry in class alright guys well on my
lady’s trip to the dollar store I got ahold of this this is a drawer organizer
as you guys can tell by the label and this one has two drawers so it’s really
neat guys you guys can put all your small school supplies in there and also
it’s clear in color so you can tell from outside what would be in there for
example if you have rubber bands in there you would be able to tell because
it’s see-through if you had you raise your caps in here
again you’d be able to tell but you guys can take this into class in your
backpack but instead of putting just cool supplies in here you guys can put
some candy such as reasons and my tonight but I’ll show you how to
do that in a bit first we’re gonna prepare this now again
this one has two drawers which we will have to remove there’s one there’s
another one so here are drawers very transparent and we can’t have these be
transparent we cannot allow our teachers to peek in there so what I suggest you
guys do is grab some tape that is a solid color and just tape the inside so
you can’t see what’s in there so that’s what I’m gonna do I’m just gonna take a
piece of this masking tape here’s my piece and I’m just gonna tape it inside
and it’s gonna go all the way around so buy a plain tape inside of these drawers
I was able to block off the view from inside right so it should look a little
something like this it does not look ugly at all and now
guys we’re actually gonna put some separators in both of these so I cut up
two pieces of foam board which were the right measurements that I can actually
divide the insights of these drawers like this so now I have two compartments
in there the first compartment which are the front ones we are gonna put some
actual school supplies or any type of supply that you want in there for
example some rubber bands because these could be a school supply and here I got
some little clothes pins that also could be for like an art project so why not
throw em in there so now that we actually have some supplies in there the
back compartments we’re gonna fill up with some candy so I got my Reese’s
ready right here these are Reese’s Pieces by the way and I’ll see how much
I can fit in there oh that’s a hefty amount right there there’s that and now
the mic and knife let’s see I’m pretty sure that this box is too big and it
contains too many of these they can’t all fit in there can they let’s find out no way and now these are ready to be put
back into the organizer so I’m gonna have the Mike and Ike on the bottom
there Reese’s Pieces on top and that is it guys let’s look at our
drawers so from the side you guys can’t tell there’s anything there see nothing
to see there nor from the back now the front tells you a different story you
could see the schools of plays in there you can tell that I got some rubber
bands here and then I got some little mini clothes pins there
so again if somebody was to spot this they won’t be able to suspect anything
but if you guys get a sweet tooth in our really craving sugar just pull out one
of the drawers all the way out guys and grab some and then put them back in but
here’s the thing if let’s say the teacher was like hey why are you looking
into your drawer or a lot well you tell them uh just getting some rubber bands
and you barely pull it out don’t pull it out all the way because obviously you’ll
have your mic and itthere so just barely guys give them a little peek let them
know that there’s nothing going on here there’s nothing fishy going on with this
drawer organizer but of course there is we got candy in there see seriously guys
the dollar store outdid themselves this season because they got so many school
supplies so I was able to get this at first it caught my eye because I see a
unicorn there and I was like whoa this is really cool because I can actually
color this with some paint but I thought that I would have to buy the paint
separately but I didn’t look at the back guys in the back already comes with
paint so that is freaking amazing so let’s open this up guys so I can show
you how exactly you guys can use this to sneak some food into class so let me
undo the packaging so the back comes with a surprise you’ll need to color the
canvas that’s got little tiny buckets of paint and of course I have a little
brush you guys can see right there but it’s on this little mold guys but what I
like about it is that like the bottom it’s so hollow like you could actually
put snacks there and that’s what we’re basically gonna do we’re gonna hide some
snacks underneath I have some Oreos handy here so here I have the mold which
I flipped upside down and I’ve already arranged
my Orioles on top so I was able to fit one two three four five six seven of
them in there and I think that more would fit here so we got a good 9
Orioles underneath this mold which then I will take our canvas and place it over
them like so and barely lift up the canvas and the mold and then we’re gonna
flip this over once more just like this we’re gonna put our Pink’s back on hold
them together with some tape so to hold everything in place I’m gonna grab some
rubber bands and it should be quite snug once you place them over it so one on
that side and another on this side and that’s it guys look we flip it over they
do not fall and you can have this handy on your desk
so what happens when you get hungry you flip this over you just scoop the rubber
bands to the side and you can actually lift up and grab an Oreo or two we’ll
just enjoy them guys these will keep you from bullying hungry and you will not
starve in class very clever very convenient try it out when I saw this on
the school supplies aisle at the dollar store I just had to get it at first I
thought it was a sipping cup cuz it does look like a cup right but it’s supposed
to actually be a little trash can you look at the lid you push in there just
dump in your trash let me show you an example I’m gonna take sticky note and
I’m just gonna throw it in there ball it up and then it goes so it’s for like
little pieces of trash candy wrappers gum wrappers even your pencil shavings
can go in there see you pop it off and then just throw them out it’s really
appealing and really eye-catching so guys we’re gonna use this to our
advantage what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna sneak some chips in there so I got my
hot cheetos extra right here which I’m gonna open and I’m gonna try
to dump as much in there as I can these are just so good guys now leave about an
inch of space from the top but this will do for me look at all those hot cheetos
guys if you took this into class I will definitely calm your hunger and keep you
from starving so the way that we can pass this off as
a school supply is you just tell your teacher that this is your personal trash
can but we got to make it seem like a trash can guys so that’s where we’ll
require some plastic wrap so I’m just gonna grab a piece the size doesn’t
really matter because we will eventually trim it down so I’m gonna cut this piece
off I’m gonna set my chips aside and I’m gonna work on the top so I’m gonna place
the plastic wrap over it and then place it over the cup just like this guys so a
lot of this sticks out and a lot of this will be cutting out I’m just gonna leave
about half an inch sticking out so it should look a little something like this
we’re gonna take the plastic wrap and push it up and then attach it on to the
top of the trash can using some tape now it’s ready at this point see we push it
in we can see the chips but what happens if we actually throw some little pieces
of trash in there so you can’t even see the chips anymore and that’s it guys we
got our trash in there and look at that can’t even tell that there’s any chips
inside right but if you are hungry you really want to get your chips just take
off the whole thing and there they are guys grab a chip and enjoy these are
really good guys and they just put everything back and nothing to see here
there you guys have it five creative ways that you can successfully sneak
your favorite snacks and candy into class using school supplies you could
easily get at your local dollar store for cheap now guys at the start of this
video I gave away a box of snacks and I also announced three new giveaways
if this video gets 2,000 likes I will give away another box of 50 snacks
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next video

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