or like my teeny yesterday and I'm really not trying to stay for a real man for us so javis and I came up with the idea five ways to prank your teacher in school where I thought were these pranks in that fire I know that last one is I'm gonna pretend I'm not English I'm like a foreign exchange he's gonna get so annoyed because you were speaking to him yesterday that hi what's up man how are you yeah I'm here I have to stay with my brother apparently yeah no worries comments damn Akula what do you mean convoy stop with the ankle marry what I thought javis never spoke English right yes yeah no Pharrell yeah just fear sir that you were speaking the perfect English better than me no no no no we're if you have you two ever heard job speak English no right whoa whoa whee whee Thomas stop messy okay you were speaking the perfect thing am I going insane you're telling me I'm going insane I was speaking the perfect English you will be speaking the perfect English yesterday okay and now you apparently can't speak we we you want to be expelled you wish to be expelled from this institution I know I know Oh as you guys all know today you're here because yesterday you put disgusting prank on me you guys think it's funny to go to run away you guys think that's funny it's very important to respect your teachers always yeah okay this is what you guys do three look the rest of the class is going to enter Saturday no and you guys are here this is your punishment you guys will be here for one hour and us must listen and learn a what ways at the end of the class okay okay guys first things first it's not your phone one-on-one minutes okay good right now seriously don't don't go no I can see no no you want we definitely want yo yo guys yeah we've got a funny idea no guys let's just pretend we're all asleep and then like the last one to wake up is the winner just try ignoring bro that's actually funny I'll be awake enough I'll just pretend like I don't know what happened a man I'd be like wait they were never away too good to stop he's fully knocked out man all right hello hello miles all three minutes my way and this happens I don't know man it's a Saturday these kids aren't used to being in school on Saturdays I guess I don't know man jobs especially are you even awake bro I think he's fully asleep I can't believe this bestie fully knocked out right there he is not waking up yes hello oh think up hello wake up so the video game is more important than my class you think this do you think this is important yet no the class is more important oh okay yeah that's good man at least you know what's a good job is I'm the winner let's go oh you poor guys – the next one is I'm gonna pretend to do a fire alarm sound of this crazy student oh no talking sorry man javis javis wait Oh from the minute how do you turn this thing off certainly pop now I will explain you in a bit Johnny's turn it off before my official working Charlie's job this job is that's how you do it oh so you listen to that huh what happened to listening to the jeweler I just realized you tell me last we need like to just world now you listen to me fire I got like a pitbull I like a bird you are used to the firearm Oh prankster big price I have a I have a special test for people like you a special test of your finest you need to understand the fire one is big deal okay you prank me it's not I like a laugh – sometimes it's a little funny but the fire is big big seriously happen again yeah you sure definitely no more fire you think it was accident you sure you sure versus next prank I'm gonna sleep for nights for relevant fortnight and he thinks and the thing is he thinks you're learning right now he thinks you're learning bro look javis is legit on fortnight man what are you doing right now is father again nothing are you again I'm just reading this breathing what what I know this book yeah javis where is it man where's the Battle Royale Islander Chi 1 sit down job is I think I think he just made a joke out of you bro honestly then told but doing special you're very much pushing just the bird how is this even a prank when you only know what you've already pranked it have you ever played on the switch no he's really on this just learning about geography he explained for tonight this is so funny the state is also a city okay I'm buried in stone is javis plan its music yeah Music 103 music 103 yeah so you think that the music 103 this is history 169 okay listen to camping seriously you came here all the way from England you want us to expel you no definitely no you come all the way from I'm literally talking about you literally come from the other side of the world come study here in the Los Angeles and you think that you're going to come here and play video games in my classroom on a set or a tendon during the sector of the school because you would play hide-and-seek yesterday we are going to have to expel you if you keep this behavior up I just got the World Cup we're gonna practice you know what the world come on are you Messi you should probably put our way jobs you don't get expelled bread mom will kill me so mom will kill me if you get expelled again bro stop it Jarvis well I have to prank him one more time I know bro I know far he's coming he's coming during the recess versus choose to stay here the spirit panics we have we've got that already bro yo we should we should put cinnamon in his coffee bro should we just fill it off Johan can't come yo guys let's just take a look at this bro this is gonna be hella funny man we're all in on this prank together right now teacher just left his coffee here Oh bro no way rose teachers gonna be me bro we've gone make him know that he's got curry powder in his coffee no what do we do we just messed up the teachers coffee so badly bro wait honest here just looks a bit frothy now you know I'm saying a nice tank temperature yeah justjust looks like a cappuccino right I'm on this drink that guy so he's coming back he's coming back no this is a bad prank guys and I don't know how he's gonna react that's what I'm saying we've been pretty we've been pretty chill need a preacher home and your coffee I know I could vote you these guys man they've just been chilling here I haven't seen anything happened I was my sunny days like I said I don't get paid enough to teach you kids okay you guys come here okay it is a fun to make you just pranked your teacher out of school you just practice teacher out of school oh my good man yo your fist bump guys yeah that was fired that was fired javis let's get it well that was a great five pranks on your teacher in school guys that was good right do you think you have anymore prank ideas you would want to do in the future so if you guys want me to get this squad together again but do some more pranks or some funny videos in school everybody smash alike right now 50,000 likes 50,000 likes guys and we could do some more pranks on our teachers in school you down guys make sure the life that was a crazy day with job as at school man I haven't seen him around like Jarvis has been missing and I got news from one of my roommates that he could be up here on the fourth floor someone saw Jarvis outside earlier today wait bro what is he doing out there Jarvis bro what are you doing right now it's good I'm getting ready for the World Cup bro you're getting ready for the work you're you're meditating school stuff man yeah no I understand right for the World Cup so Farouk yeah okay well I'm just gonna leave javis upstairs to do that man wait what Javed thought you were just upstairs man no what you're meditating down here now this this is how my little brother Jarvis practices for the fortnight World Cup after pranking his school teacher man okay Jarvis is really waiting me out man I don't know how he got from all the way where he was to the third floor no one even can prove what stupid price Tommy typed at my meditation all right okay Jarvis all right I'll just leave you two it's gonna walk down here and I'll leave you there I'll just go into a room you know there's no reason for me to interrupt your meditation job it's like bro how did you get down here man you were just there how are you what how are you here I see you getting ready for the World Cup you'll do Oh Gucci you and him are gonna go off you gonna be live on Twitch right now I guess okay okay well let's hopefully yeah okay that's hopefully I hope you were praying to get the most twitch views you've ever got you hit 10k last weekend guys definitely go and check out Java stream right now he's in the World Cup hopefully he qualifies and go to New York man that's the goal job is obviously everyone already knows yeah hope you did enjoy this video you were refreshed right now you turn in I hope you're feeling good about some pranks may be coming this week you know I may have to prank you ah you know you think you're just chilling here in the World Cup and I don't get to prank you just wait till the week bro you guys already know if you did enjoy this video don't forget to smash her like and subscribe if you are new we've been getting so many new subscribers guys we're on the way to 3 million right now so many awesome videos to come and I cannot wait to post them and yeah it's been Fraser or face Kay and I'm gonna see you guys soon there's some more pranks coming soon peace out guys


  1. Bro I like the video but I don’t think it is fair to the teacher because he works hard and you’re just pranking him and messing around.

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