2 thoughts on “5. Teaching Methodologies, Part II: Active Learning: Why and How”

  1. Question from Judges: How do we quantify how much active learning should be implemented? It depends on the subject. Each department could formulate a baseline standard and periodically assess the results each semester.
    Regarding the judges decision not to implement active learning by 2017:
    Point 1(funding): First talk to the Center for Teaching and Learning unit on your campus for low cost options to implement active learning. Then periodically assess to determine, over time where to direct funding.
    Point 2: Current lecture style of professor lecturing to students is working, there is no need for change. I disagree. Rote memorization of material students will forget in a period of weeks is unacceptable. University's must prepare and challenge students with real problems to engage with and solve
    Great vlog, keep this material coming!

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