5 Steps to improve Programming Skills

welcome back aliens my name is David ready normally when people meet me during meetups or maybe online on Facebook or in fact in YouTube comments as well we had this frequently asked question which is how do i improve my programming skills or logical skills sometimes it's difficult to answer those questions so I made this video just to answer that I have certain steps you can follow to improve your programming skills now we can have seven steps of five steps but I went for this number five because I love it so before improving your programming skills the first thing you need is a programming knowledge and of course right you must have started with any of the language maybe C C++ Java Python or JavaScript and you might be knowing the syntax of it because that's what we do so when you say you are learning a programming language the first thing you learn is a syntax now different languages have different syntax and that's why you know once you learn one language let's just see it is easier for you to learn C++ and then Java because they all follow this same syntactical paradigm another thing is once you have learned this syntax the next thing you have to follow these five steps so that you can work on your skills so the first step is practice algorithms and data structures now when you learn a language you feel you know everything but that's not the case because when you learn the language you learn syntax and if you do if you want to implement it let's say if I give you a problem statement and you have to convert that problem statement into a code and your software it's not the act process first you have to convert that problem statement into a solution and that will be only steps and that's what we call it as algorithms and then we convert that algorithm into code now when I give you an example let's say if you want to if you want to find a given number is all or even I know in your brain somewhere doesn't acquire them which you have all in you which already know what you do is you convert that into a code right but if we talk about big problem statements so first you have to convert that into algorithms and you need practice for that and so for practicing that you have to solve some existing algorithms you know if you open any algorithm book you have this searching and sorting techniques so you have to look for those things first so practice those algorithms and also data structures like we have linked list we have leased right so pet is all those things like we have trees so practice all those things together because so there are some algorithms which works with this this data structures so that will be a first step second step would be you know when you learn a language and when you implement that in your own way so if I give a problem statement you will write your own code but sometimes the code which you write is not the correct way and not saying it will not give you the right output but sometime what also important is the way you write a code the the compactness of your code the efficiency the speed efficiency and is also a way of any code you heard about design patterns right now to improve those things what I would recommend is just just see some other people's code and nowadays we have this huge repository called as github in fact not just github we have different de filmed websites available as well but github is my favorite so what you can do is try to read other people's code because it might give you a new way of reading code the same thing which you are writing but a different way like the syntax will remain same the the output will remain same but the way right up code will change so what you will do is just go to github and thus there are some places available just have a look on those things and the way them the moment you watch those could have you when you see those codes it will make an impact on your brain and next time you have code it will be helpful now step 3 now step 3 is my personal experience the way I have improved my programming skills is by participating in the competition so when I was in my college I used to participate in multiple colleges or multiple college events so maybe coding event or debugging event or maybe aqueous events so initially I used to I used to lose all those games but then later on I started winning it because I was practicing it so initially of course you will lose because you don't know how to compete and later on the mall the more you compete the more you will know how exactly the cool now nowadays if you don't want to visit any qualities you can do it online so we have this thing called as company do programming's so if you can compete with people you know on different websites like hacker rank hike on earth we have code chef so just compete with people because they will so what happens is this website they will give you a problem statement and you have to convert that wrong statement in to a solution so of course have to write of cool and when normally when you submit your code maybe they will not accept it they will reject your code and that's where the lightning starts because initially you will get rejected I got rejected multiple times and later on luckily one of my quad code selected that's without that what motivates you right so you have to participate in competitions because it will teach you how to code second it will teach you how to code efficiently and third it will teach you how to debug and that's very important in fact in the description area you will find a link to an article and it will be helpful for you so just with the article it will help you to participate in computer programming step four now it might sound weird but don't stick to one language explore try to explore more languages the thing is will we all we all love some languages for example I love Java there are people who love Python then we'll have some people love PHP don't stick to one language because your language might be best but all the languages they have some good things and some bad things or some shortcomings so when you learn another another language it will teach you a different way of idea code example when I learn Scala I learned about how do we you how do we do functional programming which helped me in my java language right so learn other languages because they have some extra features which you can implement in your language and then a step which is very important which is build projects of course right why you learn a programming language at the end you want to build project so why not start building a project from start I'm not saying from day one but after learning a programming language we have syntax and then implementing all these steps it's time to take time for you to build a project now it can be any project doesn't matter you know because we all have some passion right something else like some hobby maybe you like to watch movie maybe you like to read a book maybe I like playing games or maybe your photographer what you can do is you can build a project for yourself so the first project should be for yourself example if you love music make a music player if you if you like games make your own game then that will be your first step because when you are doing for something for yourself you will feel good about it right and of course you will get stuck somewhere because this is your first project and there's multiple way you can solve this just go to Google and serve and but such for your problem and trust me Google knows everything right we also have set for this type of flaw it will help you with the code ok don't just copy paste the code because that's what most people do try to understand the code what they are saying try it out and try to customize it the way you want now don't just copy-paste it because it might lead to bugs and trust me bugs are harmful now after these five steps let me just repeat those steps first one is practice algorithms and data structures the second one is read other people's code third one is community programming the fourth one is explore other languages and the fifth one is build a project now with this I have a bonus step for you which is quite important because at least for me and that is keep following telescope it will surely help you to improve your programming skills so that's it from this video I hope this video was helpful to you let me know in the comments section and took me on like button if you liked it thanks for watching everyone

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  1. Sir . Thank you so much..I love coding but the problem is in me to learn that quickly. What should I do to learn it quickly

  2. Dear sir I am Praveen. I left java from java due some personal problems. Currently I am working non it job. Right now I am intresting to learn it course. I was taken so many guides from different people's. Later I selected 3 it courses those are Java, Python, and Hadoop. Kindly advise me in these 3 courses which is easy to learn and have more job opportunities are there.

  3. Telusko ani telugu name petti, English lo matladathavu a iti bhaia. Naku English radhu ani kadhu, I know English

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