11 thoughts on “5 Shocking Examples of Corporate Welfare – Corporate Welfare vs Social Welfare”

  1. Corp welfare has a lot of hidden tax payer profits corps steal like BAD wars, like bush's BAD war (longest war in US History) that could fund ALL public welfare for 100 years!

  2. Corp welfare dwarfs ALL public welfare combined & they DONT need it! Public welfare goes directly into OUR economy, corp welfare not so much, they usually hide their welfare in off shore accts etc…

  3. It is physically impossible for the inferior mind of a subhuman – conservatives – to ever talk badly against massive corporate welfare for churches, Wall Street, gas oil & coal.
    When they preach against government & law & order, they mean ONLY against the FEW good services government does for the poor. THAT welfare they want to destroy.
    But god forbid you touch mega-rich welfare, cuntservatives will scream & cry like the weak baby snowflakes they are.

  4. Foxconn has said it will “create 3,000 jobs with the potential to grow to 13,000 new jobs” in the region. If 13,000 new jobs are created, Wisconsin would be paying $346,153 per job at a subsidy of $4.5bn. An astronomical sum, but nothing compared to the $1.5m per job cost if the deal ends up creating just 3,000 new positions.

  5. excellent work sir. Always follow the money… Corporate welfare is literally ruining america. fortunately we are in the information age where people can do their own homework…

  6. If they'll listen. My husband just got done having a huge argument with someone who was so closed minded, they just…want welfare done away with. Period. And 'corporations are important because they make all the risks and earn their money'.

    It was ridiculously hard to just get him to listen to another point of view, and in the end, he started posting all this crap that was obviously inaccurate, but refused to listen to this very video, and check out the GOVERNMENT PAPERWORK he was offered. v_v America is starting to be a lost cause…

  7. I'll share this with some people I know but nobody wants to hear this. They are so stuck on the idea that the poor people are what is tearing our country apart. You see, they can SEE the poor all around "doing nothing". They don't SEE the uber rich on their jets, in their country clubs, on their yachts laughing silly at us "useless eaters" because they've been walled off, hidden from our everyday persons view. And that's exactly how the uber rich want it!

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