5 School Facts — Thought Glass #7

Vsauce! Kevin here. Kids in the U.S. haven’t always had summers
off. In rural areas, they went to school in summer and winter to help during planting
and harvesting while urban kids went year round. In the mid 1800’s schools shifted
to a standardized fall-spring schedule allowing for family vacations and to give relief from
buildings with no air conditioning and doctors at the time supported this – saying that summers
off would also help protect kids’ brains from overuse. Meanwhile, kids are getting smarter. The “Flynn
Effect,” shows that IQ scores improve markedly with each generation. Professor James Flynn
found that if students a hundred years ago took today’s IQ test, they’d average 70, while
if students today took the test 100 years ago, they’d average 130. Explanations include
better healthcare, nutrition and more schooling… And the fact that people before the scientific
age were often adverse to classifying things they couldn’t use – and didn’t routinely
engage in hypothetical or abstract thought. Neuropsychologist A.R. Luria tested this on
a socially isolated farmer about a hundred years ago and it went something like this. What do a chicken and a dog have in common?
Nothin’. A chicken has two legs, a dogs have four. Chicken have wings – dogs don’t!
Okay you’ve explained how they’re different but how are they alike?
They’re not. Is there one word though that you could use
for both of them? Nope.
What about ‘animal’? Would the word ‘animal’ fit?
Yes. Online courses are commonplace now but Sir
Isaac Pitman actually established the first distance learning course in the 1840’s.
Pitman taught shorthand by mailing postcards to students and correcting the answers that
they mailed back. In the 1920s, educational radio programs were considered textbooks in
the air. And today there are over 2,200 courses available online around the world. For free. While South Korea is using robot teachers
to help children with learning disabilities, a kindergarten in Switzerland is bringing
education back to its roots. Literally. They have a school outside in the forest where
kids attend rain or snow learning to build fires and shelters alongside their ABCs. And as always – thanks for watching. It’s School of YouTube week and you can make
a difference to the millions of children worldwide who won’t be going back to school this year. Whether due to lack of teachers, school materials
or worse so click on the donate button – if you can – to help spread ideas and knowledge
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  1. Here in Ohio I live in a district near Cleveland (though it's much nicer than Cleveland) and starting this school year we are simply required to be in school for a certain number of hours every school year before we have to have make up days due to snow days. But my school goes from 7:55–3:11 which according to some of the teachers means we could have 2-3 weeks worth of snowdays and not have to make up a single day, and I have also heard that this winter will be a bad one for us, so maybe I'll be lose out on a good amount of school.

  2. Kids are getting smarter these days because of smart phone.lol That's how I passed through college. So yeah, our generation is getting stupid-er. Also, where I work at… Students straight from college always get fired on the first day. lol Lack of knowledge in chemicals. I got lucky because I was interested in science period.

  3. I like your vids, but sorry, your IQ fact thing is bullshit.
    Look at the curriculum and tests of what children had in the past compared to the shit they have today. Sry man. Not buying it.

  4. Godamn these people who think kids are dumber when we LITERALLY have proof of higher IQs are just as retarded as the people they are generalizing.  

  5. 9/10 kids in my school are fucking retarded. That's why I'm questioning the truth of the ''fact'' that kids are getting smarter.

  6. 'the younger generation is smarter' pfffttt @Vsauce2 i think you better look at the people on facebook they can't even spell >_>

  7. I really love the visual format for these Thought Glass episodes. Very well done. 

    Oh, and for those who are saying that school "isn't as good as it was in the 50s" and what not, unless you're studying to be a teacher or an education specialist, be quiet because you have no idea what you're talking about. Sure, schools in the U.S. specifically aren't as prosperous as they used to be (was once number one in the world but is now closer to forty last time I checked) but U.S. schools are still great for the fact that we can still give a well-rounded education and give help to those who really need it.

    I'm aware that there are a lot of REALLY dumb kids nowadays, but I think it's safe to say we can blame that on society more than our education systems.  

  8. Im wondering why we have ti go to school all the way up to the 12th grade…..

    School doesn't teach you the skills needed for real life anyway. The only thing I see important to people are learning how to add, subtract. multiply, and Divide…Just me though….

  9. wow serious cause the kids in my generation are of bunch of douches but maybe hes talking about only the smart kids i guess

  10. In the USA, republitards are trying to reduce the days of public school so they can give more tax breaks to billionaires. They are calling this the kid-friendly, "Let summer be summer"

  11. If you want to find a person who has a similar brain to that of a mid 1800s farmer look at the comment section on any YouTube video.

  12. Want another fact?
     You all know how an animal's intelligence is measured by willing they are to obey a human's commands.
     So are kids in school.

  13. I honestly don't get why nobody believes that kids today are smarter. We have more information and technology available, and more opportunities available. Yes, there are some not so smart kids, but if you compare them to children who used to get nothing more than a 4th grade education way back in the day, it's better. 

  14. Would like to add, parents now have also better education, compared with 50 years ago and they also transfer part of their education for their kids, affecting also their ability to learn 🙂

  15. I do believe that the people who are saying that the next generations are not getting smarter, might be the small percentage of children who aren't. The internet has changed things on a global scale, for example, access to free information. Sure, children who were brought up in the 50's for example might be smarter in some degrees, such as literature. This would be due to the fact that their main source of knowledge came from newspapers, books etc. I also do know that my grammar isn't the best so saying that it's shit Isn't going to change much. 

  16. Kids are getting smarter? If idiots could fly, my school would be an airport. I seem to be the only one who knows anything (I get straight A's), while most of the kids in my grade don't know anything. Luckily, there are a few other people, I know, who are as smart as me, too.

  17. If that is true, then why were the entrance exams for high school 100 years ago harder than the modern exit exam for high school. Also, why were they teaching latin and greek and logic and the modern generation is still taking and failing the basics. The average amount of information available has drastically increased due to the internet, so there is a measure of average intelligence that has increased due to the increase of the "common knowledge" readily shared (like animal classifications to use the example of the video), however, the ability to think and reason has declined markedly. I would pit a high school student of 100 years ago against any modern college student any day. 

  18. @Canned Snacks You said-
    I dare you to reply to this comment. If you can't, then please like this comment so I know how many people failed to reply.


  19. You know there are still public schools in the US that go year around, they only have a 2 week break every quarter. (I know this because my half sister once went to a public school as such)

  20.                            More schooling does NOT equal smarter kids.
    All that kids get from school is schooling, which is learning based on pre-thought thoughts.
    Intelligence is earned by maneuvering real world situations in the real world, making mistakes and learning from them, reading books in the library, and learning how to think and rationalize for yourself.

    No school, school teacher or school textbook holds the holy grail of intelligence.

  21. If the kids of the new generations are getting smarter it would make since but I think there learning things and way differently from past generations. They focus more on mathematical and being "book smart" as before it was more focused on history commen since and survival. I think the main reason for this because we don't have the need to learn to survive anymore because we have this idea that the world takes care of us and we should just lay back and let what happens happen and before its was reveresed

  22. ha judging many based off of 1 stupid farmer is just plain stupid. "They didn't engage in hypothetical or abstract thought"…what about Socrates, Aristotle, etc.? Everyone didn't engage in deep thought then just like everyone doesn't now…deep thought isn't for everyone and a farmer only needs to think about how to farm, not anything beyond that. 

  23. I kinda like the comment section right now… Very… reasoning in a sense. Sorry can't really get the right word for it. However I think the biggest problem with the current generation is what we are actually given Mostly the technology. The phones, video games, etc. Just drives away the education sense. However I also hate fucking school with the shit ton of unecessary homework, & people who talk about pointless & bullshit stuff in their conversations. WHY THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO WAIT TO DO COOL SHIT?! Just have to be 13 years old…

  24. Hypotethical and abstract thoughts don't necessarily mean they are dumb. In fact, it could be smarter than not being so. Reality/logic is just another religion (so to speak, not an actual 'religion' but still a belief) made by humans to make them feel better, when it actually doesn't. Not trying to imply that everything should be like everyone were on drugs, but being a realists just makes everything harder.

  25. In reference to the comment about children are getting smarter, I think there is a lot of variables you need to encompass before coming to that conclusion, a recent documentary I watched by Brian cox Human universe (worth the watch) on bbc showed evidence that the human brain has not significantly changed in the past 200+ years (don't quote on exact amount of years ) and that we on average have the same amount of CCs (brain power) from are not to long distant ancestors also the program suggested  that if you take a child from say 150-200 years ago and put in a modern learning environment , their is nothing to suggest they would perform any differently then someone born in the current era , also the fact that you could say children are getting more intelligent because they have more information readily available i.e the internet and various other outlets, however this does not in my opinion, measure intelligence.
     In all good episode however that one comment may need further investigation.

  26. Vsauce should do something about the generation of people who lived their childhood through the dying 90's (1995-2005) Where all we had were cartoons. To now where everything is just phones.
    Only thing is that, that generation has lived through what almost seems like 2 eras and the rise of technology

  27. From my observations of statistical recollection of data, I have concluded that the IQ test is an inadequate measurement of intelligence.

  28. Be critical of the newest generation all you like: Just rest assured that they are the ones fighting your wars and working the jobs you can't to keep the world going.

  29. LOL, kids getting smarter. Just read some the shit on the comment section. Maybe not this particular video, but I'm sure you'll find some really ignorant crap. And it's all because of WORSE school education… 

  30. With regards to the whole "more recent generations being smarter" thing: Why do you compare students 100 years ago taking todays test vs today's students taking the test 100 years ago… If youre going to compare them give them the SAME TEST!!! Otherwise the result doesn't necessarily mean people are getting smarter; it could mean, for example, that the test just got easier!!

  31. Read some original textbooks used in the Founding Era of America and tell me that people are getting smarter with a straight face. John Taylor Gatto has done some excellent work showing the incredible decline in intelligence over the past 200 years.

    Source: I have the original reprints of "The Blue Back Speller" and "McGuffey's Readers," and I have read John Taylor Gatto's book "The Underground History of American Education."

  32. Im 11, but can explain why we are smarter then past generations.
    Personally my iq is 142. Last year in fifth grade I had a challenge teacher (kindof like honors classes except weekly) he read a book saying that the more opportunities for knowledge U have, the higher your iq.
    Although iq does not equal knowledge, knowledge does equal iq, If u catch my drift. Einstein grew up with a mathmetition as an uncle.
    Bill gates grew up in a rich family, allowing for private school where they had a computer, etc etc now we have the flatscreen tv and smart tv.
    But, even if in a Unwealthy family, U can achieve a high iq score by working with people around you (I could work with a mathemition, a scientist, my teachers, etc.)

  33. Think of standard deviation. Maybe the smartest are getting smarter, and we've been focusing too much on the majority.

  34. ok i like this idea and i think it should be done in more places teaching kids how to build fires and shelters and survive off the bare essentials is an amazing idea i often wonder what would happen if some sort of freak accident knocked us back technologically how many of us would survive and how many would just die out for lack of the information and skills needed

  35. All the people who feel like complaining that kids are dumber these days should remember that when they were kids, adults said the same about them. Its just a psychological issue. Go watch the Vsauce video on juvenoia for more details.

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