36 thoughts on “5 Saxophone Learning mistakes”

  1. I love how he says it’s not abt the gear but he has an expensive ass mouthpiece I wanna see this loony play on a stock cheap plastic mouthpiece with a stock flimsy metal ligatures

  2. I think it really helps if you have a mouthpiece that is going o produce the type of sound and response that you have in your mind, which means you can just blow it an the sound will be in the ballpark for you. Once your tone is developed I think it will come through on any mouthpiece (with varying ease). It was Sanborn and Brecker's tones that made me want to play, so a low-baffle, wide chamber mouthpiece would have been nowhere near it. I got a Sakshama MB2 and I love it.
    Yes I do make a lot of noise. Never had any complaints though. Must be good neighbors around me.

  3. Thank you for your video.
    May I make a suggestion? Please do not take it amiss, but you talk too much. In this 8 minute video, you start actually talking about your subject at 0:48 and by minute 6 you were already repeating stuff. I personally cannot stay focused if I keep thinking "to the point!" 😉
    Thanks again for the videos.

  4. The biggest mistake sax players make is doubling on the useless clarinet.

    Get a soprano if you need a straight horn!

  5. Subbed. First video I’ve seen from you and already I feel as if this channel as a whole will help tremendously with my playing. I have a question, though, what if you want to practice, but you don’t have the drive to? I enjoy sax, but a rarely, if ever, feel like practicing.

  6. F O C U S F O C U S F O C U S = S U C E S S – I am a guitar player and this is so true – in fact I'm here now due to a LACK of focus on the guitar – thinking – HEY I wanna learn SAX… FOCUS IS MOST IMPORTANT – now hey look cat video playing a sax!!! LMAO

  7. I always perceive thumbs down vs. thumbs us percentage wise. In this case it's LESS than .0037 thumbs down…negligible…don't even count, unless you like to play horseshoes instead of the sax!!

  8. I’ve just started playing the tenor sax for a few months after playing clarinet for about 6 years. I really struggle hitting high notes like high C (middle finger on left hand with register key on). The notes just sound so flat. Any tips?

  9. Very interesting and useful, practise is interesting, I like what you said about that a lot, I'm not a reader but play in jazz bands, when I'm playing at home I just play for fun, I love the sound of the tenor, as and from tomorrow I will follow your advice, I have just started playing again after a lot of years just playing clarinet, I descibe it at the moment as my sax is speaking but not to me or anybody else, you method is great thanks.

  10. If the greatest player plays the cheapest instrument, that would make the instrument the best-sounded instrument in the world.

  11. my senior plays saxophone and its really sound good, i though its because his saxophone is a product of yamaha, but the truth is its depending on the embouchure :<< how tooooo? help me pleaaase.

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