42 thoughts on “5 RV Lessons We Learned the Hard Way – Bears, Propane, Warranties, Dump, and Tires”

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  2. Thanks for the tips guys I sub to your channel check us out on our new Journeys in our Astro van with our dog bully

  3. Thanks for info. I have replaced the control board on several RVs, easy repair. Anyone that owes an RV needs to be able to complete simple repairs.

  4. I know that you do not use your black tank, but Yes! You should have a clear elbow, AND a hose hook up on your external flush gate to blast water back up into the tanks. This helps keep everything cleaned out. Also I think y'all have mentioned this before, but Goodyear Endurance tires have stronger sidewalls. Along with a good Tire Pressure (and temperature) Monitoring System (TPMS). This really helps keep the tires from blowing out.

  5. Having been in the propane business, we always told customers with bad OPD valves to go exchange the tank away…LOL If it needs re-certified again go exchange the tank. Also the key thing with exchanges is they don't fill their tanks all the way. A full tank will piss liquid propane out of the bleeder hole, although this is old school before OPD valves (Overfill Protection Device) which is a float that will close so you can not overfill a tank. We always typically let the OPD valve just shut, there you go a FULL tank. Actually we filled normal peoples tanks either by the piss method and/or OPD valve whatever occurred first our own tanks or really good customers we just let the OPS valve shut and you are done filling…LOL

  6. America cares nothing about the small guy. It has very poor consumer protection compared to other Western countries. This is because of the huge lobby influence of the giant corporations. The airlines are among the worst for runaround, as is AVIS car rental with its individual franchisees who don't give a damn, or the monopoly corporation, Greyhound Buses. So glad I don't live permanently in the US and have go endure being commercial cannon fodder, as is the average American sad sap. Americans are like North Koreans brainwashed to think everything in the country is the best….Not by a very long shot, folks. Sorry to rain on your parade

  7. Great video other than the explanation on warranties. I have had warranties save my ass multiple times. You have to read every detail when buying extended coverage. A lot of them are junk.. but to group them all together makes the mechanics richer and people mis informed. This is from a sceptical millennial who used to be in the car business.

  8. We’ve had multiple Heartland dealers refuse to do warranty work on our unit. They stated “If you didn’t buy it from us, we will not work on it”. They said “ we are too busy trying to keep up with our own customers needs to take on any other work”.

  9. Tyres and brakes are something you should never compromise on. It doesn't matter if you're driving a £200 car or a £200,000 RV, the tyres and brakes are the only thing between you and oblivion. I would never ever even consider anything other than a big brand like Michelin or Bosch for brakes.

  10. Also, a note on the propane tanks.. for the exchange, they never fill the tanks all the way. Total rip off. Always fill it at a station.

  11. Another risk with exchange propane tanks is, meth cookers use exchange tanks and even incidental contact with it or Fentanyl, found often in the same environment, can be deadly! Buying your own tanks and refilling is not only money sense smarter…it’s can be life saving!

  12. Only exchange your propane tanks when the are close to their end date, check the one you're exchanging with to make sure you're getting a newer one.

  13. one thing I learned the hard way when I started with RVs, was to ALWAYS check you air conditioner before running it for the 1st time each season. Check the fan motor to be sure it spins freely and has no play side to side in the shaft. check the compressors capacitor to be sure it's not buldging or leaking.. Also this is a good time to clean all the coils and filters.

  14. I’ve found that the exchange propane tanks here in MI are typically filled to 16 lbs. When you have them filled, they will fill to 20 lbs. So, with an exchange, you are paying more for less propane. Sometimes exchanging is your only convenient option, so in that case, just have to live with the higher price of exchange.

  15. About to get into a trailer, what rig do you pull with? I have a Nissan Frontier with 6100 lbs pulling capacity

  16. Replace tires immediately!!! Good Year Endurance ST!!! Made in America. China bombs blew on us after only 1 season with a brand new trailer. One tire blew, the other on the same side was about to blow and had tread separation.

  17. The would fix your fridge and the damn thing is only six months old? Tells you what the warranty is worth; nothing. Bit of info for you two. With a 4 wheeled trailer you need three spares!!! Not 1, not 2 but 3. If you are pulling at 70mph and lose one, the other tire is going to go very quickly. Have fun

  18. The tire part is 100% true! My wife and I had a 30ft 5th wheel coachman, in 2015 we left GA on our way to Zion national park in Utah with the ours kids. On the trip heading to Zion we had 5 blowouts! All 4 tires on the camper and the SPARE! I ended up buying 6 new tires!! I replaced the 4 on the camper, the spare and I found a place along the way that had an extra rim for a good price and put a tire on it for and extra spare! It was a nightmare, changing a tire at night and on busy highways!!! Plus my tires blew 1 at a time maybe a few 100 miles apart! In 2018 we bought a 40 foot 5th wheel Avalanche by keystone and the 1st thing I told the dealer was "take those trailer tires off and put me some 10ply light duty truck tires on"! I'm a licensed electrician and part gear head, I love working on stuff but even I didn't know about this and my wife and I had own a camper for 8 yrs before this nightmare happened! I researched the problem online and couldn't find any answers, finally at a campground in Florida I meet a guy and he told this little secret! I will not run anything else under my camper!!

  19. I see you have a rottweiler, as do I, I am having issues finding campgrounds that will allow my rottie, is there a list of campgrounds that allow rottweilers?

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