5 Riddles Only People with Fresh Thinking Can Crack

here we go five riddles only people with fresh thinking can crack like a fresh egg oh wait does that mean that fresh thinking comes from egg heads no not really people tend to think that intelligence is the only thing you need to solve a difficult problem however tons of studies show that it's the ability to think outside the box that can get you out of almost any situation do you think you have it in you let's see whether your unique perspective will be able to crack some of the hardest riddles out there but before we start don't forget to subscribe to our Channel and turn on post notifications so that you won't miss any of our new videos okay egg heads here's riddle number one a smooth criminal on November 24th 1971 a man calling himself dan Cooper bought a plane ticket in Seattle shortly after the 727 jet took off Cooper showed the flight attendant his briefcase claiming that there was a bomb inside and that he was hijacking the plane after that he demanded $200,000 and four parachutes two primary ones and two reserves when the plane landed in Seattle the police had the parachutes and money brought to the hijacker once he got what he asked for he let the passengers go and ordered the plane to take off again a bit later while the aircraft was in flight Cooper parachuted out of it somewhere over the forests of Washington State this incident actually happened and to this day people have no idea who this man really was and what happened to him after the hijacking so the question is simple why did Cooper ask for two primary parachutes and not just one you have 15 seconds to figure it out you think you know the answer it's actually not that hard according to US laws at that time hijacking a plane was a crime punishable by death dan Cooper knew that there was a high probability that the police would give him a faulty parachute he demanded two primary ones so that the police would think that he was going to take a hostage with him and his plan worked of course the police couldn't risk an innocent persons life so they gave Cooper two perfectly functioning parachutes case closed well not yet riddle number two two companies imagine that you're a highly sought after expert in your field and two amazing companies have offered you a job sounds like a dream come true doesn't it hmm not so fast because now you have to make a choice both companies are offering you a starting wage of $180,000 a year however if everything goes well the first company is willing to give you a $20,000 raise every year the second company will give you a $5,000 raise every six months which offer would you choose you have 15 seconds to weigh your options what do you think the first company is obviously better right wrong if you chose the second company Congrats you definitely know how to rake in more cash let's break it down and see what you'd come out with after three years in each company in the first company you'd have $180,000 after the first year then $200,000 in the second year and $220,000 in the third year adding it all together makes $600,000 for three years now for the second company for the first six months you'll get $90,000 then you'll get $95,000 for the second half of the first year the first half of year two will bring you $100,000 and the second half one hundred and five thousand dollars finally you'll get paid 110 thousand dollars for the first half of the third year and 115 thousand dollars for the second half add it all together and you've got six hundred fifteen thousand dollars in this case your out-of-the-box thinking has given you an extra $15,000 a year nice riddle number three abrini baker this story happened a long long time ago before we had modern conveniences like electricity and gadgets a baker decided to make a cake for his daughter's birthday according to the recipe it should stay in the oven for exactly 15 minutes but here's the catch the Baker's old clock broke and he didn't have time to find a new one his daughter would be home in just a half an hour and he wanted to surprise her with her lovely homemade cake the only thing he had was to hourglasses one of which was for seven minutes and the other was for 11 minutes the Baker was a very smart man and still managed to make one of the most delicious cakes ever he even did it before his daughter got home so how did he pull that off to bake the perfect cake he turned both of the our glasses upside down when all the sand from the top part of the 7-minute glass had fallen through it was time to put the cake in the oven after 4 minutes when the sand from the top part of the 11-minute glass had emptied out as well the Baker simply turned that glass upside down once again for another 11 minutes four minutes on the first turning and eleven minutes on the second make the 15 minutes he needed see easy as pie Oh I mean piece of cake riddle number four an unlucky robber one day a thief decided to rob the local bank he came up with a brilliant plan to dress up as one of the bank tellers and try to sneak into the vault as he was approaching the vault he saw a security guard standing right in front of the door the robber hadn't anticipated this so he hid and watched the guard carefully when one of the actual bank tellers walked up to the door the security guard said 12 the worker answered 6 and got in then another teller came up to the vault when the security guard said 6 the person answered 3 and was granted access oh I've totally got this thought the thief and he nonchalantly walked up to the security guard when the guard said 10 the robber confidently answered five he was arrested immediately so why was the thief's answer wrong and what should he have answered instead your 15 seconds start now any ideas the correct response has to do with a number of the letters in the word 12 has six letters so the answer is six six in turn has three letters so the answer is three as four ten well you can see by now that the robber should have said three looks like he wasn't as brilliant as he thought but once again crime doesn't pay riddle number five beauty and the brain there once was a baron who had gone broke and lost all his fortune the only thing he had was his two daughters Elsa and Gerda Elsa was drop-dead gorgeous while Gerda was smart as a whip now where did that expression come from smart as a whip normally whipping things or people is bad and not all that smart however I digress back to the story the ruler of a nearby Kingdom fell in love with beautiful Elsa and invited her to dinner in his palace Elsa decided to bring her clever sister along the ruler was old and ugly and he knew that he had no chance of winning else's heart he also knew that Gerda really loved riddles and decided to risk everything by striking a deal with the sisters the agreement went like this the old man would tie back each of the sisters hair with either a red or gold ribbon they could both get matching ribbons or different ones the girls couldn't give any signals hints or phrases to help the other guess the color of their ribbon they would dine in silence in a room with no mirrors after dinner was over he would ask each of the sisters what color ribbon was in her hair if they both guessed correctly they'd go home with all the gold and jewels they could carry if one of them guessed correctly the ruler would give the winning sister a pearl necklace and finally if neither of them guessed correctly he would marry Elsa wow this is so like let's make a deal Goethe talked it over with her sister and they both agreed to play needless to say Elsa was saved from such an unpleasant marriage but how did Goethe find a way to win now it's your turn to do the guessing you've got 15 seconds this one is still a mystery to us did you manage to crack it then please leave your answer in the comments below maybe together we can finally figure out exactly how goethe outsmarted the old boy so how many of these riddles did you Soph tell us in the comments 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    Riddle #1. A smooth criminal 1:00
    Riddle #2. Two companies 3:05
    Riddle #3. A brainy baker 5:18
    Riddle #4. An unlucky robber 7:10
    Riddle #5. Beauty and the Brain 9:02

  2. When the two sisters would be asked what colour of ribbon they were wearing , they would name the colour of the ribbon that the other sister was wearing. So, if Elsa would be asked and Gerta was wearing red ribbon she would say red. And then Gerta would answer red for sure!!

  3. For riddle number four i will like to ask the same question but answer is not three and five what else is the answer and its solution. Correct answer will get 100$ mobile topup. I will post the answer and its solution in 1 week.

  4. I think the answer to number 5 is this: They understood the rules and when they talked it over, that’s when they decided to choose the color they would go with… He told them the rules and then let them talk it over. Simple

  5. Its super easy if u look in the beginning Elsa had a gold ribbon on her hear and her sister had a red one so when the king changed them they started counting how many times he switched them he did it 4 times so the red is gold then again the gold is red third time red is gold and fourth time gold is red tad a easy

    Can I get a shout out pls in next vid

  6. Well they are drinking wine in the picture so maybe who ever had the red strand would ask for red wine and who ever had the yellow strand would ask for white wine

  7. End of first year 1,80,000+20,000=2,00,000
    End of second year
    End of third year

    It said 20,000 for every year.. so.. you are wrong bright side.. thank me later 😜

  8. red is for elsa because you said she was drop dead gorgeous and when your dead usually bleeding and blood is red

  9. The sisters picked tha wine that corresponded with the other sisters ribbon. If Elsa had a red ribbon, gherta would drink red wine

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