5 Must-Know John Bonham Drum Licks (Drum Lesson)

hey what's up this is Brian Tichy and I'm here at drum yo we're hanging out and we're going crazy in the world of bottom we're just sitting here honoring the mighty John Bonham and there's what we want to do is give you five licks that I think all of us drummers should know that our John Bonham's top of the top of the heap of all his stuff and let's start it out with number one John Bonham crossover triplets okay I'll play it and I'll explain it but it's a left-hand lead very simple phrase left right foot that's all it is get it nice and smooth the pattern is that's right on the on the snare left right on the rack and floor cross it over left under right so now it's floor rack and back to the regular left right Open final triplet there it is Bonham crossover triplets work on that keep some time with your foot while we're practicing that get some independence go and make that stuff groove and flow and get a nice nice flam rimshot for those for those snares alright number two fool in the rain fool the rain the halftime shuffle a lot going on in there a lot going on but what it is is we got a got the right hand shuffling on the hi-hat we got beat three on the snare we've got a great bass drum pattern and there's a beautiful hi-hat scoop and there's a nice pretty little ghost note in there it's something like this shuffle in that hi-hat get that scoop in there right in the beginning at the end of one don't hit too hard chill it you know sounds beautiful when you played a little more mellow next good times bad times triplets the bottom triplets it's a Zeppelin one he comes out he's like 19 years old he gives us these G's of blazing triplets we never had heard this before setting a standard right there you got to love it riding on the cowbell I'll get right to the phrase the water the beginning that was the first one you heard and then at the end of the song he goes crazy and he does triplets for two bars and basically he's got to sit here and start slow and it's the trip and the let a double stroke with your foot get that nice and smooth and and make a groove get it smooth make a groove you gotta love it you gotta love it and if you get a chance to get a 26-inch kick no hole no muffling try it on that it's a whole other beast but it's a lot of fun cuz it sounds pretty massive next you cannot forget the rock and roll intro if you don't know where the beat is it doesn't start on beat 1 it starts on the end of 3 before beat 1 so you got four bars of a drum intro with three eighth notes to start it off it sounds like junk Chuck Berry's Johnny be good rock and roll I'll count the beat off see if you can hear the correct rhythm when there's an actual count before that play it back count along it's it's a it's a beautiful adult school drum groove both hands together eighth notes that's another thing you should be working on but the phrase once again 1 2 3 rock and roll you know you know I wish they I wish bottom with 1 2 3 we'd all know what's going on ok and last less than the one that we might not know as well as all these others Bonzo live fury it's a left hand lead and it sounds something like this it involves you know some fast footwork left-hand lead just a no awesome phrase he'd go into these Furies out of his uh that like the middle of his solo to transition and he'd do some stuff like this it's basically the tempo when you start getting furious with it left-right between the rack and the floor some live fury at some bottom fury there you go some that's my top five right there that stop my head top five you can't go wrong with all that stuff John Bonham long lived the mighty John Bonham so yeah if you like this stuff you can go to dromio comm we did a whole course on stud the study of John Bonham's brilliant drumming all his top licks and fills and stuff that just changed my life and had a great time doing it here dromio calm and I am very happy to be here and digging deep to the world of John Bonham with these guys we had a blast Romeo calm go there check it out it's Brian Jesse you

44 thoughts on “5 Must-Know John Bonham Drum Licks (Drum Lesson)”

  1. dead zep was a very SATANIC group of devil worshippers johs is surely burning in HELL FOREVER!!! yea his drum skills were excellent but what about lifestyle choices what is ETERNITY? OH and how long does it last?

  2. Nice work…my favourite Bonzo licks well executed and explained…'I wish Bonahm went 1, 2 3!'….and i am a guitarist.

  3. one question: on some video-footage you can see that Bonzo keeps the sticks very short, why did he do that?

  4. Yeah, well done! This as others note, is how to do it! Authentic sound, more than competent playing and completely informed. Limited jibber jabber, and what he does say is critical, esp. RnR – spot on. How about the bridge on Fool In the Rain? Getting that bell going whilst keeping the other voices intact is a bitch for all times!

  5. Greatest drummer ever!!!!!!!!!! This is the part where we bow 🙇 🙇🙇🙇
    That said, you gotta have more cowbell on the Good Times, Bad Times beat.

  6. The first lesson is really tough. Oh wait, it's Bonham. Why start here? I just got my drum kit three months ago! It's Bonham. True. I'm getting back at it!

  7. I would like to turn back time and be there, when LZ released their first album, people got it, went back home and the first sound, was that beat of "Good times, bad times"… It should be a mind blowing experience. Until then, with the exception of Jazz, most of beats were classic 4/4, kick-snare-kick-snare.
    Great job on the video, straight to the point.

  8. Brilliant. Learned more in that few minutes than in all the other ‘what Bonham does’ videos put together. Well done and thank you.

  9. I was waiting for him to say " if you French fry when you're supposed to pizza pie you're gonna have a bad time k?"

  10. Great lesson. Notice the T-shirt. Go check Meshuggah out if you haven't already. Tomas Haake on drums. Insane.

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