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  1. 5 Must Have Skills To Become Machine Learning Engineer
    1. Math skills
    1. Probability and statistics
    1. Fundamentals of statistics and probability theory, Baye’s rule, random variables, Probability distribution, sampling, hypotheses testing etc
    2. Linear Algebra
    1. Matrices (Know basic operations).
    3. Calculus : Basics of differential and integral calculus
    2. Programming skills
    1. Knowledge of Data structures, algorithms, OOPs concepts
    2. Python, R, Java, C++- Know at least one language really well
    3. Data Engineer skills
    1. Ability to work with large amounted of data
    2. Data preprocessing
    3. Knowlege og SQL and NoSQL
    4. ETL (Extract Transform and Load) operations
    5. Data Analysis and Visualization skills
    4. Knowledge of Machine learning algorithms
    1. Linear Regression
    2. Logistic Regression
    3. Decision Trees
    4. Random Forest
    5. clustering (K means, Hierarchical)
    6. Reinforcement Learning
    7. Neural networks
    5. Knowledge of Machine learning frameworks
    1. Familiarity with popular machine learning frameworks such as SCIKIT learn, Tensorflow, Azure, Caffe, Then, SPARK, and Torch

  2. This career is for me only.
    I am expert in mathematics and I have very strong skills in computer field. I have a keen interest in Computer world.

  3. Iam from technical background in networking , will AI & ML courses helps to build a carrier further …

  4. Regarding ML-framworks, its enough to know scikitlearn and tensorflow.

    Spark and Azure are more for big data engineers

  5. These fundamental are really important to #Learn #MachineLearning. But to become an expert #AI & #Machine #Learning professional you have to be very good in –
    1. Mathematics –
    Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Applied mathematics
    2. Programming –
    Python, C++, Java, LISP, Prolog
    3. Advance Signal processing techniques

    4. Data Modelling & Evaluation

    5. Software designing

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  6. You must not have this skills to be a machine learning engineer, You will LEARN them as you become a machine learning engineer.

  7. I still like group studies by gathering personally. Open to discussion, Qand A, personal coaching, peer support, notes sharing, exchange of ideas, fun and laughter everything happens on the spot, there and then. A lot of human connections takes place. I find it quite difficult to connect with people through machine larning eventhough there are many facilities or platforms to do so. I don't feel their presence just by their voice or text messaging. Video calls are much better at least can see each other. Listening to a lecture online and attending classes physically, i prefer the later. No doubt the 1st one is more convenient, we can learn at our own pace, time and comfort even in our pyjamas at home. But, when we attend classes physical we get into the learning momentum with everyone. We need to pack our bags enthusiatically to attend the class, sit in a lecture hall which is appropariate for learning beside other peers. The environment tune the mind to be prepared to learn unlike in the comfort of our own bedroom. We can on the computer or video and doze off if we find the lecture is boring. We can't afford to do that when we are physically present. If feel bored, peers are beside you to talk about the topic. I still like prefer to be physical attend classes. I find it very boring to learn alone in my room.

  8. You will need a much deeper knowledge of Mathematics than the list above since Machine Learning will outgrow its current boundaries.

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