5 Marketing Phrases That Should Make You Instantly Skeptical (Critical Thinking 101)

from the moment you wake up in the morning until the time when you go to bed at night you're a target a target for marketers who are trying to get you to buy whatever they're selling studies suggest that the average person is exposed to thousands of commercial messages every single day from billboard ads for movies to Facebook ads for shoes TV ads for hamburgers commercials are absolutely everywhere in the modern world and all this marketing works with Americans spending over thirteen trillion dollars last year the u.s. is the world's largest consumer market by far now plenty of that purchasing is fine and necessary but in this video I'm going to point out several different marketing phrases that should make you instantly skeptical of what ever someone is trying to sell you all right first up you should be skeptical anytime you see an advertisement use the word natural unlike the phrase USDA Organic which has a specific legally binding meaning in the United States the phrase natural has no legally binding meaning whatsoever it's a completely unregulated marketing phrase for instance you could have all natural steroids or 100% natural bleach or the new all-natural Ford Fiestas natural doesn't mean anything at all number two watch out for marketing that uses the phrases toxins cleanse or detox the phrase detox originally referred to a specific medical procedure to help people get rid of their addictions to drugs like heroin but more recently the word has been co-opted by marketers who are selling a variety of sometimes harmful diet products or other cleanses that promise to remove toxins from your system dr. Ho's plants is gentle natural and stimulant free it's the quick easy delicious way to help detoxify de-stress and deflate your bloated gut now if you've watched enough commercials for different cleanses you notice that they never mention the specific toxins that they're supposed to save you from that's because these toxins don't actually exist according to the New York Times modern day products like juice cleanses are about as effective as blood sucking leeches that doctors used to use in the 19th century in other words there's zero scientific evidence that they actually work and they may do more harm than good number three you should slow down and think carefully whenever a company is trying to tempt you and offering you a product either free we're at a deep discount to 40% off buy one get one free recliner sale generally speaking corporations don't make a lot of money by giving things away for free but they can and they do make money when they're able to convince us that a deal is too good to pass up for instance check out this great example where somebody flipped over the for sale tags at a store and found that the original prices we're the exact same as the on sale prices we're even worse sometimes the sale price is actually higher than the normal price in fact right before Black Friday when lots of products are sold as Christmas gifts sometimes the retailers will actually mark up the prices on their products just so they can brag about putting them on sale a few days later pricing psychology also allows marketers to trick us into thinking that we're getting a good deal when a price ends in 99 cents as the old saying goes there's no such thing as a truly free lunch marketing trick number 4 any product that uses the word ancient or secret in their advertising how do you get your it's so clean mr. Li ancient Chinese secret unless you're about to take a tour of an ancient pyramid or you're going to a museum where you're going to find ancient artifacts hearing that phrase should make you pretty skeptical you should ask yourself what are the chances that there is this ancient wisdom that's been passed down from generation to generation in secret and now the only people who have it are this one corporation that's willing to sell the secret to you it's much more likely that they're trying to profit off of people's natural reverence for old things or maybe add a touch of mystique to their product and finally you should be super skeptical anytime you hear the phrase in miracle doesn't matter if it's a miracle weight loss around or a miracle cure for an illness that's ailing you or a miracle way to grow your income by 50% overnight without doing any extra work nothing screams scam like miracle you should hang up the phone close that web browser window or run in the opposite direction if you have to marketers use these phrases like miracle or ancient or secret or natural because they manipulate us into thinking that whatever they're selling has got to be too good to pass up by the way if you're seeing something advertised on television to begin with remember that TV airtime costs a fortune to purchase if a company has enough excess profits that they're able to buy a bunch of national television ads they're probably making huge profits off of whatever they're selling take for instance those really annoying cash-for-gold TV ads you may have seen rings chains and bracelets into cold hard cash from cash for gold calm I had no idea my gold jewelry was worth so much money it turns out several investigations concluded that cash for gold businesses we're actually paying customers only a fraction of the true value of the gold jewelry that people mailed them they even had the nerve to sue news organizations that reported on this scandal in the end if something sounds too good to be true it probably is and here's one final note of caution be especially aware of when marketers are trying to explore your emotions emotions like fear lust or my own personal least favorite be aware of when advertisers are trying to make money off of your own sense of patriotism tragic reminders the World Trade Center the Pentagon and flight 93 a collector's item it's valued at $100 but is now available for Justin there's no better way to show your American pride than waving the American flag now bring that same spirit indoors with the amazing electronic waving fly that always waves proudly order the waving flag now for a leaf I'm posting a video every single month you can subscribe to this YouTube channel for updates next time if you like this video please share it if you thought it was stupid you can tell me what an idiot I am on Twitter I'll see you next month

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