41 thoughts on “5 Life Lessons – Will Smith”

  1. Extremely powerful. Fault & Responsibility don't go together. "The road to power is taking RESPONSIBILITY" #makeadecision

  2. Good advice, but it's this kinda talk that creates the Billy McFarlands — where is the balance? is there a balance or does the outcome dictate the justification?

  3. I think all women should listen to this video and especially concentrate when Mr Smith talks about why it is up to YOU to take responsibility! Take responsibility for YOUR self, YOUR life, YOUR choices and YOUR heart, and stop blaming others and stop being a victim. These days and especially in the west and in europe due to feminism – women take NO responsibility for their own behavior, their own choices and for their own life's and ultimately – their own happiness. They always blame others. And they are in constant victim-mood. And they think this "empower" them but in reality it actually shows just how weak and stupid they really are. Like naive children that cannot help anything and need constant pampering and protection. This has actually made them more unhappy and more dependent than ever before.

  4. It’s easy to talk but the real life is deferent be careful…. failure will destroy you so is like disease you should (Take a vaccine)
    Years are running And your age also.

  5. I love your art! Great illustrations and fun caricatures (am I using that right?), and there's something mesmerizing about the sight of the sped-up process. The content is great, too.

  6. Misery loves company, if you hangout with losers you will be a loser too, those losers will like you when you are at their level, they like you when you are losing, but they HATE you when you are succeeding, they want to sabotage you and bring you back to the same level they knew you before.

  7. Great animation and editing! I love lesson 3. "When you're in victim mode you're stuck in suffering. The road to power is in taking responsibility."

  8. 2:08 makes sense, sometimes when your doing good or succeeding, sometimes other wont like you or dont like it when your succeeding, it could be jealousy.
    It may not be your fault but that means you have to try to see it as a good thing. These people who are trying to put out your flames might be naysayers they dont want you to succeed they would want to bring you to back to the same relationship they knew you before.

  9. To summarize:
    1. Fail
    If you don't fail you won't, learn. Fail , grow and succeed.
    2. Surround yourself with the right people
    We tend to become like people we surround with. Spend your time with inspiring people.
    3. Take responsibility
    Responsibility to fix things that might not be your fault
    4. Be unrealistic
    You can't do something you don't believe you're capable of. If you believe you can or you believe you can't, you're right
    5. Don't listen to the doubters
    The truth is important and you gotta defend it. Believe in your purpose.

  10. Do W Smith know your channel? Great job amazing love your job. Big lessons culpability and respinsability dont go together …. great drawing !!!

  11. I do love Will ( actually his my favorite actor in Hollywood ) and i for sure love this video
    But all of his fate, fame, and everything he has now was pure luck ( saying this as a fan )

  12. I really like the idea of Fault vs. Responsibility. I feel that as a populous in a democracy we need to learn that lesson. We need to know as a people that yes many crappy things happened to our country that are not our fault but, it is damn sure our responsibility to fix it.

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