5 Life-Lessons From 3000+ Tweets | James Clear

welcome back Ramos gang I hope you are having a great day for those of you who don't know New York Times bestselling author James clear has hands-down one of the best and most insightful Twitter feeds on the Internet that is why I decided to go back through three years and over 3,000 tweets of his to find the five best pieces of advice he has ever shared so without further ado lesson number one you are what you repeatedly do greatness therefore is not an act but a habit forming good habits is perhaps the most important step in achieving success therefore there is no better question to ask yourself than are my current habits carry me to my desired future although there are an infinite number of great habits there are seven that James believes offer the highest rate of return these are asleep in at least eight hours lifting weights three times a week going for a walk outside saving 10% of your income reading every day and reducing your screen time if you tell me what your habits are I will tell you how successful you will become lesson number two consistency is more important than intensity it seems that everyone is so focused on intensity that they forget the fundamental truth that life is a marathon not a sprint instead of doing a triathlon writing a book in 30 days or going on a silent retreat focus on never missing a workout journaling every week and meditating for five minutes a day while intensity is a lot sexier it is through consistency that greatness is achieved lesson number three separate yourself from the herd if you want to be in the top 1% then you can't take your cues from and follow the social norms of the 99% this is much harder than it seems because humans by nature are pack animals and as such we are wired to imitate however the further you want to climb the more carefully you must construct your tribe if you desire exceptional results you cannot put an average effort lesson number four life is all about wraps like the gym most people give up after the first few reps whenever you are learning any new skill the ability to persevere and keep practicing despite the setbacks is what separates the great from the people who give up your first blog will be bad but your thousands will be great your first workout may be weak but your thousandth will be strong your first meditation will be scattered but your thousands will be focused if you're willing to put in the wrap there is no goal that cannot be achieved lesson number five be careful with what you consume most people mindlessly consume without ever realizing the long-term impacts of their poor decisions whenever you are deciding what to consume remember that your body adapts to what you eat your mind adapts to what you consume and your soul adapts to what you love ultimately it is what you feed yourself today I will determine who you become tomorrow be very careful when making that choice thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed hearing these tips and I urge you to do yourself a favor go on Twitter and follow James clear and myself if you haven't already and here's the most important part unfollow two toxic people by doing this you would have taken your first step to changing your tribe for the better finally if you are an obsessive optimizer and hit that subscribe button so you can join the greatness gang as we embark on the quest for greatness

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