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Hey guys it’s Chelsea from The Financial
Diet and this week’s video is brought to you by creditrepair.com. Today I wanted
to talk a little bit about the good investments that you might have heard
about or thought about doing yourself that are actually kind of scams. Now
whether these are actual financial investments or they’re more career or
lifestyle the point is that they present themselves as a way to really almost
kind of hack your way into a better life or to a better result
but they can’t deliver on that promise. Now of course no matter what you’re
looking to do or invest in we always encourage you to do tons of research and
that can start with something as simple as typing in the name of the product or
service and the word review but even if you’re planning on doing tons of
research there are certain good investments that it’s probably best to
avoid altogether so let’s get right into them five good investments that are
actually total scams. Number one is for-profit schools. Now put very simply
for-profit schools are simply institutions of higher learning that are
profit seeking. They operate like businesses. You’ve probably heard of a
lot of them in your day to day life things like Strayer, DeVry, Phoenix, or
even Trump University which in its short lifespan managed to scam a lot of people. Now first of all these schools are often targeting lower-income students and
quite frequently students who would otherwise be looking at community
colleges and this is really predatory when you consider that the cost on
average of for-profit institutions is markedly higher than its not-for-profit
counterparts and having been a community college student myself who paid almost
literally zero each semester for tuition after the student financing and grants
that were available to me I can confirm that these prices are pretty damn
ridiculous compared to what you could be looking at with a community college but
it’s not just the raw cost it’s also the degree to which for-profit students are
encouraged to take out loans. In fact 96% of for-profit students end up taking out
loans and the default rate on those loans is three times higher than those
of not-for-profit students but it’s not just the cost as I said it’s also what
these schools are promising. These schools are often targeting students who
are looking for a very specific career path as opposed to just sort of general
higher education. They’re promising specific skills or
certifications that will immediately translate into better jobs and two
things are good to remember here. Number one is that multiple for-profit
universities have been taken into extensive lawsuits because they were
falsely inflating the actual number of hirings after graduation but the other
thing to consider is that most of the certifications and trainings that are
offered by a for-profit college are also available at community colleges so when
you think back to the cost difference it’s a no-brainer.
Now I’m someone who personally believes that everyone should consider starting
in a community college especially because even if you do want a four-year
or graduate degree most of those credits are transferable never forget that at
the end of the day these for-profit schools are just businesses they’re
looking to make money off of you and that’s not to say that other
institutions of higher education are not but it’s certainly not to the same
extent. When it comes to these for-profit schools do not be lured in by their
false and inflated promises. Do your research and you’ll find that there’s
almost none of them which are not drowning in negative reviews and often
lawsuits. Number two is social media MLM schemes. Now MLM stands for multi-level
marketing and basically it’s a sales situation in which people buy either the
right to sell a product and or the actual inventory of that product and
often are making more money by recruiting new people into the sales
structure rather than actually selling the products and while MLM schemes have
existed for a very long time, you might be able to recall for example the Avon
lady coming to your house and doing your mom’s makeup for half an hour, with the
advent of social media they have become easier than ever to get sucked into and
to be falsely convinced that they are an easy and efficient way to make a little
extra cash. If you have a Facebook account chances are you’ve probably seen
several of these MLM schemes whether it’s with makeup or workout gear or
health cleanses or whatever it might be and if you’ve seen them you’ve probably
noticed that it’s mostly women selling these products which is not an accident
MLM companies often target women specifically and more specifically than
that women in rural and suburban environments who do not have a ton of
access to easy employment opportunities. They often especially attempt to appeal
to part or full-time stay-at-home moms who may not be able to dedicate
themselves to a full-on in person job but want to make that
extra cash but when it comes to the actual numbers behind MLM schemes
they’re pretty damn shocking first of all 99% and yes it is actually 99% of
MLM recruits end up losing money because the vast majority of commissions end up
going to a very few top of pyramid structure promoters and on top of that
50% of representatives end up dropping out within a year and yet even with
those insanely bad numbers it continues to be a very very popular pursuit with
over 18 million Americans involved in one of these schemes at any given time
so not only do we encourage you to never get involved in one of these setups but
if you see someone you love who’s doing it talk to them. Don’t just show them the
information and the truly jarring statistics about these companies. Really
encourage them to look at the finances of working with them not just any money
they might be taking in on a day-to-day basis but that money compared to the
money that they’ve invested via either buying inventory the right to sell the
product or just dues and fees. Chances are if they’re actually working out that money it’s a net loss. Only you can prevent your Facebook feed from
devolving into a cesspool of scammy products. Number three is individual
stock picking. Now we’ve discussed this before on the channel but it’s so
important to really consider in the context of being a bit of a scam. There
is an entire industry that’s built on this idea that there are people who can
give you special insights into the performance of any given stock that will
help you outperform the market but statistically that is very much not true
and more importantly a feeling that you might have that the more involved and
active and the more insight you add to any given endeavor the higher it will
pay off for you is totally incorrect when it comes to investing and in fact
is one of the easiest ways to sabotage yourself. When it comes to investing
following the market setting it and forgetting it is very often the best way
to go. Even if you’re not paying a professional to help you pick these
stocks just doing them yourself is an easy way to shoot yourself in the foot. Well over half of individual stocks underperformed the market on a long
enough time frame now if you still do want to pick some individual stocks
first of all we recommend that it may a very small portion of your overall
portfolio ideally around 5% and if you do ever want to use your personal
insight or conviction you have to look at it the right way. It’s important to
remember that if you are ever going to buy a stock based on the prediction that
it will do well in the future it should never be about a short-term benefit
because chances are if you have access to that information so does the market
and it’s already been considered in that stocks market value. For example if
there’s a company you know is coming out with a really cool product in the next
few months that’s already priced into its value. When it comes to any kind of
personal convictions or insights think in the longer term for example you might
be thinking that a certain kind of renewable energy is going to be more and
more widely used over the next decade and that could be a good chance to use
some of your ideological convictions or personal insights to inform that
decision. In general investing is all about steady slow long term choices but
always understand that if you the individual investor has access to
information so does the market and if there’s ever a time when you actually do
have access to secret information that’s leading you to make a really valuable
investment choice that’s about to shoot up that’s illegal. That’s called insider trading and it’s why Martha Stewart went to jail. Number
four is cryptocurrency as get-rich-quick scheme. Now I know I’m setting myself up
for a bit of a flame war in the comments just by even mentioning the terms
cryptocurrency and scam in the same video but what I want to clarify here is
that cryptocurrency is not in and of itself a scam nor is blockchain
technology and it’s important to remember that those two are not the same
things I’m not going to bog you down with too much information but an easy
way to think of them is cryptocurrency is the actual currency being used and
blockchain is simply a technology that allows for an open publicly agreed upon
an unchangeable ledger of transactions that allow people to see the
transactions and more importantly the ownership of things. But cryptocurrency
is not in and of itself anything inherently bad or scammy and many people
do believe that it is an important tool for humans in the digital age to
interact with one another and for that reason many people invest in
cryptocurrency from an ideological perspective. They want it to become a
more more commonly used thing and know that
participating in it and buying into it will help that happen and there’s
nothing wrong with that especially if you can really afford to do it but what
is dangerous and scammy is the presentation or discussion of
cryptocurrency as a way to get rich fairly quickly or even as a relatively
solid investment for the average person and it’s not just the crypto brokers who
are doing this it’s also the people who generally evangelize the technology way
way past its reasonable financial expectations. Over the past few years
especially there have been cases of people mortgaging their homes or
liquidating most of their portfolios in order to buy in super-heavy and
cryptocurrency and these big spikes in the value of certain coins are leading
the average person to feel like it’s a super good opportunity to make a lot of
money in a short period of time and this plays on a really dangerous fallacy
that comes up over and over and over again in finances which is the idea that
something can be an extremely good valuable opportunity and also open to
everyone. When something sounds too good to be true as a financial opportunity it
usually is. Basically investing in cryptocurrency
is just speculation not really that different from speculating on the value
of individual stocks but there’s a big difference cryptocurrency is much more
volatile and risky. There’s not a lot of history to go off of for the trends in
value and the future of cryptocurrency for how it will be used in major
countries is still really uncertain and it’s because of this volatility that for
the average person it should not represent more than about 1% of your
overall portfolio and yes that sounds really low but that’s because it has to
be in order to counterweight all the huge risks you’re taking on by investing
in it 1% gives you a little wiggle room so that hey if it pays off really big
you’re glad you did it but it allows you to protect yourself against the
overwhelming chance that it won’t even if it’s something that you feel
very ideologically convicted in participating in because you do believe
that cryptocurrency is a large part of our future interaction only limit it to
what you can afford to lose. Number five is cleanses. Similarly to these MLM
schemes you’ve probably seen on your social media and sometimes they’re one
in the same you’ve probably seen a lot about these detoxifying cleanses that
you can get either by buying a specific product or by following a specific
diet they’re often seen as great investments in your health because
they’re supposed to cleanse you of impurities or reset your system or do
some sort of unspecified thing that often just results in weight loss. You
might have seen things like Ballerina or Flat Tummy Tea which spoiler alert are
laxatives or you might have seen something like waist trainers which are
essentially corsets that you’re for some reason supposed to workout in but when
it comes to these food products supplements and vitamins
you’re usually seeing them in the context of a cleanse. Now first of all
cleanses and that’s an incredibly vague and unscientific term are in no way
shown to incur weight loss. Usually the weight loss happens as a result of just
consuming fewer calories which you often do on these types of super restrictive
diets but more importantly there’s no evidence that these detox cleanses
actually remove toxins from your body almost everything that these cleanses
are attempting to accomplish are things that are already done by the organs in
your body and more importantly possible side effects of these extreme cleanses
and restrictive diets are things like dehydration, fatigue, weakness, and even
muscle atrophy. Even colon cleanses like enemas and certain laxatives have not
been proven to really help with the detoxification process which quite
frankly why would anyone want to do a colon cleanse just for the fun of it. But
it’s not just the bullshit pseudoscience which is reason enough to avoid these
it’s also that they’re often really expensive. A lot of these juice only
diets are ten dollars or more per bottle and insist that you drink several of
these every day. Many of the popular three-day cleanses offered on social
media are $200 a pop and the ones that send you prepackaged meals and
supplements that you have to follow strictly can be over $2,000 a month. Eating an overall healthy well-balanced diet of real foods, more based on produce
the better, is a good way to stay healthy and a cost-effective one. There is no
magical cleanse or diet that you can do to your body that will get rid of toxins
or make you lose weight for any other reason than your consuming way too few
calories. They can be very tempting with the before-and-after photos and the
celebrity endorsements and this overall idea that they’re a get-rich-quick
scheme but with your body just like financial investments though if it
sounds too good to be true it probably is. Whether it’s your body or your bank account there is no quick fix to getting what you want and so often the solutions
that matter for us in the long term are slow and steady and fairly unsexy and
one of the worst decisions you can make when it comes to your financial future
is living with bad credit and if you are someone who is experiencing credit
issues and wants to help fix it in a fast and painless way check out creditrepair.com Basically creditrepair.com is your own
personal mentor for repairing building and maintaining your credit. They help
you build a customized strategy for improving your score work directly with
the credit bureaus to dispute any dings on your report and teach you how to
understand both your own score and the rating system. If you feel like you’re
struggling to build or rebuild good credit and want someone to guide and
advocate for you the whole way check out creditrepair.com at the link in our
description to learn more. As always guys thank you for watching and don’t forget
to hit the subscribe button and to come back every Tuesday and Thursday for new
and awesome videos. Bye! you

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  1. I think MLM should have been higher as they are a literal scam while many of the others are just misguided or ineffective. I’d have said first until I saw the snake oil in that spot 🙂

  2. Also, my dad bragged to me yesterday because he got $100 from daytrading. The amount he used to make that $100? $16000. I yelled at him, but I expect him to be broke within 10 years.

  3. Completely disagree about for profit schools. Some suck. Some are excellent. I personally went to a local one for electronics. The training was intense and fully “hands-on” which is not what you get from community college classes. When it comes to technical and skilled trades, they offer a valuable service. If it’s only for business management or something else that doesn’t require hands-on training, then sure…. community is the way to go. But I will agree that they are expensive. Especially the bigger nationally accredited ones.

  4. Community colleges are great, especially if you live in a state with a direct transfer agreement like Washington. I got my AA at a community college and am now about to start at a university to finish my BA.

  5. It’s worth noting that not all MLM companies are fraudulent. Some have checks in place to prevent the issue pyramiding by doing things like breaking off a leg (a person who was signed up) from their upline (the person who did the signing) after the leg has grown into a certain size. From there all the sales volume generated by the person is their’s and their’s alone. And legitimate MLM models don’t pay their members based on sign-up but based solely on sales volume. In that sense, an MLM becomes a selling platform no different from etzy shop or owning a convenience store. Obviously, it’s not for everyone, and the there is a problem with the market being saturated with fraudulent MLM’s but the reality isn’t as black and white as some people make it seem.

  6. This is a decent video. However, in so many words she lumps in MLMs with pyramid schemes. They're not. Some MLM's are not worth the time or money being thrown at them, but others are genuine, thriving, world class businesses that simply use sales persons instead of storefronts. they build their business on relationships and face to face interaction. Not all reputable businesses need to use traditional resources. Things like store fronts and "customer service representatives" are just one way of doing business. By these definitions in this video, then places like Starbucks and McDonalds are scams. Their employees make unlivable wages while selling subpar products at obscenely inflated prices. In turn giving money back to the people at the top. Seems like a scam to me. I am all for the free market and capitalism makes a higher quality of life possible for the whole world when it's done right. Just be careful what you do and don't label a "scam."

  7. I should show my mother this. She's deep in an MLM now and it's kinda disturbing. I keep trying to tell her that she's in dangerous waters and she will be scammed in the end but she doesn't listen.

  8. Number 1 is bullshit, people should do their research before laying down 50k…but student loans are easy to get and people don’t really think about how much money they are borrowing. The schools don’t guarantee a high paying job, this is the students responsibility to read all this…the information is available and should be researched before making the commitment. Tired of people bitching about having a shitload of debt and wanting me to pay for it

  9. Creditrepair… pft… live without debt = way better… coming from a "financial" channel that talks about scams… Teach people to live debtfree instead of more debt/credit.

  10. investing in individual stocks is a good idea if you have the time to go over all the numbers before i invest i do a lot of research

  11. Also timeshares, student loan and car loans. I'm kinda don't agree with her on stocks I'm doing ok with my tdameritrade.

  12. Hey there. I was wondering if TFD would be able to do a videos on specific scams in more detail, such as the "Free Trial" scam involving hand-cream or makeup products. The scam works (roughly) like this: a customer looks at a hand cream product on Facebook (for example, they can be advertised anywhere) and notices it's advertised as a free trial. The customer agrees to be charged a small amount for a delivery fee (usually $5), so they hand over their credit card details, they don't realise that within the T&Cs that they have agreed to, that they need to send the product back by an allotted time or they will be charged a monthly subscription fee. The customer doesn't realise what has happened and only realises something's wrong when the company starts charging them a $50.00 to $80.00 monthly subscription fee. As it's part of the T&C's they've agreed to, it's difficult if not impossible to get the money back from these types of scams.

  13. MLMs make me so depressed, especially since, as a Mormon, I see a lot of my friends wasting their time and money with them

  14. I agree with everything on your list, except for the cryptos and individual stock picking …. because I make a living with these (I do not hire anyone to help me pick them). The problem people have with stocks and cryptos is that they don't educate themselves. You have to put forth the effort (just like any other job) in order to be successful with them. Even so, people should understand the stocks & cryptos are akin to gambling (with only slightly better odds). I think most people would be much better off investing in a mutual fund for a long term return than they would be picking individual stocks. Anyhow, excellent video.

  15. Cleanses can also be dangerous for your health. They can cause extreme dehydration which can lead to permanent injuries to your health.

  16. For the most part I consider all colleges to be scams(unless your becoming a doctor/laywer). Also picking individual stocks is far from a scam. It's actually fairly easy if you just follow Warren Buffett's priciples(which almost no one does, which is insane).

  17. Good video until the end. You left off number 6. Credit Repair There is no way to repair credit fast if the information is correct. The only thing you can do is clear off wrong information; if you didn't pay a bill on time, had bankruptcy or foreclosure, it takes time for it to come off your credit report. Paying someone for credit repair is really not worth the money. It would have been better if you said credit report error assistance not credit repair.

  18. My stepmom got sucked into an MLM. She has been doing this for years now and has spent thousands of dollars without making much in return. My entire immediate family keeps trying to tell her that this isn't working but she refused to listen.

  19. Hello Chelsea, I think you are great, I am interested in financial matters, I have been scammed
    by accountant BDO. I would really like you to send me a message.
    Anastasia Tempest

  20. A friend of mine bought 5 Bitcoins years ago (before I even knew what it was) for $12/ea. They are now worth thousands of dollars each.

  21. There are many advantages of owing individual stocks:
    1. You can own a stock for many years with 0% fees, except for buy and sell commissions.
    2. You can buy a stock when it is out of favor, thus at a lower price.
    3. You can decide when to sell the stock, controlling the effect of the sale on your taxes.
    4. You can decide exactly how much of a stock to own.
    5. You can choose stocks that have certain characteristics, such as a high dividend or low volatility.

    It's true that you shouldn't put a lot of money into just a few stocks, because of the risk.

  22. Credit Repair is a total waste of time and money.
    I went bankrupt in '95 (got too big for my britches dabbling in Miami Real Estate,) and learned some lessons the hard way. Just get totally out of debt, resume your life, and your credit will repair itself in time. "Credit Repair" does not, does NOT speed this process up! It takes a few years no matter what you do.
    It's like being drunk: nothing can sober you up but time – not coffee, not cold showers, not medicine, just time – time for your body to metabolize the alcohol. There is no way around this, and if anyone tells you there is, well, they are "fibbing."
    Bad credit is the same thing! Being debt-free and moving forward will "metabolize" the debt – the poison – from your "system" – your credit record, and you will recover on your own.
    It worked for me! I have a credit score of 842, and I did not have to pay anyone hundreds of dollars to "repair" my credit, which is something it did on its own.

    Chelsea, what's up with the pillows? Are you Chinese?


  23. Thx for the great advice. I’d like to share your videos with my family and friends but the language and drop of the f bomb in some videos keep me from sharing. Maybe others in the boat.

  24. I can't believe some people still believe in get rich schemes like marketing Forever or Herbalife products. It's about benefiting from money others put into purchasing products

  25. How about credit repair? If something negative is on your credit correctly, there is no removing it. You can only add an explanation or remove false information yourself without paying someone for “credit repair.”

  26. Buy and hold long term individual dividends stock of industry leaders are the key to many wealthy people. If you have bought Amazon, Apple and Google stocks 20 year ago, you would be financially independent now.

  27. I got taken in by a for-profit computer skills school. Half the students who were there barely knew how to turn a computer on and couldn't keyboard, but were sucked in by promises of grants and loans as well as great hiring rates for those who completed just the first half of the program. I went through the second half of the program as well, which was supposed to have a 100% hiring rate for great tech support jobs…yeah, not ONE person I graduated with got one of those jobs. Big surprise, they closed down years ago and were hit with a class-action lawsuit.

    Go to university, go to community college, get a legitimate apprenticeship…but do NOT waste your time or money on these training programs!


    oh no

    also, cryptocurrency is not a normal investment type of deal. its an investment the same way lego is an investment. its speculation. and yes speculation can end up being nothing, a scam, or other things. they made a coin called scam coin as a joke and then all of a sudden people starting buying anyway. they freaked out and tried to return the money. in the case of bitconnect, that was a definite scam.

  29. I have to point out that many, many people own individual stocks. These stocks can be Blue Chip, or initial offerings or something in between. I know a lady that has a 100,000 shares of a stock that was part of her husband's retirement package. Payroll deduction for the stock of the company you work for is not necessarily a bad thing. You do not have to hold that stock forever you know.
    While I agree that regular investments is a good rule of thumb, it is not the only way to invest. You can find investment brokers that will set you up with yearly, quarterly or monthly payments to your fund. The bottom line is that regular is best, but if life doesn't give you that option, then investing when you can is the best.

  30. Most massage therapy schools are private for-profits. A few public community college programs out there but they are the tiny minority. A few for-profit programs are run by 'old school idealists' which is great but they usually stay small organizations. Massage therapy has a high professional turnover rate for a host of reasons.

    And then my fellow LMTs often get themselves into MLM essential oils, body products & the like. Like you said – women bogged down by responsibilities in the US society that basically throws people to the wolves and they're scrambling around for added income. Years back Mom got taken in by some Gatorade-like diet "juice" knock-off (among other things). People higher up in the org posed as her friends and are no where to be found now.

  31. In terms of investing in whatever, normally the things people think are dumb makes big money in the short term. Solid assets like housing in 08 was going way down because people were getting rid of them at low prices. This is when investors stepped in and bought it up for cheap. Now today their returns on investments are unbelievable. At the end of the day, you have to be knowledgeable of consumer behavior and understand markets of the economy to make an educated guess on a stock or investment.

    When it comes down to MLM companies, people lose money because they follow sales reps in the company who don't care about spending your money to advance their sales volume. You can make money just don't be dumb and keep poor records. Make sure you clear a profit even if its small, and if something is not working then don't be afraid to try a different strategy or drop it all together. With the internet, people make sales and get paid every day with or without an MLM. The biggest downfall of the individual in MLM is that they get sucked into "group thinking" and stop thinking for themselves. That is the #1 reason why people lose money in anything.

  32. Chelsea I must respectfully say, you are freaking gorgeous 😘 very well done as well. Could listen/watch you for hours.

  33. Sadly quite a few people have fallen victim for some of this scans including Mutual Funds. There are teams that can help recover funds though. Check horuxx.ru

  34. I don't have bad credit I have no credit because I don't play the credit game I don't have any credit cards and I never will. You don't need credit it's not that important.

  35. In defense of MLM, NOT ALL are scams because it does work. One just have find the RIGHT company & the RIGHT people. There are good leaders that will lead & teach you its ethical manner of business with the purpose of helping others too. Huge mistake/downfall of people that is why there is a higher ratio of failing & losing money from it is (1) they think they could get successful/rich quick in months time without investing SERIOUS time & effort. It is quick, yes, but it will also take years depending on many factors. (2) They aren't in a good company with the right people that will equipt them physically & mentally for the challenges that they will encounter. MLM is business and with business one has to have the mindset, resilience, toughness and execution the way the most successful people are for one to be a success as well. People often look at the end results – house, cars, blings, travels, etc – and forget the work that has been put to reach that. That's why only a few becomes a success. Same rules that apply in life, apply in mlm. 🙂

  36. Nice!🔥 I am a investor and getting more than 5% of rent per month, everything thanks for this kind of advice's and knowledge 👌 I am always opened to show it to anyone or learn more

  37. I think I've found the best gateway for crypto payments I’ve tried. I use Elegro Gateway to stay in touch with my regulars paying with crypto. That's coolville as there’s no point to deal with middlemen. Lucky me!

  38. Lost thousand of dollars trading binary option throu Redwoods Options , couldn’t withdraw my investment not to talk of my winnings. I had to hire a refund solution professional from hacktools(at)(Tutanota)(dot)(com) they recovered (80% of my investment) happy to help other traders going through this. hacktools (at)(Tutanota)(dot)(com)

  39. Nutrisystem is one of those "cleanses." I get super annoyed everytime one if their commercials is on TV. My mom asks me how I know it's fake, being I'm not a nutritional expert. I typically reply just eating a healthier diet would achieve the same thing.

  40. Thank you! Cleanses aren’t proven. What is? Straight up fasting. Definitely do your research and be safe. Lots of programs mix cleansing ideology and fasting science.

  41. I love my waist trainer, it helps me to keep my abs tight when I'm working out. I wouldn't advise people to get one too tight or think it will make them magically lose weight.

  42. One thing she didn’t mention about those “for profit schools.” Their classes don’t transfer to other schools because of the way they’re accredited if they were accredited at all. So not only are you in debt up to your eye balls you can’t just take those credits over to a community college or university and pick up where you left off. I have a friend who worked admissions at a state school and it broke her heart having to tell people who had spent a ton of money and time at a for profit school that they had to retake every class they’d already paid for.

  43. Community college is great! We have a school here in my town that my whole family has gone to, sometimes as a whole education, sometimes as a start. I’m a bank manager, my aunt runs her department in her hospital in Tampa, my grandpa started here and then went on to Perdue and is a biologist, and my mom is a nurse. My son is currently getting his welding certs. The campus here is ever growing too because people are getting smart and shifting from schools like IU to ones like this one because is just so much cheaper and the programs are such high quality.

  44. IF YOU ARE STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL OR KNOW SOMEONE IN HIGH SCHOOL, TAKE DUAL ENROLLMENT CLASSES AND AP CLASSES. The price difference is staggering. I had to go to a college other then a community college but I got essentially all but one of my gen eds finished before going in high school. The most pricy class I think we had to buy was 80-120 dollars with no books needed compared to a regular 500 at my college. Plus I can do the bare minimum class scheduling wise and still graduate in 4 years. In fact I'm part time rn and still on track and was told I could go part time again next semester if I felt like it

  45. I have seen several otherwise highly intelligent friends try these BS cleanses, and while I gently discourage or remain neutral in their life choices, I do feel mildly superior that I don't go for them. Granted, afaik, they're not doing expensive ones, and I can't say I'm necessarily healthier than them overall, but still.

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