36 thoughts on “5 Essential Strumming Patterns – Beginner Guitar Lessons”

  1. I keep messing up the fourth and fifth patterns because of the breaks, any advice? (Apart from get good?)

  2. With all my respect to the instructor, I find it much easier to just listen and let my R hand strum naturally with the rhythm

  3. Very helpful. I have been learning to play for only 4 months. I recorded my songs to hrar how i soubd and I noticed all my songs sounded the same. You have helped me alot. Back to the basics for me

  4. Good job ….I have been explaining to guitarists for years that it takes two hands to play a guitar well. Many get so tied up in learning new chords and chord patterns and or lead fingerings that their strumming hand gets neglected. As a rhythm guitarist who has played with a few bands over the years covering artist from many different genres. My own trick when learning new strum patterns is to drum the rhythm out to myself to teach my hand how it goes and then transpose that drum rhythm to the strings. To me strumming is drumming on the strings….My favourite style was the 'chucking' that they used to play back in the 70's

  5. I'm so used to ukulele strum patterns and they don't transfer super well to guitar so this really helped!

  6. What metronome setting should be used for practice by a beginner? I found this app called the Metronome Beat and I can set Beats per bar, Clicks per beat and the Tap Tempo.

  7. Thank you for your lesson. Good teacher for beginners. I knew that how.to hold guitar and position after watching your video.Thankyou so much.

  8. Thank you for the clear and uncluttered lessons. Me, I’m 77 and collected and owned guitars since I was a kid – but now I have the time I’m learning how to play ‘em – thanks to you. The finger-tips hurt but it's worth it.
    Roy in the UK.

  9. I feel like wasted my 5 years playing guitar just because I skipped all the basics. Things got worse because I'm untalented. Sure, talented people could just don't give a fxxk and skip all the basics but that's not me. While talented people have their talent for the foundation I have none and ended up building a messy unrefined totally wrecked skill. Now I need to build things from scratch again while unlearning the bad stuff. FYI, up until now I could hardly play guitar while singing and this sucks ass.

  10. 13:08 is the time a grown man took to teach 5 strumming patterns. If you do 1 pattern per 5 seconds its exactly 25 seconds. But that wouldn't be monetized right? 🙂

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