5 Effects of Electronic Games on Children

Hi this is Samia from Arabian child and
today we’re going to be talking about a topic that I know every mother and
father have thought about, the effect of electronic games on children. So here’s
the most important five ways that children are affected through electronic
games. Effect number one, it changes the way our
children think so when children are playing with electronic games they’re
forced to be open to different kind of stimuli and that affects the wiring of
their brain it’s like a search engine when you become better and better at
searching for information but then you become less able to retain that
information so electronic games really decreases children’s ability to memorize
in addition when children are playing with electronic games they’re kind of
paying attention to different aspects of the game at the same time and that
increases their ability to kind of pay attention to detail but also it
decreases the ability to pay attention and or think about something more deeply
so fast forward in the future when they’re kind of faced with a
problem where they have to think about it deeply sometimes they’ll even feel
mental pain trying to just focus on one thing and be able to come up with a
solution for a problem or a challenge Change number two, electronic games
changes the way our children feel and it changes the way they empathize towards
other people as well so they did this study with sixth graders where they
took two groups of children and they isolated one of the groups from
electronic games for two weeks, the group that was isolated when they came back
they were better able to notice nonverbal cues and emotions of other
people, now empathy is really really powerful and you have to remember that
empathy is really connected to bullying so children who are more empathetic and
they are more kind not only experience less bullying but they also have
stronger social emotional intelligence and better academic attainment. Number three, the
effect of electronic games on happiness now I know what you’re thinking so
you’re thinking I’m going to say that children who play electronic games have
decreased level of happiness but actually the opposite is true
they found a study that proved that children who play electronic games,
casually do feel reduce amount of stress and they’re generally in a better mood,
and to understand that you really need to understand the psychological impact
of electronic games electronic games Electronic Games gives this potential self-worth to
children, so imagine you’re watching a Star Wars movie and you kind of doze off
while you’re watching the movie well whether or not you’re doze off or go to
sleep or not the endings of the movie is still the same right so Death
Star eventually does blow up but when you’re playing the game it puts the
power into the hands of the children so it gives them that ability to feel more
powerful and more have more self-worth so you really have
to understand that aspect of the game to find out why children are so inclined to
be wanting to play more and more with electronic games So number four, electronic games effects
privacy and safety of children and this one is really important because cyber
criminals and perpetrators they’re not just waiting for our kids in dark alleys
they’re trying to work and be in areas where they have access to vulnerable
children and they don’t immediately ask for personal information, they lure or
groom the children, they become children themselves and they become the
children’s friend. So you know that feeling where oh he’s the only one that
really understands me they try to develop this personal relationship with
a child and then they asked to chat with them privately and then ask for personal
information so make sure you really get to know the types of games that your
kids are playing and talk to your children about this and remind them to
always have very very safe passwords and also never to download the cheats
because you’re those usually have viruses in them as well Number five electronic games and obesity,
now we know in general terms that obesity is rising among children and a
lot of people think that it’s because of the types of foods that children eat and
that is true but as well as that it’s the kind of electronic games that are
requiring our children to kind of sit and just play with those games rather
than be active and be outside and be more physical. So now what after
listening to all of those different effects or challenges that electronic
games place on children what can you do so my biggest and most important advice
to parents is not to say no, because only controlling or limiting and electronic
games won’t always solve the problem, you have to think in a more strategic manner
try to investigate what is it exactly the reason that’s motivating your child
to play those electronic games and we talked about some of those issues today.
Is it building that self-worth, is it making those relationships online with
other people or is it just because they don’t have anything else to do now I
know as parents and we’re all guilty of that we want them to play with those
games so that we can have time to socialize or to do the other million things,
the tasks that we have on our to-do list as well but you also have to think
about in a more holistic manner to give them an alternative and keep them busy
so that they can naturally reduce the amount of time that they’re playing with
electronic games. I hope you enjoyed today’s video, I would love to hear your
comments and ideas for other topics that we can talk about, all the links to the
studies that we mentioned in today’s video will be in the description below
and remember to visit Arabian child for more information. Thank You.

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