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45 thoughts on “5 Days Of Learning New Skills | Try Living With Lucie | Refinery29”

  1. I just went bouldering for the first time today, and it's an awesome experience! Would recommend anyone to try this sport

  2. not to be mean but on the uke you are doing the Am chord wrong its actually second fret first string aka the G string

  3. Sorry to burst your bubble, Lucie, but the only thing Kombucha has been clinically proven to do is to pull money out of gullible peoples' pockets; the websites that sing its praises to the heavens are all also selling it or the starter kits…..

  4. I was directed to this video because I thought you were gonna talk about digestive issues like in the yahoo article

  5. If you have problems with sore fingers while playing the ukulele you can use a pick. It's a little piece of plastic that you can get from a music shop.

  6. Been WAITING for this vid for forever. Loved it, can u do another??
    Also I have tried signing, bread, and self-defense. I keep mixing up letters tho. 🙂

  7. I find it so weird that America and England have different sign languages considering we both speak the same language!

  8. Five days of painting because when you make the videos you make me what to learn a new thing what I can’t do

  9. damn, shes got some music skills




    my fingers hurt when i strum like this
    so maybe i wont strum like that anymore


    im almost about to bleed on this finger

    ur welcome 😉

  10. Big fan of your videos but you messed up on the sign language. A big part of how ya y talk is not English you know

  11. when I was younger my dad put me in martial arts so I could learn self defense. I stopped after 2 years, but now I do ballet and I have fairly strong legs
    A kid in my grade challenged me to a fight so I faked a kick to his head and he ran before my foot went beyond 3 inches off the ground

  12. Five days of fair trade clothing/second hand. I think it’s important for companies with a huge platform such as refinery29 to share companies who are doing things humanely, such as clothing companies who use better products and pay workers fair wages (:

  13. I'm trying to learn Spanish as a third language but I'm not sure what's the right way to do so, any tips? 🙂

  14. Or 5 days of different workouts. Like one day barre/ballet, one day kickboxing, one day aerial silks… etc.

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