5 CBD Stock Picks (massively offensive, please enjoy)

5 CBD Stock Picks — with David Moadel man you’ve got the CBD yeah man I got
the good stuff what’s up everybody this is David Modell looking at the markets
I’m excited to bring you my top five CBD stock picks right now and I just want to
reward you guys for tuning in and I am writing an article that I’m gonna
publish but I wanted to give the information to you guys first so don’t
tell anybody yeah I’m just kidding you can tell
people it’s cool I want to get this information out there because I’m super
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sometimes I put those out and that pays for the channel basically and enables me
to put out the freebies like this one okay so let’s let’s fire one up man here
we go so what’s my list well first some
information and also show you some pictures on the websites of these
companies all right so the 2018 farm bill was signed into law last December
this effectively legalized growing and selling industrial hemp for CBD and
other purposes the CBD market is already valued at 591 million dollars since
being legalized in the United States the brightfield group says this figure will
soar to 22 billion dollars by 2022 huge growth and you want to talk about
mainstreaming you can now buy CBD edibles oils lotions beverages and more
Walgreens and CVS have CBD products on their shelves can you imagine that in
some restaurants it’s even served in salad dressings yeah I put some green on
your greens you know I’m saying furthermore the FDA Food and Drug
Administration recently announced that it will speed up efforts to create rules
for CBD with plans to publish a report on its progress by early fall which
we’re almost in right now and rules may seem like a bad thing but when it gets
regulated that means that it’s accepted legally and that’s a good thing
so let’s start with pic number one my biggest pick for
CBD exposure now is Chronos group CRO n is the ticker symbol in the United
States and Canada you probably heard of these this company they struck a hundred
million dollar deal with ginkgo Bioworks to create unique CBD products also keep
in mind that one of the world’s largest tobacco companies Altria Group invested
1.8 billion dollars in cash into Kronos in March
therefore Kronos will be able to increase its investments into CBD
products and branding so let’s take a look at the website and man let’s take a
look at the website mine okay there we go
here’s the Khronos group calm and I like to look at their different products like
they have spinach spinach brand that’s interesting spinach offer is for anyone
looking for entertaining fun ways to enhance activities he’ll bet a
light-hearted and playful brand spinach is focused on offering farm to bowl
products that bring friends together I’m sure and make experiences more enjoyable
hmm alright so there you go it’s interesting how they’re emphasizing the
health benefits here if there are health benefits I don’t know if that’s been
proven by science or medicine yet but a lot of people say that they’ve
benefitted medically or at least in terms of their symptoms you know with
their CBD use so I’ll let you decide on that one but a nice looking website here
and looks tasty and healthy alright is it healthy I don’t know hey I’m not a
licensed medical professional definitely not alright let’s go to
number two another pick for CBD exposure is good old canopy growth Corp CGC or
w/e II D which has filed for US trademarks for potential brand names
including CBD simplified CBD CBT hemp brake and hemp burst hemp burst
sounds like a gum brand alright yeah get your hemp burst delicious furthermore
Constellation Brands owns a 38 percent stake in canopy growth and is partnering
with the company to develop and market products which should provide a boost to
the CBD Marc yeah that was big news when that
happened get yourself some hemp burst gum mmm not really but it sounds like a
flavor let’s see what their brands are I’m on canopy growth calm the website
tweed the most recognized cannabis brand in the world or so they say
spectrum therapeutics more on the medical side of things DNA genetics one
erawan Awards in every category in the cannabis cup were you at the Cannabis
Cup I missed it darn I’ll have to catch the next one
craft Gro collection and Tokyo smoke getting Asian here and doja in British
Columbia pretty exciting oh and don’t forget van der pop van der pop and my
Eitri i’m sure i mispronounced that one very badly but it was recently nominated
for brand of the year at the canadian awards so that’s you know it’s canopy
you know it’s a huge company so I gave you two big companies let me give you
smaller one Charlotte’s Web third choice CW BHF in the United States see web cwe
B in Canada a company that markets a wide range of CBD products including
oils capsules creams and pet products let me ask you a question would you give
CBD to your dog would you give it to your cat comment in the comment section
below let me know would you do it is it okay to do that this company already has
the number one hemp CBD brand in the country that’s that’s a big talk for a
small company and they plan to move more than double the acres of hemp they’re
planting this year plus Charlotte’s Web now ships to more than 6,000 retail
locations that’s a lot across the United States with over 2,300 of those added
just this year alone let’s take a look here’s the original
formula it’s kind of like KFC original formula right or the extra spicy extra
crispy our most CBD per serving I guess this is the this is the enhanced version
of it right 60 milligrams of CBD and every milliliter I don’t know if I’m
ready for that that might be too much for me
I don’t think I can handle that much CBD all at once now available a mint
chocolate lemon twist and orange blossom mmm delicious just don’t overdo it
that’s pretty potent right there and okay they got they got mom or the big
sister in her poncho there and a kid should kids be having CBD what do you
think let me know in the comments section is it okay for cats dogs and
kids I don’t know and the original formula so there you go
interesting and all the products they’re very cool yeah see kids they got kids
with CBD what do you think is that okay put the whole family on CBD yeah look at
those kids they’re looking at the plants mom dad what’s what are those plants oh
never mind that kids never mind let’s go to the next one it is my fourth
choice green growth brands GG bxf in America ggb in Canada which has landed a
number of major retail partnerships for its 7th sense’ line of CBD infused
products they have partnerships with Abercrombie & Fitch American Eagle
Outfitters Simon Property Group the largest mall operator in the US and
shopping center operator Brookfield Properties therefore you might see green
growth brands CBD products and a large number of malls and shopping centers in
the near future imagine that you go to the mall you bring your grandma and
grandpa to the mall and you might get them some CBDs Wow everybody is on the
CB DS I guess now kids dogs cats grandma grandpa aunts uncles Wow let’s take a
look at their website see what their brands are all about wow she looks
relaxed she’s got good karma I guess right and you take their products you
can be on the top of a mountain it’s okay very good so a CBD Body Lotion
Mary + Jane I see what they did there I see very clever Mary + Jane and you can
evidently you can meet these girls if you take this product you’ll you’ll
get to talk with these girls here alright then okay
very cool well I man how can you resist that huh and choice number five the
fifth and final CBD pick on my list is you know this one or aura so I give you
three big companies and a couple of small ones – yeah Aurora a CB which is
leveraged its enormous purchasing power to subsume a number of strategically
targeted hemp focused companies among Aurora’s most recent and noteworthy
acquisitions are HAMP based product provider hemp Co food and fiber South
America and South American hemp cultivator ICC labs both of which can
position or Ora as a prolific purveyor of CBD rich cannabis product I just
wrote that a few minutes ago and I’m sharing it with you first before I write
up the article alright let’s take a look let’s see what they’ve got uh not as
fancy a website interesting kind of an old-school looking website there with
their font selections but that’s cool so good oh good Aurora
alright you got you got their CBD drops cannabis oil is big Celeste
they got hi Duke I’m gonna mispronounce everything I’m just gonna butcher these
I hope you’re ok with that sativa softgels
Thor Wow is that for men only with beards or can-can women have this is
that okay so there you go those are my five
choices and I got a couple articles here from investor place I don’t get paid
anything to you know share this with you on YouTube just you know I know I wrote
these thought you might like them I’ll put links in the description below this
video I’ve got a lot of articles on investor place and market realist and
crush the street and other places so I thought you might enjoy these sees the
CBD opportunity with a position in Aurora cannabis stock I’ll put the link
of this article in the description below this
video it’s got my reasons for checking it out
and then Chronos watch Chronos stock continued to grow over the coming weeks
see what I did there continue to grow its hemp yeah you like that okay so
there you go I’ll put this this one in the description below this video as well
so you can enjoy these articles if you want to there’s nothing in it for me
just thought you might like them alright so a thanks everybody I
appreciate it yeah I’ve got a serious side and I’ve
got a silly side and it’s all good because I want to bring this to you make
it enjoyable for you and thanks again for you know clicking on my promotional
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appreciate it and and then get some CBD okay

9 thoughts on “5 CBD Stock Picks (massively offensive, please enjoy)”

  1. CBD from industrial hemp does not contain any significant THC so no "high" – it was originally developed for very sick kids who have seizures every day. Certainly it helps anxiety for stressed out adults. Generally it's a good product for relief from many hard to treat symptoms.

  2. Thank you for shareing this with us before your write up goes to print David 🙏🙏
    This sector has been beaten up. CBD stock prices are looking tasty.Espeacially for Cheech and Chong 😎😃👍

  3. I think I’d give CBDS to my dog or cat in micro doses. Can’t see it being bad for dogs or cats in small doses , see how they respond! Don’t own any pets, but yah. Kids sure I think it’s fine. Just mainstream media says it’s bad , hasn’t accepted it totally.

  4. Hi David, Love the Vids. Ref. CWBHF I div it to my old dog for pain & my young dog for fear ( thunder / fireworks ) – Kid's Yup! read the story of Charlotte on the website. Keep up the Great Work PEACE BRO !!!!

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