5 Best Language Learning Apps 2019

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26 thoughts on “5 Best Language Learning Apps 2019”

  1. What's up guys. This video I tackle 5 very cool language learning apps. Hope it helps you.
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    As always let me know what kind of video you'd like me to do next! SAYONARA

  2. Thank you so much. I’m learning Japanese and just installed hellotalk and drops (duolingo’s set up was getting a bit boring) and someday I’ll hope to speak fluently….maybe in a few years if I work hard enough!

  3. Im just tryna learn khmer but no good language-learning apps/websites have it jabduwbfuwbfuwnejfwj
    Pls help

  4. Is that Runescape music I hear?

    Anyway, thanks for the informative video! I was learning Mandarin for a while and then took an extremely look break. I'll give LingoDeer a try now.

  5. I have one of these apps JUST TO UNDERSTAN WAT MY BTS BOIS ARE SAYINV XD I'm bad at spelling so I have auto correct don't think it's working well oof

  6. Lol, I loveeeee hello talk, but one of my first conversations involved me messing up and accidentally ended up dissing their country (I know what is said, but I misunderstood their motive, and my vocab wasn't high enough to not sound kind of rude) and they were extremely unforgiving and blocked me

  7. Hello my English is not the best, I want to learn English, but it is very hard for me! I'm German and I'm 18 years old and I had 7 years English in the school, and my English is bad bad bad… My teacher was very good, do you think i can learn the language perfectly? BTW. I don't use Google translate.

    Now in German

    Hallo mein Englisch ist nicht das beste, aber ich will Englisch lernen. Aber für mich ist es ziemlich schwer. Ich bin Deutscher und ich bin 18 Jahre alt und hatte 7 Jahre Englisch in der Schule! Und mein Englisch ist schlecht schlecht schlecht… Mein Lehrer war WIRKLICH gut. Glaubst du ich kann Englisch lernen?

    For the Germans
    Für die deutschen

    Ich habe denn Text in Englisch ohen Übersetzer geschrieben, wenn ich ein Fehler habe Weisst mich drauf hin. Sofern ihr das wollt.

  8. So happy I found your channel. Runescape soundtracks, studio ghilbi soundtracks, anime refrences, japanese, russian, music producer. You like everything that I like. Motivation to help me keep on learning Japanese and Russian. Thanks man!

  9. Why doesn’t anybody show Tandem love??? 😂 I’ve learned so much chinese talking to people on pretty chinese girls on tandem 😏 I prefer it over HelloTalk , 哈哈哈 other thoughts?

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