5 Best educational games for kids?

Hi, This is Harish Bali from Technofare.com
Education for kids should be fun and exciting, which brings us to this tutorial on education
based games. Basis my experience i am sharing the best 5 games for kids. This covers various
learning aspects for children between the age group 4 to 8 years. Let me now head over
to my device to demonstrate the best 5 games. I have already installed all the 5 games on
my mobile device. You can check out the link in the description below. First one i am going
to cover is – Kinds learn to rad( Lite) by Intellijoy. This app can help build better
letter recognition for the kid. Let me pick up the 3rd one. Let’s make words- Turn the
cube to find the missing sound. Tap on the picture – leg, Leg. Super. This skate boat
games can help the child learn sound for alphabet. In this game every section is designed to
let children enjoy success time after time and receive possitive reinforcement. Second
game i am going to share is Animals puzzle for kids by Puzzle 4 kids. This app can help
your child learn animal name, learn to make shapes of animals by joining body parts like
this. Cow. This app covers many animals. You may also choose between easy or hard. The
one that you just saw was easy with border llines and the hard is without any borders.
Third app i am going to cover is educational games for kids by Zondinplex educational.
with this gaming app, you kid will be able to learnalphabets, numbers, colours, shapes,
Days of the week, Months of the week, fruits , vehicles and our solar system . Let me show
you days of the week. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, wednesday, Thursday, Friday, saturday. 4th
app on my list is pre school and kinder garten by Kevi educational education. This education
game is designed using real world peacefull curriculum, which includes 3free games, when
the child can identify shape and colour differences Plus can learn letters and counting with the
help of pictures and videos. Way to go, Find the orange pectagon. Super. Find the orange
diamong, Good job. 5th app on my list is favorite for my son. It’s word search cby app drag
puzzle. Choose from varios topics that are available. Animals, countries of the world,
Americal president, kids. I am choosing countries of the world,. Choose the difficulty level,
i will prefer an easy one. Whether you need help to be enabled or disabled, limited by
the size of the board. Pick up new game, It’s a good game for both adulsts and kids. Let
me pick up one from the examples given below. This is a completely free app. Kids of all
age groups should like this topic. I would like to hear from you whether you child liked
the apps that i have shared. Link of all these 5 apps is given in the description below.
Put in you r comments in hhe comment box. If you found this tutorial good, Do give it
a thumbup. Also watch other interesting videos by clicking on the links appearing in front
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  1. I would recommend to look at Koikiwi website http://www.koikiwi.com/. It's set of educational environmental games where kids are learning about ecological issues while they playing games.

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