1. Ich don't use "Geil" very offen because it isn't a good Word i use "cool" more.

    I am from Germany.

  2. I don't get this one more pint thing.. Noch eine bitte ..What is the feminine yoke one asks for? Beer with me ..das bier ist neutrum so…? die tasse?.

  3. Good video but there are things to keep in mind when using some of those words. "Was geht ab" (as the Scary Movie Clip suggested) should be translated with something like "Wassup" (Yes, not "Whats up"). It would look sound weird, if a foreign person says this, 'cause it's really "slangy" if that makes sense. Also, "Es geht" has a relatively negative connotation most of the time, since it's often a way of saying "I'm alright I guess .." implying that they're not. "Fett" is a way to say awesome but it's pretty outdated, you won't hear anybody say it anymore but maybe it just depends on where you are staying in Germany. Also, "Geil" is something you would really only say when you're around people your age, it would be impolite to say it when talking to an elderly person or your professor etc.

  4. What an elegant young lady. So refreshing to hear an American girl that doesn't say 'it's like' at the end of every sentence.
    I can imagine she plays piano with hands that sweep so beautifully when she explains.
    Thanks. Another little help on my way to learning German.

  5. It's so ugly that someone from Russia would be pushing that Yankee accent instead of the British one. Pathetic.

  6. why can't i marry a very nice girl like you? why didn't i meet a girl like you?
    you are really amazing <3

  7. "Die Daumen drücken" bedeutet viel Erfolg wünschen. "Ich drücke die Daumen für dich." " I wish you good luck/success."

  8. 7:25 Was möchten Sie is pronounced with a soft CH sound as in ich but you pronounced it with a hard one as in Loch

  9. I can’t believe I’m seeing “ was geht ab” here like everyone uses it. Especially women don’t. It has a distinctive “ bro” vibe to it.

  10. Hi! I just discovered you today. I also love learning languages and German is one of the languages I'm studying. I'm just wondering, where are you from?

  11. My native language is German and I can tell you that you have a good pronunciation # I have translated that with googel

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