$40 million gift supports new university-wide initiative for innovation in learning and teaching

I think Harvard is perfectly positioned to be leading this new form of teaching and the reasons are that we have this great history of experimentation and learning and in fact we have a history of moving the ball forward with pedagogy we also are a place that prides ourselves on building from tradition or our commitment to teaching and learning to be understood within this community as a fundamental part of who we are and to be understood more widely as a fundamental part of Harvard's identity I think students expect something different when they walk into a classroom and and they might even need something different in order to learn effectively i would say 99.9 percent of use of technology education are simply a new way of doing all things so i've always been looking at uses of technology that facilitate things that cannot be done the old way it's a time for us to think about the best ways of using these new tools that students are in many cases more familiar with that we are in making sure that we are offering them the best ways to get into the knowledge we want them to understand we got very much caught up in the idea of bringing university together that all of its parts were would work much better if everyone collaborated bring even more of the science of learning into the classroom for the benefit of our students and our faculty the visionary investments in activities like these will help establish Harvard as the institution for innovative pedagogy in the future these changes in technology also give us new opportunities to reach out across borders to bring in international perspectives and voices when you talk about Harvard's global impact now you have new technology being developed here on campus as well as technologies able to implement and that simply allows us to just reach so many more people you know we're no longer trapped in one school house for now all over the world with support of this sort we just have to keep doing what we do this is a really great opportunity we can only dream of all these outcomes if you look at who at Harvard it's going to be involved in this and given Harvard's record and capabilities there's no doubt that it will have a major major contribution to learning in higher education in America and the world the Hauser's have been so wonderful and generous to Harvard in so many ways they thought this was something that they could make a real contribution to and something they care about deeply so Thank You Hauser's you mean so much to us

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