25 thoughts on “4 Things They Forgot to Tell You In Driving School”

  1. Do you have a driving license?
    Btw, here's a video on some awesome techniques to become a skilled driver! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlW67bq1wcM&

  2. I have never heard of the term, brake pipes? I always call them brake lines like every other sane person would.

  3. I always brake with my left foot. It's recommended when you're racing on the arcade version of Need For Speed Underground.

  4. 4:42 – "the only correct way to hold the steering wheel is at 9 and 3" – looks more like 10 and 2 in the video.

  5. Unless you have a bigass work boot on like I do a lot, be mindful of how much of your foot is overlapping the brake pedal. Many times I’ve had to fight the trucks engine when trying to stop.

  6. What about keeping the car in idle position while giving ignition before driving?? What should be the appropriate idle time to keep the vehicle in halt position?

    Do let the viewers know about it!!

    Also can you tell about when to start an AC, if the vehicle was in a parked position for long.

  7. Putting a pillow on the seat is not advisable, because that will compromise the effectiveness of the Safety restraint system in an accident. If you really can't see through the windshield, buy an aftermarket seat and have it fitted in for you.

  8. You can also check your seat by trying to press the clutch pedal till its end… If it does, then you are ok

  9. Most people used to close their Rear view mirrors , I find it most dangerous overtaking them, why people do this i don't understand , negligency or just egoistic mindset..whatever may, but i think people shouldn't do this , as orvm's r works like our eyes..

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